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Lauren what's up it's hot for food.I'm lauren.John i'm john.Lauren and we're back with this month's challenge john the challenge! john challenge.John the challenge.Lauren the challange, this month's challenge, whatever.Lauren anyways, you guys voted on our last hot dog challenge, lauren that was fun.John but who won lauren you.John yea, yea.Lauren okay, everyone knows you won.Lauren you only won by 4 or 6 votes or something like that.Lauren so way to go, people out there.Lauren uh, you decide what our next challenge is.

Lauren at least for this one lauren and a lot of people said pizza.John mm.Lauren so lauren pizza'pie ya, everybody john and there's only one dough here because john we're going to split it right down the centre.Lauren we're gonna make two separate halves, lauren with different toppings lauren and you will decide who made the best pizza toppings lauren or group of pizza toppings together.John let's do this.Lauren yea, this one's all like lauren i'm cool now because i actually have a plan this time.

John i did plan, lauren i just came up with my idea at the grocery store, so lauren which was like 20 minutes ago.John 3 2 1 go.Lauren remember, since john won, he'll have to give me lauren a wild ingredient that i have to incorporate into my pizza.John oh yes.John it's a lot more fun when you plan it, i could say that.John what are you making john i'm gonna guess what you're doing lauren okay.John i see chik'un, john and i see barbecue sauce.

John and i'm thinking barbecue chik'un pizza.Lauren perhaps.John so, secret ingredient.Lauren so you haven't even mentioned that pizza's like lauren your favourite food group.John yea, of course.Cos i'm not a crazy person.John anybody who's normal likes pizza.Lauren i am gonna make some type of barbecue or buffalo lauren slash chik'un pizza with ranch drizzle.Lauren i don't even know if i'm gonna use pizza sauce on my half lauren i haven't really decided.Lauren or i'm gonna make a white sauce, i don't really know.

Lauren i'm adding red onion, and um lauren arugula lauren i mean, it's not like a crazy different pizza, lauren i'm just making a pizza lauren that everyone's already had before.Lauren and it's gonna taste better than anyone you've had before.Lauren the hell is that john shelled john pistachio pieces.Lauren fine, give it to me.I can do that.John okay.Secret ingredient, wild card ingredient, john pistachios.Lauren weird.John go nuts.John i look forward to these challenges.Lauren there's a hair in your nuts.Lauren i'm going to um,.

Lauren crush these up and do a pistachio crust.Lauren so i crushed up my pistachio nuts in a coffee grinder lauren to make a pistachio dust.Lauren and i mixed it with sea salt.Lauren and i'm gonna add garlic powder.Lauren i like to call this the crust duster lauren then we're gonna sprinkle onto my crust.Lauren not just the outside, but also the whole flat part lauren and get it on all the sides here, lauren so that it's on the crust, lauren so did you wanna taste how delicious your.

Lauren wild ingredient actually is lauren on the crust john shit.John that tastes like crack.Lauren crack pizza! john what i would imagine crack tasting lauren really lauren i don't think crack tastes good.Lauren and what exactly are you doing there, john john i'm gonna try to make john a margarita pizza.Lauren with margarita lime on it john with margarita lime and salt on it.John no, like a traditional italian like, lauren margarita john margarita john like, just pizza sauce, john the circle, lil circle chunks of mozarella,.

John and basil.Lauren if your cheese works, it could be good.Lauren but lauren making vegan cheese is awfully difficult.John true that.Lauren it's hard to get the taste down.Lauren so what is in there john onion powder, garlic powder, john little bit of nutritional yeast, john i know it's yellow, but i figured it would still hold john white pepper.John and uh, tapioca to thicken it.Lauren so are you gonna cook it john i'm gonna have to cook it to activate the tapioca john so there she is.

John the cheese sauce.I think it actually worked out but john i'll post the recipe in the description below.Lauren i mean, i've seen this done before lauren so you think when it bakes, it's gonna solidify on top lauren of the pizza.It should john yea.Lauren so i broke the chik'un up, lauren even further from the way it was in the package, lauren and then i just cooked it in a little bit of oil, lauren barbecue sauce and hot sauce.Lauren i'm just gonna eyeball my ranch sauce.

Lauren but if you guys wanna make our ranch sauce lauren from hot for food, then i'll just link to that in the description below lauren and you can just make that ranch sauce.Lauren okay, so let's assemble our sides.John let's do it! lauren so show everyone this little trick you did.John piping bag.John just a ziplock bag, john you put your cheese sauce, or your icing or whatever you wanna put into it.John then cut off a little corner.John and that way i can get like those,.

John when you see like a traditional, margaritalike pizza john it's, it like melts into the pizza sauce john and it almost becomes this cheesy, saucy, john pool.Lauren so you're hoping those will stay their shape lauren because of the tapioca john yea, i would be okay if they would spread out a little bit more lauren are they gonna puff up john maybe, little bit.Lauren so you're not adding your basil till the end john i don't if you're cooking with greens, john like fresh greens on pizza and you're probably gonna do the same thing.

John you gotta be very particular about when you put it on, john cos if i put it on now and it's a super hot oven, john it's gonna come out like brown lauren yea.John not very, john pretty.Lauren and i'm just gonna do my arugula like lauren a minute or two in the oven just to lauren slightly wilt it.John wait.Can i put olive oil on my crust lauren yep.Lauren so you're brushing your crust with oil, lauren olive oil is a good idea.John mhm.

Lauren let's go into a hot lauren oven, john let's do it lauren and watch these babies bake lauren are they ready yet lauren geez.Lauren let's see this thing.John oh shit.Lauren wooooo.John let's slice this baby.Lauren it's freaking hot in this kitchen.Lauren well, okay, i think i won lauren because mine looks amazing.John look how weird it looks, half a pizza lauren i'm just gonna eat this myself, like this john calzone, folded in half lauren pistachio crust dusterbarbecue chickenranch pizza john say that eleven times fast.

Lauren ohh snap.John oh crap, i don't know which one to eat.Lauren and, how's the cheese lauren worked john it's gooey on the inside, lauren wow, gimme gimme gimme.John okay.Lauren mmmm, lauren it passes as mozzarella, vegan mozzarella.John i love pizza.Lauren honestly, this is gonna be hard i think.Lauren for you to vote.Lauren i suggest doing exactly what we did lauren make a pizza, half and half.Lauren do a taste test and then make an educated vote, people.John yea, share you creations, actually.

Lauren mhm.John and tag us on instagram john and let us know what you created and what you like better john cos this, john visually they both look amazing john they both taste amazing john you decide.Lauren anyway, watch the hot dog challenge lauren there's also the vegan burger challenge, lauren and this is our third challenge, the pizza challenge lauren vote by leaving a comment below for who made the better pizza, lauren lauren's pizza, lauren with barbecue chik'un, ranch sauce, arugula, red onion.Lauren pistachio crust duster,.

John or john's cashew buffalo mozzarella, john margarita lauren voting's open from today till next wednesday lauren when we post next week's tutorial because we post every wednesday.Lauren subscribe to our channel if you haven't already lauren it's lots of fun, it's real tasty.Lauren you can also follow us on snapchat lauren look for hotforfood lauren we post what we eat everyday, lauren and things we're doing in the kitchen and testing, lauren and now we're gonna have a pizza party lauren stop! you're ruining it.John bye.Lauren cha cha!.

Key Peele Soul Food

it's so rich in history.I grew up in a neighborhood like this.Oh, yeah, i grew up in a neighborhood exactly like this.All right, welcome to mama sugarback's.Y'all ready to order yeah.Can i have a chicken fried steak with gravy and a cola okay.I will have the baked beef short ribs with collard greens, and throw down some of that cornbread.All right, babe.You know what hold up a second.I'm also gonna have some of them.

Collard greens and cornbread as well, but hook a brother up with some of them hot links.All right.All right.Chuckles you know what why am i trying to front scratch all that.Give me some okra and some fried red snapper.And girl, you know i want some chitlins.All right now.Y'all got ham hocks of course.Well, that's what i want.I want a plate of ham hocks, deepfried, blackened, and served on a bed of mustard greens.Pig feet.

I want some pig feet and four pounds of grits.And oh, oh! and you know what else give me a little dixie cup full of lard, all right i just remembered what i want.A bowl of mosquitoes.None of them tiny ones either, give me them big motherbleep you find down at the swamps.Sister, could you please hook a brother up with a rusty bucket full of fish heads wrapped in razor wire donkey teeth.Donkey teeth straight out a donkey's mouth.You know what bleep it.Any animal tooth will do.

I want you to stick it in some honey glaze, fry it with fat back, and serve it in an old tin coffee can.Forget everything i said up to this point right now.Bring me some dandelion greens, a cow hip, and a dog face.Wrap that whole mess in an oldltigt ebonyltigt magazine, and serve it to me in a shoebox.Okay, i want a platter of stork ankles, an old cellar door, a possum spine, and a human foot.You want a human foot mmhmm.

Healthy PH Top 10 Alkaline Acidic Foods

Healthy ph top 10 alkaline acidic foods,Alkaline acidic foods balance your ph levels brock discusses the effect certain foods have on the ph levels of our body here are some of the alkaline. Canine caviar hangout 1 benefits of alkaline pet food food dog,Canine caviar hangout 1 benefits of alkaline pet food. Dry dog food vs meat for dogs,Knowbetterpetfoodbetterintherawwithliver dry dog food vs meat for dogs the major difference between the two has an enormous.

Business spotlight on holistic pet food maker canine caviar,Canine caviar produces holistic alkalinebased pet food which reduces the risk of kidney problems liver issues and diabetes find out more at. Understanding acid alkaline and the many myths on ph,Find your body type bodytypequiz how important is maintaining the acidity in your body dr berg explains what ph level means in your body and. Indisputable alkaline water benefits visual proof,Visitenjoylifewater for more information on kangen water and how you can try it free for 21 days in your city this is my brother jeffs phone.

Qa 326 als diabetes diet for dogs essential oils,Have a question for youtube the link below and select ask a youtube question for your subject.

Alkaline food suggested by dr sebi,Kamut and spelt are grains featured in this tutorial coconut milk is also featured. Guru pet food feeding guide,Guru pet food cold pressed dog food feeding guide.

The Truth About Acid And Alkaline Foods Fat Diminisher System

The truth about acid and alkaline foods fat diminisher system,If youve heard of alkaline diets youve probably scratched your head and said but arent citrus fruits very acidand very good for me youre right they are. Acid alkaline diet review,Trusteddietreviews review of the acid alkaline diet which uses your bodys ph levels to explain and recommend why you need a plant based. Weight loss alkaline foods recipe raw food fruits 2016,This recipe is easy tasty and also great for kids the internal environment of our bodies is maintained at a ph of just about 70 this means our internal.

Cat urinary struvite crystals in cats,Knowbetterpetfoodcatfoodbetterintheraw find us on facebook and like us. Alkaline food list from cook book,Alkaline diet this yt channel has no affiliation with the producers of the cook book featured. Taking control of my health using essante organics alkalizing products beverly sloan,Essante organics alkalizing products xjlv6q anicmissiongogreengetpaid the problem a professor shared that.

All states special foods in india special food items indian foods special,Glowing skin foods to increase sperm count foods that burn belly fat foods for weight loss foods for hair growth foods to gain weight foods to reduce belly fat foods. Healthy breakfasts for kids should be high in fiber,First health channel in telugu we have the tutorials on health problems and expert s advise on below concepts please watch it care fully alkaline foods.

Cure Psoriasis Naturally How To Make Drink Alkaline Water To Heal Psoriasis

Cure psoriasis naturally how to make drink alkaline water to heal psoriasis,Phwarrior that link to download my free healing psoriasis guide try to get these baseline remedies in your daily life this will give you a huge. Lemon water is not alkaline nor does it alkalize,Lemon water will not cure cancer nor prevent it one can not change the ph of ones own blood ph levels in urine are changeable and temporary measuring. Abraham hicks certain foods help with vibration,Abraham explains in detail how what we eat affects our mood the way we think and our lives please subscribe here.

Test your body ph level using the ph test strip acid alkaline,Very simple way of testing your body ph level by using the ph test strip using the test strip you could read it against the chart to see how much acidalkaline you. Real water partners pets benefit by drinking ionized alkaline real water product,John eichert real water partnersrealwaterpartners water guru official reseller real products and the tyent line ionizers 760 6413801 pets are. Alkaline water and diabetes,Interview with the author of the ph miracle for diabetes dr robert young promoting the jupiter water ionizers that are sold ath2oph.

Simple change can improve you and your pets life getamazingwater,You and your pet need this water enagics kangen water is the gold standard tried proven over 40 years detoxifying restructured alkalized kangen. Genesis pure canada natural holistic dog food original rezeptur aus der heimat der wlfe,Genesis pure canada dog original rezeptur aus der heimat der wlfe wie sein vorfahre der wolf so ist auch der hund von natur aus auf fleischreiche. Diplo 2 chainz try 100k bottled water most expensivest shit,Diplo and 2 chainz prefer their tap water like most peopleyou know free but will the two convert after a water tasting where they try 100000 mineralinfused.

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