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Delicious and Healthy Couscous Salad Recipe The Loop With Donna Ruko

Hello, and welcome to the loop on livestrong woman.Okay, so i hope you all had a lovely week.I most certainly have.I actually went to my friend's for dinner this week.Now i'm not usually one for couscous, to be honest.However, she made a lovely couscous salad.So i thought, do you know what i'm gonna share it with our livestrong woman viewers.So, come with me to the kitchen, and we'll get cooking and making.So here are our ingredients cherry tomatoes, lemon, cucumber, we got mini bell peppers, garlic, shallot, feta cheese,.

Cilantro, couscous this is whole wheat couscous vegetable broth, olive oil.So let's get started, shall we i'm gonna use 1 cup of water or vegetable broth i'm using vegetable broth to 1 cup of couscous.I'm gonna make two of each.So that's one and two.And then we're gonna add the couscous in a bit because what we're gonna do is we're gonna boil the vegetable stock, and then as soon as it's boiled, we're gonna take off the heat and we're gonna add the couscous, stir it, cover it, and let is rand for 5 minutes.

And that's pretty much it.It doesn't take much to make a little bit of your couscous.Oh, yeah, so i'll see you in a minute.So take it straight off the boil.Now i'm gonna add the 2 cups of couscous.That's it, keep it off the heat.Stir it, cover it, let it stand for 5 minutes voila.Okay, let that cover.We're gonna let that cover we're gonna cover it and let it stand.Off to the side, okay.Tomatoes.Cucumber.The peppers, i've got yellow, orange and the red.Juicing the lemon.I'm not as professional as others.

Who just, you know, simply squeeze it over their dish.And then the shallot.Okay, crushed my garlic.Coriander.Oh my god, i called it coriander it's not coriander at all.It's cilantro.So what i'm gonna do now is i'm just gonna let this, you know, the couscous get to room temperature.Probably gonna be, you know, maybe about 20 minutes or so.You can help speed up the process by putting it in the fridge.Okay, so now we can add all the ingredients the shallot.All the peppers.The cherry tomatoes.Cucumber.Garlic.And.

Mix that together.So now i've given that a wonderful stir.I'm now gonna add the lemon juice.Now i found that the whole wheat couscous seems to absorb, taking the olive oil more than the regular couscous.So i add a little bit more olive oil than normal.Once again, giving it a lovely stir.And now i'm gonna add the finishing touch of feta cheese.Pepper, i like lots of pepper.I'm using himalayan pink salt.Okay, time to dish up.Wonderful.Okay.So there you have it ladies.Okay, it's not rocket science.It was a very simple and.

Alkaline diet,The alkaline diet is one of the running off diets of the not many years it promises to pick up energy levels and memory as well as help stop headaches bloating.

Healthy Diet To Lose Weight

Healthy diet to lose weight,Hey i have recebly changed my diet to a plant based alkaline diet i have noticed weight loss healthier skin and hair and a lot more energy i was inspired by.

How to lose weight fast alkaline diet alkaline recipe book free download,The simple alkaline diet to lose weight naturally stay healthy tinyurloqgh9w2 how to eat a lot of the right alkalizing foods in. Alkaline diet alkaline food list,Tinyurlpzfqrqn free tutorial presentation reveals the 3 alkaline secrets to lose weight naturally boost your immune system make your health. Alkaline water review,Subscribe and shareinstagramhardbodyjtimofacebookhardbodybyjtimotwitterhardbodyjtimo this is a controversial.

Healing psoriasis easy psofriendly dish recipe foods to avoid the nightshades,Hey everyone in this tutorial i show you how to how to make an easy psoriasisfriendly dish my own recipe with sweet potato and i also explain the triggers. How to eat cleaner day 24 of 31 alkaline diet what the heck is it,Facebookcoachlana how to eat cleaner day 24 of 31 alkaline diet what the heck is it hello everyone im so excited that you decided to join me. Magnesium super food secrets magnesium,Super food secrets magnesiumsuperfoodhealthylivingsuperfoodhealthylivingarticlemarinephytoplankton health diet.

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