Cancer Cannot Live Alkaline Environment

Is Alkaline Water a Cure for Cancer

My name is henry ostie and i'm from miami florida i'm sure cancer has touched everyone out there for me it touched my family in a profound way both my mom and my dad got cancer they fought bravely we lost them short 98 days apart when that happened to me in my life i wanted to figure out a meaningful way that i could make a contribution to the world fight cancer and really commemorate my parents i combine that with this sort a bucket list item i had this dream about biking across the usa.

So back and summer 2011 i created writer dreams every day set off on the big adventure my lifetime i went across the country 3800 miles across nine states climbed 40,000 feet and signed 375 people registerys after i did my cross country bike ride i broke my leg when i broke my leg i wanted to figure out really how to heal myself the best way that i could i wanted to get the best water that i could so i did some research and found the power and the benefits of alkaline ionized water.

And looking for alkali ion is what i want to find the best company that i could that could sell me the machine that would produce the best high quality water i discovered tyent usa it's a great company they have great products and i believe they have the best product in the market for producing alkaline ionized water i use the water so much myself when i bought the machine and i gave it the selling my friends i decide to become a dealer for the product 100 percent of the profits generated.

From me being a dealer for tyent usa goes directly and our foundation and our foundation is specifically 100 percent focused on saving lives and today we're getting ready to kick off the big event around the state of florida we're gonna buy 2000 miles around the state over two weeks and you're going to do is make a stop in various locations to host bone marrow drives ways that we can grow the bone marrow registry to help people who are suffering from blood cancer and leukemia in order for them to get a transplant.

How to Treat Hypoglycemia Hyperglycemia and Disglycemia Naturally

Hi, my name is Troy giles.I'm a of chiropractic, and a natural internist.Today i wanted to talk to you a little bit about dysglycemia or hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, but dis means abnormal, glyc means sugar and emia means in the blood, so abnormal blood sugars.Specifically i want to talk right now about hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar.Many times we have, we don't have a good regulation between the pancreas and the liver.The pancreas is in charge of producing in the endocrine system.That is the part that is producing.

The insulin and glucagon.Insulin is released when you have a lot of sugar and that sugar is stored in the cells as fat.When there's low sugar, then glucagon, glucose gone, is a hormone that's released to pull carbohydrate stores out of the liver to maintain a blood sugar.This is a good picture right here.The blue line would represent a normal blood sugar level.It's going to raise up slowly and drop slowly.So let's think if you have your lunch and you have a bunch of, you know, a bunch of carbs with it, pie and all that.

Kind of stuff, and let's say you ate it at 1200.About one or two, you're going to start having the low sugar, because you dropped in to a lower sugar here.So now you're starting to search for carbohydrates.That's going to bring your blood sugar back up, more insulin is released, drops it back down, up and down, up and down.If you can eat more of a complex carbohydrate diet, that would be whole fruits, whole vegetables, that way the body has to digest through those as it digests through the complex cells of the apple.Let's say.

You're eating a regular apple, you've got to digest through the meat of the apple, where the sugars are hidden.Versus if you drink apple juice straight, that's just straight sugar.So what we're trying to do is have you eat more complex, means raw vegetables, raw fruits, nuts and seeds.Those kinds of things are raw so that your body has more time.It takes more time to digest and extract the sugars out of those foods.So you're going to have a slower raise and then a slower fall.Right here is where the glucagon would be.

Released to bring the sugars back up to normal.Then you would eat your meal up here, versus drop way low and then search around for sugars and then brings it back up, and down and back up, and down.In order to do this concept where it's smaller, it's lower, it's slower raises and slower falls, you need to eat more complex foods.So one thing that i do is i go to my, i go to costco.Costco's got a good price on pretty much everything.I've got raw almonds here.I've got mixed nuts here.Now the mixed nuts i bought, that are salted.

And they've been cooked or whatever, they're roasted.So you understand this actually, let's come in here.So you get this a little bit better, how to make this.Here are the mixed nuts.That's what it looks like, the kirkland brand, and you can go to your health food store and go wherever you want, but i just go to costco because it's got a good price.So i get the quality fancy mixed nuts that are salted and then i get a bag of almonds and a bag of craisins.So you can see here, well there's a craisin right there.Then here's.

A blueberry.So i get a bag of craisins and a bag of blueberries.So now i have raw almonds, a bag, one plastic of mixed dried nuts, salted, a bag of craisins and a bag of blueberries.Mixing all that together won't fit into a bowl that's pretty big.I actually dump it in to a white, into a garbage sack that's this size, okay so i get a garbage sack this size and i dump all of my mixture into that clean garbage sack and then i mix it around.

And then i put it into ziplock bags.It will usually fill about two to three ziplock bags.Then i keep this one, that has a lid on it for eating out of.So i'll eat here at the office out of this container, or at my house i have this container.It's easier to get in to.Let's say at 10 o'clock, this is my hand, this would be a handful, roughly that much, i have my breakfast at 6, 630, 7 in the morning and by 10 o'clock with patients.

Working all day, i'm hungry.So a handful of that gives me, this is all complex.This is all complex.These are dried and with the protein and the oil of the nut that's now going to be a good complex bit of snack, if you will.So if we're trying to maintain an appropriate blood sugar, we want to try to eat many, many meals, small meals.So that could be a meal for me, just that handful.So i'm eating a breakfast, a lunch, or a snack at ten, lunch at twelve, snack at two or three, dinner at five, maybe even another snack at.

Eight, but they're smaller meals, smaller portions, roughly the size that, a meal would be appropriate that would fit in the size of your two hands cupped together, because you're eating a lot.Because what happens is we eat a whole bunch of food for breakfast, a big, big meal.By the time we've broken through and digested that, it's time for lunch again.So now we have a big lunch and we're digesting through that and it's time for dinner.So our stomach is constantly in digestion state, not breaking through, getting through.

It, and getting that food on in to the small intestine.It can relax now.Your body can start to relax down.So that's going to maintain it as well, slower raises, slower falls, not so much carbohydrate that's simple.It's more complex, so a slower raise and a slower fall.That way there's less insulin needed to store your sugars as fat and you're actually using more glucagon, which we rarely, in our diet as americans, very rarely get into glucagon, but when our blood sugars drop, we should be able to pull carbohydrate stores out of.

The liver to maintain our blood sugar levels appropriately.So the other meaty meal that's really good is two or three chicken chunks.You can take some chicken breast and fry it up, dice it into little chunks.Keep that around in a ziploc bag in your refrigerator.So two or three chicken chunks, maybe ten almonds, five or six baby carrots.Again it fits in about the palm of your hand.That's going to go in and that can be another one of the meals.I'm telling you to eat when you're hungry, but don't eat past fullness.

Generally speaking any kind of plate we eat, we're full, our stomach is full before we sense that we're full.It takes almost 20 minutes for your body to sense oh okay, i'm full.By then you filled it clear past where you should be.So it almost is like a washing machine.When you fill your washing machine too much and then you put the soap on the top, the older kind of washing machines that kind of rotate like this, and you open up, if you fill it too full, there's not enough water and there's not enough movement to draw,.

To draw the soap down in through the laundry wash.So you end up not washing well your clothes.You fill your stomach too full it doesn't digest well with the digestive enzymes, you have mal digestion and then you get sick and so forth.So it's much less stress on your body to eat many mini meals.So i hope that's been good for you.If you have any questions on this feel free to call the office.We'll be more than happy to help you.You can send a hair sample to us and we can scan you.One more thing.Let's go back here.I.

Forgot to show you, i always talk about, i always talk about the relationship of the spine to the organs, but t6 right here that i have checked, that's what works with the pancreas.So many times right in the center of your mid back if that's mis aligned and you're getting abnormal flow, it's not going to flow out to the organs of the pancreas.So adjusting, i don't care what you ask me.I don't care what disease your dealing with, as a chiropractor, as a natural internist, the importance of the neurology of the spine,.

Every Cancer Can Be Cured In Weeks

Every cancer can be cured in weeks,From djs to our family friends and viewers after years of research study and prayer it has been revealed through all the confusion there is but one disease. Cancer cannot live in an alkaline bodyacv,Despite its acidic taste apple cider vinegar actually promotes alkalinity in the body as charlotte gerson says cancer cannot live in an alkaline body and one. I learned cancer cant live in an alkaline body raise your ph level folks,62614 m2u04084 normal ph is 74 need to raise to a 9 warning if you are salt restricted you cannot do this i forgot to make.

Body ph balance alkaline the key to health,Body ph balance alkaline acidic balance cancer cannot live in an alkaline or oxygen environment disease cannot live in an alkaline environment dr otto. Cancer and an alkaline body,Cancer and an alkaline body anoasisofhealing tutorial disclaimeranoasisofhealingtutorialdisclaimer cancer and an alkaline body are. Cancer cant thrive when youre alkalinemywellnessmylife,Watch me take a live test to show if my body is acidic or alkaline if youre acidic disease and bacteria will thrive and grow when youre alkaline your body fights.

Prevent cancer with alkaline water,Alkaline water helps balance the bodys ph which tends to be acidic because of our high acid food diet stress and exposure to environmental toxins such as.

Cancer and the alkaline environment,Anoasisofhealing all cells have an optimal ph which is acidalkaline and an optimal temperature at which they function our body functions best. The 5 major benefits of alkaline drinking water pi cup from longrich,The 5 major benefits of drinking alkaline water improve your health supercharge your immune system and fight the aging process with antioxidantrich alkaline.

22 Days 22 Pushups Day 1 Cancer Awareness Cure

22 days 22 pushups day 1 cancer awareness cure,Cancer is cured in the prevention cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment so feed yourself and your family with lots of organic fruits and vegetables drink. Qa 240 blood cancer vision diabetes lyme disease,Questions answers 240 have a question send it to questionsnaturebotanicalpharmacy 0313 lasha on the one hand i am told that cancer cannot. Alkaline diet and cancer,Can food affect our blood ph what is the link between cancer and alkalineacid balance is it true that cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment.

Longrich pi cup the natures way of producing alkaline water,Credit to uplines the 5 major benefits of drinking alkaline water improve your health supercharge your immune system and fight the aging process with.

Longrich pi cup,Credit to uplines the 5 major benefits of drinking alkaline water improve your health supercharge your immune system and fight the aging process with. Must watch you wont believe whats in your water bottles 1,Hello beautiful people im here to share the water series with you and do know that it was created to teach you all about alkaline water and acidic water and or. Bio ph infomercialwmv,No1 in the world ph 85 cancer cell will die all natural bfad approved no expiration yes no expiration do you have or know. Cure for disease cancer soursop gay fruitarians colombia 3,Find us on facebook instagram sfacebookveganfruitmuncherorlin sfacebooknikocadoavocado.

Is alkaline water a cure for cancer,Is alkaline water a cure for cancer while no water ionizer company can claim that alkaline water cures cancer we can share some findings from al studies. Kangen water can alkaline water treat and cure illness disease,Headline news report is kangen water healing water ionized alkaline water is probably the best water we can drink on the planet take a look. How to treat hypoglycemia hyperglycemia and disglycemia naturally,How to treat hypoglycemia hyperglycemia and disglycemia naturally hi my name is dr troy giles im a of chiropractic and a natural internist.

How vegetables make you healthier,How vegetables make you healthier hi my name is dr troy giles im a of chiropractic and a natural internist today i wanted to talk to you about an. Alkalinity vs acidity,When an acidic environment exists it forces the body to borrow the electrolyte minerals calcium sodium potassium and magnesium from the blood vital. 81 reasons to use apple cider vinegar every day,Enginefb81reasons 81 reasons to use apple cider vinegar every day hippocrates the father of medicine used this amazing elixir as a natural.

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