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Raw Food vs Cooked Food Think Good Better Best

Alright, this is john kohler with okraw.Today i have another exciting episode for you, and we're here with don bennet das.He's been going raw foods fro over 20 years now.I've been doing it for 18.His website is health101, and why we're here today is we're here to share with you guys our opinions about a little thing that's commonly said 'raw is law,' meaning, you know, either you have to eat all raw or you're all cooked, right like, all these extremes.Is it black or is it white, right well, for me personally,.

And i don't know if don thinks it, but we'll see, you know, for me personally, it's not about black or white.Now, while i eat 99.999 raw foods for the last 18 years, you know, that's what i choose to do.I don't expect anybody to do what i do.What i do teach and what i do preach is that i want people to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, you know, eliminate and absolutely minimize processed foods and animal foods, and that's what i strive for.I want to teach people the best of what i know and the best of what i know,.

The shortest way to getting to your goal is a straight line.You know, i'm not taking people zigzags, man.You know i know that growing your own food s the best.I teach people how to grow their own food.I don't advocate people go to the grocery store.Now, if you can't grow your own food, if you don't have farmers markets, or you don't have farms in the area, of course, go to the producer's store.It's the best you can do.One of the other principals i teach s good, better, best.You always want to try to do the best you.

Can, and, you know, if you can fresh fruits and vegetables all year, defiantly their plant foods are better than eating, you know, animal products.Definitely whole foods are better than eating a pizza from dominos, even if it is vegan, you know, and i don't have to tell you guys this.You guys know.So, don, what is your opinions of this 'raw is law' concept, or this 100 or nothing.John, i couldn't've said it better myself.That's it.There's nothing else led tot say.Bye.No, no, i'm kidding.You know, the first thing that you need to do is think about how.

Important your health is to you.Before you can start making any decisions about what you want to strive for, how important is your health to you what do you want to odds to be of you never getting a diagnosis of something serious, because every day you're alive, you're going to have a level of health.What do you want your level of health to be every day you're alive, you have one.What do you want it to be 30 years from now, 40 years from now you have to start investing now.You have to decide, what do you want do you want.

The best and it's one thing to shoot for the best and if you can achieve it, that's great.Some people are in situations where it's easier for them to achieve it, it's easier for them to eat all raw, and by the way, you said 99.9 raw that's is a mean man, i was 99.832 or something like that.You got me beat and the reason why i got that figure out is because somebody was accusing me recently on one of the blogs, 'oh, you're not all raw and you.

Eat something that's like mangoes that had been dipped in boiling water, so they're heat treated.' i consider those raw.Well, of course.Of course they're raw.Now, the boiling water may have damaged a little bit on nutrients just barely under the skin.So that's why i said, 'okay, i'm not 100.I'm 99.9534 or something like that,' you know, but it's ridiculous.It's all about intent.What is your intent if your intent is to eat the healthiest diet possible, let's not give it a label, let's not call it raw or mostly raw or this is backup or whatever.

What do you want do you want to eat the healthiest diet you can eat and do the best that you can do now, my point about doing the best you can do is some people don't know what their best is until they try.A lot of times they'll think, 'well, i'm not going to be able to do that.' if i have a dollar for every time someone told me, 'i'm not going to be able to eat raw food diet, no more meat, no more,' and now today they're doing it, they're.

Do happy, and they thank me profusely for encouraging them to get to that point.So, some people, some health practitioners, to get like an easy way out, you know, there was a raw food practitioner who use to say, you know, that 80 of raw, 20 cooked, 80 raw, 20 cooked is what the advocated, but what he would say in the same breath, in the same paragraph, in the same conversation, but 100 is best, but if you can do 80 raw and 20 cooked, that's backward from the way everyone else eats, you're going to do a lot.

Better and you're going to have improvements, and that's great.Improvements are wonderful.I don't want just improvement.I want the best health my dna will allow me to have.There's a huge difference between improvement and the best health that my genetics allow me to have.So, that was my focus the whole time.What do i have to do, you know, to have the best health possible and then can i do that when i counsel people, same thing.What kind of health do you want do you want the best health or do you want like slightly better.

Than you have now or better than someone else, you know, but i want the best health, and people say, 'yeah, i like the best health to, if i can do it.' so, there are ways you can do it.I don't just sell people a program to make it easy.That's, you know, how a lot of marketers do it, you know.Here's the easy program.Just shoot for this, do that, you can still have your cake and eat it to.Sometimes literally, cake, or you can eat, you know,.

A raw food diet.You can eat burgers, pizza, pasta, cookies, cakes, and you never have to worry about, you know, carbs, calories and protein and fat, that's just nonsense.That's just stuff designed to sell people a program that's easy.Let's talk about goals.Like, you know, you said your goal is to live as healthy as possible.What if somebody's goal was to run a 10kmarathon, and they said, 'don, you can't run a 10kmarathon you can't keep up with me, man.That means you're unhealthy.' does that mean you're unhealthy.

Or what and would somebody that wants to run a 10kmarathon eat your same diet or would they have to eat more bananas and more dates and more calories they way i look at that is when i was figuring this out for myself, by the way, there was no internet yet and it was pointless to go to the library and try to get kind of books on health, so i started like, 'what are the tools i have in my toolbox i have logic, common sense, rational thinking, independent thought,' very important, 'and i don't let.

My judgment get colored by any biases that i have,' 'cause the biases i have are not ones that i'm born with.They're listening to other people.So, get those biases out of there, recognize them.So, what are my, you know, what is it that i have to do how would i have done something millions of years ago, or a long, long time ago would i have run long distances well, no.There wouldn't've been any reason to, you know.Look at little kids today.They don't do it.If they don't do, there's no reason to do it.They'll sprint.

And stuff like that.We've talked about that before.So, when somebody accused me recently, 'oh, you couldn't even keep up with what'shername in this 5k race.' well, i never run a 5k race.So, first of all, that's not even true, but i wouldn't run a 5k race, you know what i mean challenge me to run a 5k race, why i probably wouldn't even be able to finish.I'm not trained to run a 5k race.If i trained, i could run a 5k race and do it really well,.

But no.I sprint, you know.I can sprint, you know.I'm better at sprinting than some people are at running.Long distance runners who are really good at it, i can beat them sprinting.They can beat me long distance running.Which is a more important thing as to survival skill, or survival tactic to be able to sprint real fast or to run a long distance i don't know.I think sprinting would serve us very well.Like, if you see a child about to run into the street, i think it's more important to sprint to get to that.

Child and grab him just before the car runs the child over than it is to run a long distance, you know.What does that possibly serve i mean, it's been proven that it's more efficient of the body to walk from point a to point b than it is to run from point a to point b, 'cause think about it.When you're running, there are periods of time that you are off the earth.You've elevated yourself of the earth.No part of you touches the earth.When you're walking, you're always touching the earth.You're weight is always being supported.

By your muscles, right you're just walking, and walking it just a series of catastrophes narrowly avoided, when you think about it, 'cause you're always falling over but you swing a leg out to catch.So, that's what walking really is.So, it's much more efficient to walk, and i like efficiency.We want our cars to be as efficient as possible, don't we so, why wouldn't we want our bodies to be as efficient as possible alright, so you just heard that both don and i eat a 99 raw foods diet.Now, we don't.

Expect any of you guys to do it, but we have important and strong reasons that and why we do it personally.I mean, i almost lost my life.I'm doing this to save my life, because if i compromise and don't have the highest level of health, i feel, based on what the s told me, that i have complimented immune deficiency, which is a chronically weak immune system, that they blamed on my genes, if i don't do this to the best of my ability, i could end up in the and lose my life.So, you know, this is not something.

I'm just doing to run 10k's or, you know, do this crazy stuff.I'm doing this for my health, much like don, and many people in the raw foods, world over that eat a fruit and vegetables diet, may do it for different reasons and not for their health, not to save their life or not for longevity or not for any other reason.So, don, what's some reasons why you might want to strive to eat the highest percentage raw as possible, and is eating 80 and 20 cooked the same as eating 100 raw i mean, will you get the same benefits.

Well, no.I mean, anybody with half a brain can just understand, there's possible way that a guy with 80 raw and 20 cooked food is going to give you the same health benefits as a diet of 100 raw food.It just doesn't make any sense.Logic dictates no.There's no possible way, but some people are trying to give that impression that going from a diet of 80 cooked food and 20 raw to a diet of 80 raw food and 20 cooked, like i said, there'll be tons of improvements, and improvements are great, and some people judge the diet.

On the improvements, like 'wow, i got so many improvements.I cured this, i cured that.I'm sticking with 8020.' 80 raw, 20 cooked, but is that the best you can do in investing for your future health well, no, because what we're designed.If we were designed for 80 raw and 20 cooked, than that'd be different, then i'd be advocating an 8020 diet today, but it's not.That's not what we're designed to eat.So, it's important, you know.If you want the best health possible, you have to do what your body requires.You have to give.

Your body what it requires and it doesn't require cooked food.Now, that snot to say that cooked food doesn't have it's place.If you're transitioning, i don't recommend anybody go form a fastfood based diet to 100 raw diet over night.That would like put you in the , and that's going to set you up for failure, because your detox will be so terrible, and it won't be terrible, and you'll just go back to the fast food diet, and you'll surmise that i guess i'm just designed for fast food diet, which isn't the case.

So, there's a transition period, but there's a different, you know, when you talk about transition foods or, as some people call it, a backup plan, i don't like the term backup plan, because that's like one plan instead of another plan.No, it should be one plan.You need one plan, and within that plan, you have transition foods, you have secondbest food and fallback that you can fall back on temporarily, but then people say backup plan, a lot of people are adopting this backup plan and their on it for the rest of their lives.

It's their only plan.That's not the idea.So, i don't like calling the backup foods or the backup plan backup plan.I like calling them what they actually are in reality.They're second best foods.They're second best food.If fruits are the primary food, the food we're designed for, anything else is second best, and yes also 3rd best and 4th best, because, you know, cooked potatoes and cooked pasta are not the same thinglt you can't put them in the same category.One definitely has to be better than the other.Proof of that, i can go out.

And find potatoes in the wild, but i have looked and i find no pasta out there in the wild.That's processed food.So, there's a big difference between processed food, which is now going to be on your 3rd tier, if it's vegan plant based, that's 3rd tier food.Your second best foods are natural foods that are plantbased, but you have to kind of steam them or cook them really to be able to eat them properly.I mean, you could eat some potatoes raw, but it'd be actually easier on you just to steam them a little bit, and.

So these are part of a transition diet.Not necessary if you're in a cold climate because you can still eat a fruitbased diet if you're in a cold climate.There are ways to do it.People are very successful doing it.So, that's not really the issue.So, there are ways to incorporate the diet that you want to get to.You just got to keep your eyes on the prize and keep moving forward to work at it and not say that some cooked foods are okay in a diet.They have their place for a certain, you know, if you go to a friends house and.

It's all they have for you is baked potatoes or something and that's all there is to eat, you know, then you got make a decision.Do you piss them off and say, 'no, no i would.Some people would, but if you're still transitioning, why not, you know you're still transitioning.Me, if i were to eat baked potato, it would knock me on my ass.I couldn't do it because it would just make me feel like this.I'd be all like, 'oh man.I'd know it i'd feel.

It, and some people i've experienced it, actually.Some people said to me that they made a point, they said, 'i don't want to go all raw because i've heard you get so clean and so super healthy that if you then have to go back and eat some cooked food, it just totally devastates you.' i'm like, 'well, yea.You can look at it from that direction,' but i wouldn't say don't do that because you want to be able to go back and eat some cooked food, so it's not as good for you.

Yea, so i don't want to have the best health possible because what if i ever have to eat some cooked potatoes or something like this no, you just have the best health possible and then, you know, if you have to go back and eat some cooked potatoes that's one thing, but cooked pasta's quite another thing.So, you know, there's a place for everything in there.You just have to decide what you're primary diet or even have a primary diet and a secondary diet.Humans do.We're omnivores.Our primary diet is fruit our secondary diet.

That we can survive on is other thing, other than fruits.I mean, obviously, through the millennia, we figured out how to cook animals and we can survive on them, but john, surviving is not the same as thriving.Thriving, and people say, 'woah, i'm thriving on this 8020 diet,' 80 raw, 20 cooked, 'i'm thriving.' i'm like, 'really how long have you bee doing it' oh, i've been doing it 6 months now.' you're not going to know if you're thriving on it for 40 years.So, keep dong it for 40 years, then we'll see how it turns out for you.If you die of old.

Age, you know, in your sleep, okay, nothing, you know, none of the preventable disease that we have today, you have nice quality of life, then 8020 worked for you, but if it doesn't work for you and you're dying at 75 instead of at 95 or 105, you're not going to have access to a time machine to come back to 2013 or 2014 and try something different.So, that's why i disclose the importance of making the correct decision now, and that sound very logical, but the only problem, the only obstacle to making correct decisions.

Now is there's some health educators out here who are making that hard for you to do because they're just trying to make it easier for you to follow, and that's the difference.Wow.So, don, you know, i know many people out there might be thinking, 'okay, don, you talked about those best foods and the classes of foods.Let's share those with the viewers now.Of the caloral nutrients, the ones that can give you calories for fuel, what are they they're just carbs, fat, and protein.Now, carbs are what your body is designed to use.

That's what your cells are designed to run on.So, just be physiology dictates that carbs are the thing you go for, and i don't think we get much disagreement with that at all, although there are, there was that neurosurgeon that just cam out and said, 'no, you want a nocarb diet.' it's not even a lowcarb diet, it's a nocarb diet you want your diet al fat, 100 fat, well, it won't be 100 'cause there'll be some protein, but you don't want carbs, carbs are bad, they're evil.That're absolutely ridiculous.If you follow that,.

You may have some improvement just because you're coming from some really bad processed food that your eating, but it's not going to get you the best health you're capable of having.So, carbs rule, basically.Carbs rule, but within the carbs category, there are good, better, and best carbs that the best ones are the ones that you can eat without havening to cook them, and they're delicious and they put a smile on your face and you can make a meal out of it.So, this, right way, eliminates a bag of domino's sugar, because.

You can't make a meal out of a bag od domino's sugar, but some people say, 'well, it's carbohydrate.I need to put it in my smoothie because if not, i don't get enough calories,' and i scratch my head and i said, 'well,' you know, 'did you have your stomach stapled or something, 'cause let's get those staples out of there if that's the case.' 'no, no, it wasn't that.It's just i run a marathon every 5 minutes.I do 20 marathons a day, i do,' and they're running so much, they're burning so many calories that, yea, they need to have that extra, the.

Extra calories in their smoothies and stuff, but that's not saying that you need those extra calories, it's saying that you're over active.It's not that you're unercarbed, rather, you're over active.So, that's a red flag that you should bring your activity level down, not that you should bring your domino's sugar level up.That's the thing, and people go, 'well, i wouldn't do domino's sugar.No, mine is a processed himalayan thing.It's been blessed by a crystal,' you know, all that stuff, and there's very little difference between the 2.So, if you find that you need to have unnatural processed carbs in your.

Diet to get enough calories, you're doing something not right.You go tot really look at that.So, now, fat.I was having this conversation the other day because someone was saying, 'well, now, how many calories are there in a banana' well, it's 100 calories for this size banana.Really well the banana's about 9555, when you look at the ratio of carbsfatprotein.So, you're not going to use the 5 of fat and the 5 of protein for fuel are you well, that's going to be used for fat purposes and protein purposes.So, when you're trying to.

Figure out this calories thing, it can be a slippery slope, especially if someone's saying, everybody, every woman, i don't care if you're 5 food or 6 foot, you need 2500 calories.Well, that doesn't make any sense to me either.That might be the subject of another interview, of course.It'll be in another tutorial.Alright, don, so, one of the things i noticed tonight, i don't know if it was the same for you, when i got into raw, i told myself, 'okay, john, you're going got go 100 raw, cold turkey and just go for it because, for me, it's either about.

Living or not living,' and, you know, nobody's perfect, i'm not perfect.In the younger years, actually, you know, after big breakup and stuff, i ate some baked potatoes and stuff and i noticed after i eat cooked food, number one, the next day my energy was down in the tanks.So, if you want low energy, you know, eat some cooked foods after you've ben eating raw foods for a while, because what you will find or what i've found is that my energy level was so high and when i eat things that we're as good as what i was wanting to eat,.

Like cooked stuff, it brought my energy level down significantly, and the other thing i've learned is that, you know, after being on an all raw diet for a period of time and doing this, i learned that, you know, even after like the next day after the eating the backed potatoes, lie that taste or sensation or something would be in my mind that said, 'john, you got to eat more baked potatoes, they were really good, 'and then like the second day, i still wanted more and i was like 'man, must resist, must resist, can't eat it any more,'.

And them maybe after the 3rd or 4th day, like, it was gone, i just didn't desire any more baked potatoes, right 'cause i just don't like feeling how i felt when i eat them and i want you guys to kind of be more in touch with your body and feel how you feel.I mean, maybe make a food journal.Today i ate 5 apples for lunch and afterwards, man, i had energy to run a marathon, or i had energy to do whatever i needed to do on the computer, and man, today.

I have a baked potato and i wanted to take a nap, and i want you guys to mind of take a journal and take notes so you guys know what the foods doing to you.So, what i want to do next actually with don is ask him, don, is, like, if you're going to eat 80 raw and 20 cooked, 'cause i know a lot of you guys may not want to eat all raw or have a desire.I personally believe its easier to eat all raw than be on some wishywashy kind of thing.

Back and forth, because if you got that cooked food flavors in your mouth, you're always going to want to go for it, 'cause, i mean, in some ways, it is satisfying.So, number one, don, do we need to eat cooked foods and number 2, what's the good, better, and best coked foods if somebody did choose and ant to eat some cooked foods, 'cause, i mean, we want to provide you guys with options.Obviously we say 100 raw, as close as you can get to 100 is optimal, but we know that everybody out there is not going to do 100,.

You know.As teachers in the movement, we strive to teach the best of what we know, because once again, we're giving you the shortcut, 2 lines, and we're not going to take you around some maze to get you where you want to be.Right.First of all, you got to distinguish need form want.So, you know, if you're coming from a cooked food diet, you maybe want to continue to do that because that's what you're used to doing and paradigm shifts are difficult.Need is a whole different story.So, there.

Might be some situations where you need to continue eating some cooked food for a while just to keep detox down because if you've been eating a heavy cooked food diet for years and years and years, decades, and the you switch overnight, you see the wisdom of going to a fruitbased diet, to what you're designed to eat, and you do it overnight, detox can be very not tolerable, and detox needs to be tolerable, of course.If it isn't, it just derails you.It's one of those things that just makes people fall right of the wagon.

In that case, you may need to eat some cooked food.As far as which cooked foods, you know, there's good, better, and best, just like there is for the raw foods.Raw foods, there's the best ones, which hare fruits, the second best might be the higher fat raw foods.That's second best.Your body can turn that fat into fuel, but that's not the best.The relatively lower or medium fatty fruits, that's going to be the best of the raw foods.Of the cooked foods, the best would be ones that you could eat them raw, but if you just steam them a.

Little bit, it makes it so much easier to eat them, to get it down, the sugar content comes down.So, that would be a good indication.You could eat it raw, like, you know, you take a peeler with the yams, the sweet potatoes, you just do that into a salad.So, that's, you know, a regular potato, the sweet potato, but if you steam if for a little while, one of those dutch oven things, not talking about baking that because now you're going, you know, good down to bad.Baking it's just bad, just remember that.So, if you get one of.

Those dutch ovens where you can steam it, alright, so that's better.Then, the pasta would probably be very down on the list, but only because now it's processed food.We're talking about processed foods that you could almost eat raw if you had to survive.People in ireland, when there was a famine or something, all they had to eat was potatoes to survive.So, it then becomes a survival food.So, these second best foods also become survival foods, but as i said before, surviving is not thriving.So, the pasta and the processed food, if something.

Is processed, which obviously you have to cook it to eat it, that should be way at the bottom of the list, but there's also those root vegetables that some of them you can eat raw but some of them you have to cook.Just talking plantbased now.We're not even going anywhere else other than a plantbased diet, 'cause there's absolutely no need to.The bottom line is you have to get enough fuel, you have to get enough carbohydrate, calories.Here are other ways to do it.I mean, some people will, rather than go to.

The cooked carbs, the potatoes, they'll get some coconut water into them, and the coconut water can supply some fuel for them.Dates are, it's a nobrainer.Everyone knows about dates, concentrated sources of calories, and obviously you don't have to cook them and some people say, yes they've been steamed and nuts get steamed to open them up and mangoes get soaked in something which is hot water, so it's not technically raw.Yes, it's still raw.These are still raw foods.They've just been processed in some respect, but they're.

Still technically labeled as raw food.That's why i can call myself an allraw foodist, basically.Technically 99.834 or whatever it turns out to be.For you it's 99.9.He's doing better than me.I doubt it though.But you get what i'm trying to say.You might as well call yourself because the subject came up with vegans where there's no such thing as 100 vegan because people who consider themselves 100 vegan, well they're walking around, they're stepping on insect, and when you're driving your car, you might be running over insects and killing them that it's all.

About your intent.Your intent was not to go drive over the insects.It just happened because of the environment you're living.So, yes, you're still vegan.You can call yourself a 100 vegan, and i can call myself a 100 raw foodist because i just don't have a need t eat any cooked foods.Fortunately i'm never in a situation where i can't find raw foods, even if they have to be, god forbid, apples.I will eat apples if i have to, but they're a temperate zone fruit, and we're designed for tropical zoned fruits.So, tropical.

Zone fruits, temperature zone fruits next and the i've never fortunately had to go to any of the cooked food to survive.I mean, what we want or really do is provide you guys with some options.So, don just shared some options with you, and i want to share a few more.I mean, some of the ways that i've been able to stay raw is to not confine myself in a little box and say, 'i can't drink juice.I can't eat this.I can't do all this stuff,' right i would much rather eat fresh.

Fruits for my calories, right i juice fresh fruits or roots, right like carrots.Everybody can find carrots.I mean, they're almost available everywhere in the world, right if the potato's available, usually carrots are available, and guess what carrots are way inexpensive, and i'd rather juice carrots than bake some potatoes for my calories if i need to get them in there, because another thing that we'll talk about, don and i, in another tutorial, is the nutrient density o foods, or nutrient versus calories, because some people may want.

You to believe it's all about the calories, man, but, you know, i'm really in the camp of that it's not all about the calories.While we do need calories, and i'm not going to discredit the calorie, they're not the most important thing, actually.The nutrients are, if you want optimal health.If you want to go out with a blast like, you know, some people want to run 10kmarathons and kick people's ass, that's cool, you know.I'm not that dude, you know.I also encourage you guys, you now, to watch people on youtube that you jog with,.

That have similar goals to you, and, you know, not everybody's a 10k runner.Some people want to live for maximum longevity and maximum amount of health, and that's why i'm doing it.So, you know, i would eat fresh fruits, like i juice vegetables, i juice fruits, you know, which i don't have real big issue with.It's not my first choice.I'd rather eat fresh fruits, i season, ripe, local, or get the highest quality that i can at the time.You know, i don't have an issue with juicing leafy green vegetables and other vegetables, and,.

Yes, leafy greens, they don't have a lot of calories, but what they're lacking in calories, they make up for 5 times in nutrients, and i believe that nutrients are very important, and when you start juicing leafy greens and other vegetables, guess what you take away the fiber, you concentrate the nutrients, but also the calories, you know, and add some carrots in there to ramp it up.Add an apple or 2 to ramp up the calories if the calories are you main goal.So, hopefully after watching this tutorial you've learned don's and my opinion.

Raw is law and in the end basically say eat as much raw food as possible.Hopefully we've also given you some options to think about to, you know, some of the good, better, best scenarios that you guys could chose to eat instead of just going for the pizza or going of that gmo cereal with sugar on it and all that kind of stuff.Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel for further tutorials, when don and i talk about calories versus nutrients, because that's a big discussion that it's not all about the calories, although they.

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Acid Alkaline Food Chart How To Lose Weight With Alkaline Diet

Acid alkaline food chart how to lose weight with alkaline diet,Tipshowtoloseweightvenussystem are you tired of looking for some diet tips that will eventually trim your body fats down many people are wondering. Lose weight the elle macpherson with the alkaline diet,Elle macpherson champions the alkaline diet but what is it all about and how can you get her results go vegan for the planet for the animals for yourself. The truth about acid and alkaline foods fat diminisher system,If youve heard of alkaline diets youve probably scratched your head and said but arent citrus fruits very acidand very good for me youre right they are.

Joshi joshis alkaline diet weight loss programme book,Buy herejoshishopbookshtm joshis alkaline diet 21 days to a healthier slimmer you for life if someone doesnt comment within. Weight loss before and after no pills alkaline diet urine ph,How i personally lost 48lbs myweightlossmethodfuturelifesaver. Aloe vera is a super beauty and health food sprouts chestnuts,Free nutrition book and health coach infojolitabrilliant cc amino acids are the building blocks of protein there are about 22 amino acids.

Applying the 8020 rule how to accelerate your fat loss without becoming a health nut,Thehealthblueprint daily habits for rapid weight loss apply these simple techniques to burn fat fast while still enjoying your favorite foods and. Alkaline diet how can alkaline diet transform your health,Thisoneworkdiet alkaline diet 6days alkaline reports that reveal the stunning truth on fat loss free how do you know whether your body is.

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