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Top 5 Common Mistakes Made on a Ketogenic Diet

Hey guys, thank you for joining me today.I am your keto coach.I wanted to talk to you about the top five reasons why a your keto diet may not be working.A lot of people are contacting me saying, i'm doing a ketogenic diet and it's not working and i don't know why.So hopefully one of the five things will help.First one keto sticks.People use keto sticks thinking that it's telling them what kind of state their body is in, if they're in ketosis are not.Highly unlikely.It's not accurate.

The problem with keto sticks is that if you drink a lot of water, you'll have a diluted reading, so it'd be like a light color.If you're dehydrated, you're going to have a dark color reading.It doesn't mean how many it's not telling you how much ketones are in your blood, it's the excess ketones coming out, which is another factor.We don't want to read what's coming out of our body.It's most likely because you have high glucose and high ketones, which is a bad environment, but your body is going to use keto the.

Glucose and then just expell the ketones, so you're reading the wrong thing.Number two unstable glucose levels.So again, up and down glucose is not good for your body, it's not good for your body deciding what parts or fuel source to use.So really try to keep that stable and the best ways is one of these.So, reading your glucose with glucometer.This is a precision extra.It's good because it does ketones and glucose, so it's excellent.Really monitoring it and just watching what you're eating and keeping that glucose at.

A good level.I would recommend a formula less than 4.4 mmol around there is a good reading to have for glucose level.Number three too much food protein.People are on keto so they think they're going to be eating beef and chicken and bacon everything all day long.That's not the case.Even myself, i eat 70 to 80 grams.Still feel strong at the gym, feel great all day, lots of energy.So don't think you have to be eating 100200 grams of protein.You don't want to do that.

All that excess protein, the body converts it into sugar in a process called glucogeonast.Gluconeogenesis, sorry about that.So what that is is a process of the protein getting converted to sugar for the body to use in a different way and what happens is that sugar goes in your blood and then we're back into that vicious cycle again.So don't eat too much protein.Again, 70, 80 grams is what i eat, but you know, it's very individualbased, but that's the general rule.Number four eating too much.So, people think that i can just see a ton of food and i'll.

Be okay as long as i don't eat carbs.That's false.We want to you know, you don't count calories we don't have to count calories, but we've got to be conscious of what were eating.Let's be smart and when we're smart, we're not going to overeat.As well as when you start getting ketosis, you start getting keto adapted, your hunger will drop and you won't want to eat as much.So in that longterm, it's going to be easier for you, so just stick it out in the heart of the beginning.

And number five.Number five is probably the most important one.We don't eat enough fat.People have this fat phobia, even though we're on keto.It's supposed to be highfat, but you don't want to eat too much fat.It just doesn't make sense.Eat lots of fat.80 of your daily intake macros should be fat.You know, one of the good things to eat for sources are fat, i've got some good examples here coconut oil.This is a good brand and it's available at costco and other places, but it's really good.Lots of nutrients and healthy.

For you.How about avocado just pure avocado.It's great, you can make guacamole and all great things out of it, great side dish as well and tastes good.Mct oil, the best part of the coconut oil is in here, but coconut has a lot of nutrients in it.This is great as well.Gives you good energy.I take it before i go to the gym, it's awesome.Avocado oil.So you can cook with it, season it on your salad dressing.It's great.All these great sources of fat.

When we're talking about meat, you want full fat meat, so this one here, this is full fat beef and regular ground beef, if you will, chicken wings, that type of thing, bacon of course, the holy grail, full fat beef like i mentioned, and some cheese, hard cheese.So don't be buying chicken breast and lowfat this and that, you're not helping yourself.Keep it highfat, you'll stay full, you'll have lots of energy, and that's what we want.So that's my top five list, try to keep it short.If you want more information about.


Alkaline foods acid alkaline diet alkalize your body to look good feel better,Shopliferegenerator juicersliferegenerator read readliferegenerator jump reboundliferegenerator. Alkaline v acidic body stress disease free living at 775ph pineal gland info,Andreafoulkesandreafoulkes join the newsletter for free guided meditations download intutive visionary founder soul. Becoming high alkaline ph in5d,Connect with your soul group or find your soulmate at in5d connectionin5dnet everyone is welcome if you ever experienced heartburn or acid. Alkaline broth recipe,Below is a compilation of alkaline broth recipes that are inexpensive easy to prepare appetizing and good for the body and soul these soups follow the.

Understand the ph values and know the affects of acid v alkaline on your body,Elizabeth peytonjones explains what the affects of acid alkaline are on your body mind and soul why is having the right ph value in your food so important.

The cancer curing secret of an alkaline diet,Eating a diet thats rich in alkaline foods could save your life were serious the research is in and eating an alkaline diet is the secret to living cancerfree. Acidic food why im moving away from acid food in favour of a more alkaline diet,Soniamharris acidic food why im moving away from acid food in favour of a more alkaline diet day 70 mind body and soul daily habits.

Alkaline Vs Acid Forming Food Chart

Alkaline vs acid forming food chart,Bodyhealthsoul before we go much further into this article i want to bring to your attention that there are basically two kinds of foods the ones that. Acid vs alkaline foods pt 3,Nutritional healing gives example of acid foods such as rice canola oil garlic and more which causes dietary sickness and destroys your organs in addition.

Intro to alkalineacid balance,Get ph or litmus paper here amznto10cb6de alkalinize your life im sure most of you have heard about the acid alkaline diet or lifestyle in this tutorial i. Osei kufuor diet for the soul,Metaphysics melanin kemetic science. Shaman supa heru thug naga soul food raw alkaline,Dis for those dat want to eat right shaman supa heru holy thug naga powerful drink help get energize elimante any.

Understanding the acid alkaline cycles of the body,Get the picture here iimgurxt3dvwepng theres a lot of material to learn here take it slow and allow it to process ive only been able to truly. Dancehall mix 2016 vybz kartel alkaline mavado aidonia more,New dancehall mixtape 2016 dancehall of war greatest hits of the year volume 3 last cd of 2015 the best riddims singles from 2015 dancehall mix. Ph balance acidalkaline body chemistry,Mentioned in this tutorial 1 mt valley spring water htttpmountainvalleyspring 2 books a acid and alkaline by herman aihara b alkalize or die by. Liver flush man fresh urine vs aged urine acid alkaline ph balance info tutorial,Liversco liver flush man fresh urine vs aged urine acid alkaline ph balance info tutorial disclaimer the information on.

Success forever how to set goals,So today i want to talk about how to set goals how to set goals now we all know that we want to become better we ant to achieve financial freedom have great. A one day cleanse from the alkaline diet victoria beckham and other celebrities love,More about a one day cleanse from the alkaline diet at 5481c4wn2e2aof6xdd8x37tbnhopclickbank. Acidalkaline how to stay in balance,I use these digestive enzymes from garden of life raw enzymes for women amzntoz4fpe3 now that we know how to test our phs and what the ideal.

All about disease forming and body healing foods article,Bodyhealthsoul acidosis or overacidity in the body tissues is one of the basic causes of many diseases especially the arthritic and rheumatic ones. Day 6 part 2 alkalineelectric food diet,Via youtube capture. Alkaline smoothie rich in electrolytes,What ive learned recently is that up until certain limit our body has the phbuffering working for us to keep it in balance by releasing alkalinerich minerals such.

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