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TedxVienna Fionn Dobbin Mammu A Brand becomes a Movement

I want to talk a little bit about mammu, a social business fashion company, and i want to talk about how this brand became a movement.Gtfrom the outside, we are a very normal fashion company, we work with beautiful models who you can see in milano and paris, we have amazing designers working for us, but inside, inside we are different, inside we're doing a social business revolution.The whole company's business objective is to support mothers in need, mothers who have to combine childcare and earning money at the same time,.

But who can't find a job due to the fixed working hours on the job market.So what we're doing is we're supporting those mothers, training them how to work and how to produce our fashion items, whoops! it's going in the wrong direction we're training those mothers, showing them how to produce our fashion items, we show them with lawyers how to set up a microproduction company, we give them bags of textiles, and whenever they have time at home, they can produce our items.In a very short time, our brand reached nearly one million people via media,.

And latvia suddenly, their yellow press, is talking about social business because from the outside, we are a fashion company, and from the inside, we are different than any other company.We started with a small investment of around 400, 500 dollars, and we spent around 100 dollars on marketing, and i want to tell you about nine things i learned how a brand can become a movement.First of all, it always has to start with you, because you have to be passionate about what you're doing, this is very important, you should love what you're doing,.

And i love working for mammu, and i love fashion, so that's why it was easy for me to convince other people to join the movement at mammu.Of course, it has to be social, because if you're social, then you reach the desires people all have in themselves, or sometimes, you reach these desires people weren't even aware of.Because if i would run a company and my goal would be, for example, that i buy myself a nice, new sports car, it would be very difficult to convince people to join this movement,.

But since it's social, we've managed to reach a lot of people joining our brand.It's also important that you're telling a story, an exciting, interesting story.If i tell a story which is not remarkable, nobody will listen, nobody will spread the message.So we make the media mostly a part of our movement, we give them a nice package telling them about our principles, about our products, about our designers, and they always become part of the movement, and they start spreading it, so we very quickly can reach out and reach the people who are important.

It's also very important that you're doing and yet that you're art.If i would have designed for example this scarf, it would have looked like this, so it's very important that you always work with creators, with people who are amazing at what they're doing, and that's why the scarf looks like that, because we work with a very nice and talented designer from the baltics.You have to be transparent, you should communicate and tell the people where the money goes and how it's been produced.So we tell everyone what the mothers are getting,.

What the textile is costing, how much money we are taking and reinvesting into our company.We even are training people how to produce and to fake our products, because if somebody starts producing our products and realizes that it takes six hours to produce one scarf, they will rather buy one, so that's why we do it.And 6th, it's very important that you give and that you take opportunities.The moment when i realized that mammu was something different and was becoming a movement, was the moment where a student of mine, helena,.

From the stockholm school of economics, came to me and said she would like to do a photoshooting for us.I said, yeah, please do it! you can shoot the brand mammu the way you see it.And suddently, the next photographer came, and the next one, and the next one, and in a very short time, we made hundreds of pictures with amazing, wellknown, and talented photographers.And one has to be innovative.At the beginning, we only had a couple hundred euros, and we didn't know how to make a nice market booth.

When we presented our brand.So i went to the art academy in latvia and asked an artist listen, you have these beautiful sculptures, couldn't i use them to present my products on this market, on this fashion show she said yes, for sure! we put it in a new context and we created something that is innovation.Nowadays, when the media is still talking about this fashion show, they always show those pictures of our market booth, because they were the most beautiful, and it didn't cost us any money.

And to be joyful, very important.If you do something, you should it with a lot of joy.This shows a very nice campaign that costs around 20 dollars, 20 euros, and it was the first walking wall of fame in the history of the wall of fame.We had a wall of fame, and we were on a very nice festival in latvia, and nobody wanted to stand in front of the wall of fame and get photographed.So we had this walking wall of fame where we spotted some celebrities, we ran after them,.

Jumped the walking wall of fame behind them, we took a scarf, wrapped it around them, we had three photographers shooting pictures of them, we wrote down their names and address, put them on facebook and tagged them.In the beginning, we were running after the people, in the end, people were running after us.So be joyful! number 9, again, be joyful, because it's really important, that's why i want to talk again about this.This is, for example, a campaign that's called it's fucking cold, but thanks god, i have a scarf!.

We made this picture with a nude girl, a friend of mine, and she was naked in the winter.We made a picture, and a radio moderator announced that the listeners should send pictures of people wearing scarfs and show how good it was in winter.Somebody posted then a picture of a dog wearing a scarf, then the next picture of a dog wearing a scarf, and we got all these pictures of dogs wearing scarfs.In the end, the moderator had to say please, stop sending in those pictures of dogs, it's not about this..

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