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Water Ionizer BEST 2 WATER IONIZER BRANDS COMPARED Kangen Alkaline Water Ionizer Enagic Reviews

Welcome to ionizer research i'm bob the ionizer guy with some more information for your consideration.Today we had the two topselling water ionizers in the world and the two most sought after companies.We have the enagic sd 501 leveluk also known as kangen and we have the mmp 11 turbo water ionizer from tyent usa.Today we're just going to do a quick comparison, go over some of the components inside of the machines and the first thing i want to start off with is the filtration.The filters in the enagic sd 501, it's a single stage filter,.

Basis carbon filter.Tyent machine you're going to have dual filtration so you're going to have two filters found in the rear of the machine.Filtration, this parts pretty simple as you've seen in previous tutorials that i've done.Two filters are always going to beat out one filter, depending on the size and in this case you know there is two very large filters in the tyent machine, the enagic machine has one moderate size filter so that parts pretty easy.The enagic sd 501 has 7 solid titanium plates and in the mmp 11 turbo water ionizer you're.

Going to find 11 plates, solid mesh hybrid.Now the difference between the solid and the solid mesh hybrid is in the solid mesh hybrid plates you're to have electrolysis distribution holes drilled through the play systematically which will give you the advantage of the mesh plate but also the durability and structure of a solid plate.Seems like a lot of the companies are moving in this direction, in my opinion it's a good idea because it is one of the biggest advancements in water ionizer technology that i can remember, so that wraps.

Up the plates.Next thing i want to touch on is the power supplies, the major differences between a smps power supply like you see on tyent ionizer vs.The transformer on the enagic, it's a very it's a very big thing.The smps power supply is fully adjustable meaning that on this unit you're going to get 55 adjustable settings so when you go into alkaline 1, alkaline 2 or alkaline 3 you're going to be able to adjust those levels up or adjust them down according to the mineral content in your source water.The basic transformer that you're going.

To find is an older technology basically what you see is what you get.When you turn your machine on, you hit 9.5, you might be getting an 9.5 you might not be.Okay so there you have it, a look inside the two top selling water ionizers in the world, the tyent mmp 11 and the enagic sd 501.As with all comparison tutorials that we do there always has to be a winner, in this case for 2014 it's the tyent mmp 11.If you've seen the tutorial, you've see.

The components that are inside the machines you probably already know why.Quick recap tyent has two very large filters vs.One for the enagic.Tyent is more plates, more power and a better consistent power supply with the smps plus.One is a multilevel marketing company one is not, so the cost is going to be down on the tyent machine.The warranty, lifetime unlimited versus a fiveyear limited, even the aesthetics part of it, if you remodel your kitchen in the last 30 years the tyent machine will probably look better in your.

Water Ionizer Reviews Under 1000 Water Ionizer Reviews Secret Scam Exposed

Welcome to ionizer research i'm bob the ionizer guy with some more information for your consideration.Today we're going to be comparing 3 machines all priced right around one thousanddollars or somewhere in that range which is why we comparing these three machines up against each other.Okay guys so as with all comparisons that we do here at ionizer research, there is going to be a clearcut winner.Today the choice is the hydrent.If you've been watching the tutorial and you've been looking at the components laid out in front of you,.

You'll understand why the hydrent was an obvious choice today.All of these water ionizers are going to produce alkaline water, you know ph levels.You're gonna get the negative orp levels.The question you have to ask yourself is which machine is going to give you the cleanest water, and in this case you got the dual filtration with the hydrent, very big filters compared to, you know the other machines with single filters.Obviously the hydrent is going to be the clearcut choice.Who's gonna give you the best negative orp levels and the best ph.

Levels that's gonna be the hydrent as well.They have the biggest water cell, which equals the biggest plates, and also they have the most power and a better power supply with the smps.So today's clear winner to me is the hydrent.It's my pick.Again, they do have the most power, and they do have the best power supply, and they're backed up by a strong company.So if you have any technical issues, or you need warranty repair, or if you need to get filters they're gonna be there for you.The longevity the company is not in question.

Alkaline In Bottled Waterwho Is The PH Winner10 Brands Tested And A Find You NEED To Know

Alkaline in bottled waterwho is the ph winner10 brands tested and a find you need to know,This is an informational tutorial based off of facts that i present to you its purpose is to empower you with imortant knowledge i am not a water salesman. Dont buy a enagic kangen alkaline water machine without watching this kangen water review,Dont buy kangen water machine wo watching 2622155348 call or msg me on fb below i am stacking my team i got my enagic kangen alkaline. Which alkaline water machine is the best to buy orp ph balancedflv,Alkaline water and ionizers compare the units and determine which is the best.

Dont drink another drop of water until you see this,We tested the ph levels of some popular bottled water brands and tap water what we found was quite shocking to say the least we then tested the water that. Which alkaline water machine to buy alive ionizer vs kangen water machines ph test 1,Which alkaline water machine to buy alive ionizer vs kangen water machines ph test 1alkalinewatermachinesusa what features are. Where to buy alkaline water bottled water brands tested 2015 demo,Get yours here kangenwater369 where to buy alkaline water bottled water brands tested 2015 demo 7 reason to drink alkaline water.

20 brands of bottled water tested for ph,See full article salkalinewaterplusanalyzingcomparingbottledwater here are the brands of bottled water i tested today actual testing begins 609.

Best buy free shipping platinum alkaline water ionizer machine,Best buy free shipping platinum alkaline water ionizer machine 1f1vpjo product description make alkaline water benefits with the. 10 brands of bottled water test for ph,Foam experiment with hair developer swatchvnbafzinffjaindex2listuuevxdmrhhsezesyusksbw subscribe to my 2nd.

Bottled Water Test Alkaline Ionized Water What Are You Really Drinking

Bottled water test alkaline ionized water what are you really drinking,Ph test for the top bottled waters and sports drinks discover how alkaline water can offset the acidity of bottled water. How to make alkaline water,Alkaline lemon water is so important for or daily lives watch this tutorial and learn how to make some at home for yourselves. Water ionizer best 2 water ionizer brands compared kangen alkaline water ionizer enagic reviews,See the best 2 water ionizers compared and decide for yourself which water ionizer makes the best alkaline water based on all of the water ionizer reviews on.

Cancer patients stop drinking this why you should be drinking kangen alkaline water,Wow incredible hope for cancer patientskangen6alife or call 262 2155348 cancer patients stop drinking this why you. Dont buy a alkaline water ionizer until you see this cheap inexpensive solution,Byersmarketingbasicresetindexgetpagestoregetseccatalogpageitemitemid2theme1 learn how to cheaply remove chlorine and. Best buy alkaline ionized water ionizer machine,Best buy alkaline ionized water ionizer machine 1ljw2wf product description bawell premier water ionizer features a lifetime.

8 best alkaline water filters 2015,Click here swikiezvidbestalkalinewaterfilters. The best alkaline water ionizer vesta gl premium alkaline water machine,Buy now teamalkavivahealthalkaline or learn more. 8 best alkaline water filters 2016,For wiki swikiezvidbestalkalinewaterfiltersidytdesc alkaline water filters reviewed in this wiki portable alkaline water maker.

How To Buy The Best Alkaline Water Ionizer Part 3

How to buy the best alkaline water ionizer part 3,Waterhealstheworldcompareionizershtmwaterhealstheworldeczemaskindisordersalkalinewater while purchasing an. Is alkaline water good for you water ionizer system,Alkaline water water ionizer system 18082811016 18006769942 call free information consultation. What is alkaline water is alkaline water good for you these questions answered and more,Invigoratedlivingproductportablealkalineionizedwaterpitcher on this link to get a great deal on a premium alkaline ionized water pitcher.

What is the best alkaline water machine kangen water machines exposed home,What is the best alkaline water machine kangen water machines exposed homealkalinewatermachinesusa thanks for coming i really. Homemade alkaline water the best water ionizer money can buy,Visit genesisatbest if youre wondering how to make high quality alkaline water then wonder no further the genesis platinum 9. Best alkaline water filter purifier nikken waterfall review,Are you looking for the best alkaline water filter purifier visit nikken alkaline waterfall here 1ozvw5e nikken alkaline water bottle 1ybtic9.

Friday finds alkaline water stones with berkey for the best water best price on berkey,Buy a berkey mineral stones free shipping consciouswaterzferrall162897 5 off for a limited time when you use coupon code canary. The best worse alkaline water methods revealed,Discover the best home made alkaline water method and the 1 common method that is actually making your water highly acidic alkalife ph drops. Watch cheapest ways to make alkaline water cheap alkaline water,Airwaterlife top rated and value 7 plate alkaline water ionizer on the planet alkaline water famous alkaline water drinkers how to purchase.

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