Brazil Nuts Alkaline Or Acidic

Get UNReady With Me My Bedtime Routine

Hi! i'm kassie and this is my nightly routine on a good night sometimes i just come home and pass out, but this is a good night, so i hope you enjoy it! if i want to have a very good sleep then going to bed starts quite early and i make sure that for dinner i have something very light and digestible.Tonight i went to golden aura to try out some living foods there's this rug carpet in the corner where you can just kick your shoes off and.

Jump right in and enjoy your food.To drink i had kombucha.They had some really nice raspberry kombucha by ethical soda.Which is a vancouverbased company.I had the slaw on the side, which was nuts and italian parsley, and some carrots and cabbage and it had a very nice sauce on it.I'm not quite sure what the sauce was, but it was very amazing.The sandwich that i had was very light and it had some sprouts and carrots and avocado and is very light vegan tzatziki.It was filling for the size.You guys know that i like fermented.

Foods and raw foods that place is just a breath of fresh air for me.It's in kitsilano.And it was fantastic! so after that, i go home.The first thing i do besides locking the door and putting my key away.Is i change into my robe that my mom brought me from the middle east and i wear it every day it.Since my parents are home, i can't really walk around in my underwear anymore, so i walk around in that pretty much for the rest of the night.So after that i head over to the.

Bathroom and i wash my face.What i use is a green clay konjac sponge.It's actually french green clay and i got it online.It was about five dollars and i put my juice beauty cleanser on top of it as well as some niko organic cleanser as well, just because i got it and i didn't really know how to use it.But ever since i got the konjac sponge, it's been the perfect combination.I prepare it so it looks like a little cake and i wet the konjac sponge and i put it on my face.

And basically rub all of the makeup off.I don't use a makeup remover at this point.I don't really need to, just because what i do completely takes my makeup off and i don't have any problems i keep rinsing the sponge under the water and cleansing my face and i keep doing that until all my makeup is completely gone.I've heard so many great things about the konjac sponge.It really lives up to its expectations.Some people don't like it but it really really exfoliates gently which is so important to me.

I don't like to use a crazy abrasive exfoliant on my face because i feel it's bad for your skin and gives you wrinkles.It may get all the dead skin off but i don't wanna get it off that abrasively.I get all my makeup off and then after that i put some apple cider vinegar in water and use a little cotton pad and put it on my face.The konjac sponge is extremely alkaline so you really have to rebalance your skin otherwise the results will be shortlived.So once i rebalance my skin's ph.

With the apple cider vinegar mixed with water, my skin feels soft like a baby's bottom and it's time for moisturizer.I put on my pie skincare eye cream and it's the echium eye cream.It's sooooo amazing and i want to buy everything from the line but i can't afford it so i just got the eye cream, because they feel like the eye area is the most important.I like to use avocado oil on my face and neck, but not too much.I always dump way too much into my hand just because it's in a bottle that.

Wasn't really meant to be applied topically and i put it on my face and my neck and oftentimes i even put it on my body as well.But i didn't shower tonight, just because i like to avoid the shower if i can.I'm lazy and i'm a minimalist so if i don't have to shower, i don't do the avocado oil.So i didn't do it tonight but when i'm in shower, i shave with it and i just put it all over and it makes me feel so soft and smooth after.

Your skin absorbs it quite quicklywell in my experience.My only issue with the apple cider vinegar and the avocado oil is the smell.Apple cider vinegar smells like feet and avocado oil smells like barbecue.My boyfriend always tells me i smell like a barbecued foot in the night time.But i like the results so i keep doing it and a brew some herbal tea before bed i find that it actually works.A lot of nighttime teas don't really work, but i go to a very nice herbal store and buy a bunch of.

Herbs and make myself very nice tea.It's a warm steep in boiling water.And it smells amazing just put the herbs in some already boiled water and let it sit for 15 minutes and then you just strain it out.And it really really helps you relax.And it helps me with anxiety that i get in my stomach that keeps me from sleeping.I also like to make a little midnight snack with the tea.I get hungry often.In my midnight snack i have brazil nuts, cherries, blueberries as well as some.

Sauteed carrots and mushrooms, because my boyfriend every morning makes a ton sauteed carrots and mushrooms.I like to eat them, because they're very good and they're very healthy as well.So i have that as a midnight snack along side with my tea.Just minutes before bed, i'll put on a record.I have a pretty extensive record collection.Just because i really like the way records sound.I really like the way the needle sounds on the record.It just sounds so goood.Tonight i picked elliott smith eitheror , it's one of my favourite albums ever.

Elliott smith was a very interesting and passionate person.His music is just so beautiful and so relaxing.So i put that on i'll drink the rest of my tea and listen to that and maybe eat a few things as well.Earlier when i was talking about how i like to start planning for bed as my last meal.I learned that actually from very close friend.He's a dentist and he told me that dental hygiene and good health happens if you respect bedtime.If you go to bed early.

Health and hygiene and treating yourself well will follow, because if you go to bed early, you're going to have time to brush your teeth and just have this nightly routine instead of coming home late and showing disregard for bedtime and how awesome and sacred it could be.Going to bed early is a good thing, in my opinion.And a lot of people think it's kinda lame, but i really get a lot of stuff out of the way and it gives me a lot of time to relax.

And unwind.When i go to bed early, i wake up early.It allows me to have a good breakfast and brush my teeth and relax before work.I use a toothpaste by jason and i really like it.It's a bit of a more natural toothpaste than normal and i like it for that.So i use that.I've been using it for quite some time i switched to tom's for a bit but i didn't really like it.The jason toothpaste really keeps makes keep white, so i really like that.After i brush my teeth, i go to bed.

So that is my nightly routine.I hope you guys enjoyed it.If you have any comments, queries, concerns, then let me know in the comments below because i do read them all and i will answer.Them if the tutorial is new.I cant get to the old ones as much anymore, but with the newest tutorials i can always try to get to the comments as much as i can.And, if you have your own nightly routine, please leave a tutorial response.I am accepting them for this tutorial.

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