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3D Products LVP Cleaner Leather Vinyl Plastic Cleaner

Music thanks for checking out 3d products i'm donald williams.In this segment we are going to show you how to use 3d's lvp cleaner and lvp stands for leather, vinyl and plastics it's designed to be able to clean out your plastics, your vinyls and leathers safely for the interior and the exterior of your vehicle without having to have any harsh chemicals that are going to damage it.It is going to leave a nice shine and be able to remove some of those tough stains and some of those tough problems.

That are stuck to your leather, plastics and vinyl.Let's go ahead and go inside this vehicle here.It has all leather seating and plastic trim.So now whether or not you have your dirt marks that you have here or you have some different stains that are tough to remove.Lvp is perfect for this.You can dilute it for your heavy stuff for your spot cleaning fourtoone ratio on your gallons we have here.Or for mild to moderate cleaning you want to go about ten to one which is what i've done here.

Because really a lot of times you don't have those heavy stains or those heavy things that you need to clean off.So ten to one is actually real good for maintaining and making sure that material is safe.So what you wanna do just like everything we teaching our degreasers and our cleaners.You want to take and spray one towel outside of the vehicle you want to get it nice and evenly wet if you can avoid spraying it directly inside your vehicle the better that way you don't get products overlapping.

Each other that have different purposes and be sure you get everything cleaned up so now the product is nice and damp.Take your dirt cleaning towel and wipe it up.Easy clean up here.Take a clean towel wipe off any extra residue that might be on there.Like all 3d products, a little goes a long way.So go ahead and get the plastics that that you have now if you have to get into some of these tighter areas like you see on this explorer sign here a simple fix for that is you can take one of our stiffer paintbrush style brushes here.

Take the diluted lvp and spray it into the affected area.Let it set for a quick second.Allow the product to work.You can take and lightly scrub it out.Brushing sounds take your damp, dirty rag.Wipe out the excess take a clean brush clean out any of the left over sediment that is in there.Go ahead and dry it with the other towel.And make sure you take here damp rag and wipe the rest the remaining area so that you have an even consistency of cleanliness on your door panels and plastics.

That you have already done your work on.It's ideal for all the doors as well.So go ahead and make sure again that you get your towel, get you cleaning towel nice and damp.Go ahead and wipe it down and then dry it off.Ok now for these control panels and things for like the dash.You want to avoid spraying it directly because you have electronics in here so what i prefer that you do you take a brush like we had earlier where they'll be a soft bristle.

Brush or hard bristle brush depending on the quality of the product you will be cleaning go ahead and spray away from the vehicle get it nice and wet then you could take clean out these areas with the brush without getting it too over saturated and take your soft flog brush get any of the excess out there get in there nice and clean with a product that diluted 10 1 is very safe.Take your towel and wipe it out.Your soft flog brush, dry it off.Make sure you got everything out of there that you needed too.

There you go! so, for all those cheetos fingers that are out there rolling up and down their windows we can make sure our we get the car nice and clean for them.Ok, now if you want to do a little more of a detail, take a credit card or a business card put it in.Pinch it inside the towel.Fold it over.So that you have some edges here then follow along.And go around these areas here.Go around these edges here make sure you get any excess chemical out.

And now your nice and clean! thank you for taking the time to check out 3d products and lvp.Lvp is perfect for all that leather vinyl and plastics that you're looking to restore and bring back to the new fresh look.Go ahead and follow us on facebook twitter and share us on facebook because i'm sure your friends want to keep uptodate with all the latest and greatest 3d car care products that you have been able to see on go ahead and click on the link below and subscribe to our channel and member lvp, yea you know me!.

Now You Can Have Portable And Safe Alkaline Antioxidant Water

Hello, this is robyn from positive potential.I believe that hydrogen rich, alkaline, antioxidant water is the best water to help you stay healthy.Today i am going to demonstrate the alkaline hydrogen stick.Before we start the demonstration let's talk about how and when you could use the stick.Perhaps you have heard about the benefits of drinking hydrogen rich, alkaline antioxidant water but want to try it before investing in a more expensive unit.Or, perhaps you already have an alkaline filter in your home and you want to continue drinking.

'the good stuff' when you are away.For example, when you are recovering in as inpatient in .When you want purified water for the gym and safe drinking water for outdoor activities like bike riding and bush walking.Water filtration for university or school.Clean drinking water for fly in, fly out fifo workers.It's great for travelling on planes the stick easily fits inside your bag or pocket and holds no fluids.As you can see it comes in a plastic container with the instructions inside.The plastic container is handy to store the stick when you're not using it or on the move especially.

When travelling.The stick is about 30cm long, made of stainless steel with a number of holes.The ingredients inside the stick are completely natural.To prepare the stick place in a clean bottle filled half way with tap or bottled water.Shake vigorously for approximately 30 seconds and then dispose of the water.Repeat this 2 times.This removes excess loose particles and minerals.The stick is now ready to use.Fill the bottle with tap water or bottled water, shake vigorously for approximately 30 seconds.Wait for 15 20 minutes before drinking.The longer the.

Water sits with the stick submerged the stronger the ionisation, the higher the ph and the more antioxidants.Use 1 stick for 1 litre of water.Here i have some samples of bottled water, tap water and tap water treated with the hydrogen alkaline stick.You will see that the bottled water is quite acidic.The tap water is around ph 7 water and tap water after being treated with the hydrogen alkaline stick is around ph 9.5.Very impressive.The alkaline hydrogen stick binds chlorine, heavy metals and other impurities.

And is suitable for any potable water.It is also known as the 'diet stick' as it neutralises acids in the body and flushes toxins and fat from your cells.How long does the alkaline, hydrogen, stick last it is recommended to change your alkaline, hydrogen stick every 6 9 months.Obviously it depends on how much water you drink a day and the quality of the water.The most accurate way to know if your stick is still working is to test your water with ph reagent click here.If you purchase 2 hydrogen alkaline.

A Natural Way To Clean Leather Chamberlains Leather Milk Straight Cleaner No 2

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Causes of acne how to get clear skin naturally 7 lifestyle steps,Here to subscribe to my channel tlj6dj follow me on twitter melaniietweets constant updates on instagram snapchat. Cleaning the chopping board after cutting meat cooking with dieter,How to clean the chopping board correctly after cutting meats and only using 1 all natural product baking soda if this is not available use salt baking soda is. Leather care how to clean and condition bmw leather chemical guys leather care,Products used in this tutorialchemicalguysproductdetailsasp.

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Natural Stone Products MB 5

Natural stone products mb 5,Mb stone care mb5 marble granite and more spray cleaner is ideal for effortlessly and effectively cleaning your stone countertops without leaving any streaks. Measuring acidity a science bite experiment to try at home,Try our science experiment measuring acidity where you will prepare your own acid indicator by extracting a pigment from a red cabbage and use it to look. Waxyclean uk car care supplier wolfgang leather care cleaner,Waxyclean uk car care supplier of car wax car wash car polishing car detailing products wolfgang leather care cleaner clean and pamper leather seats.

09 how does clean lean protein compare with other products on the market,The alkaline advantage clean lean protein is the worlds highest source of vegetable protein all natural low in fat and easily digested gluten free. 3d products lvp cleaner leather vinyl plastic cleaner,3d leather vinyl plastic cleaner lvp is an environmentally friendly cleaner designed to safely remove soiling from a multitude of components found in cars. Protective style prepping how to remove alkaline base from braiding hair,Tutorial description info hi lovelies watch in hd press the up button for more tutorials to subscribe.

Clean with vinegar baking soda green cleaning tips science experiment,Clean with vinegar baking soda green cleaning tips science experiment crazy chris is cleaning his house today and shows you how. Unlock the bodies biggest detox organ through natural alkaline skin body care,Reduce chemical toxins using alkaline skin and body careenergiseforlifealkalineskinbodycare find out about the chemicals in everyday. Dr robert cassardr mari sawaivodka skin cleaning solution at hawaiian detox retreat,Aloha all this is one of the tutorials taken at the hawaiian detoxificationrejuvenation retreat center here are a few of the participants at the 21 day retreat. Travertine tile frisco tx 2147638832 travertine cleaning,Travertine tile frisco tx 2147638832 travertine cleaning proper travertine tile cleaning is key to a beautiful floor professional cleaning services can be. Now you can have portable and safe alkaline antioxidant water,Positivepotentialau now you can have portable and safe alkaline antioxidant water discover low cost safe drinking water for traveling being.

Hexagon alkaline hydrogen water filtration system installation and maintenancemp4,Alkaline as water should be antioxidants to fight free radicals mineralized with trace minerals people need smaller molecular clusters for better cell. Water ionizer by tyent beauty water acidic water benefits,Alkaline water from a water ionizer is an amazing healthy beverage but what about the acidic water to discover the infinite uses of alkaline and acidic water go. Recipe all natural diy pinescented cleaner,Keeping a clean home is a huge task but keeping a naturally clean home can be overwhelming thats why ive created this wonderful natural allpurpose.

How to make alkaline water,How to make your own alkaline water at home in just a few simple steps the alkaline experience iphone app is now out. Install alkaline water ionizer to drink clean water part 1,Waterhealstheworldcompareionizershtmwaterhealstheworldeczemaskindisordersalkalinewater clean water plays a.

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