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Speaker 1 so, what do we got here speaker 2 welcome to what we lovingly refer to as willy wonka because a lot of magical things happen here.This is actually where we roast the beans from papua new guinea.This is a special roaster.It literally takes the beans to their optimum roast by extracting the essential oils where the properties are.The actual beans are green.We get them directly from papua new guinea.This happens to be a really nice example because these are very special beans.These are pea.

Berries.This happens when only one bean gets fertilized in the cherry.It actually goes rounded.Only one bean is fertilized, so one bean is getting all the nutrient properties, so it actually has a higher potency, higher nutritive value, higher detoxifying benefit, higher frequency.These beans get filled up in here, go into the hopper, they drop into the roaster, they roast for approximately 14 minutes, and then they come out here perfectly roasted, and then they rotate.Cool air comes up and cools them.When we have our freshly.

Roasted beans, we package them freshtoorder.This is a unique company that we work with because they are stationed in papua new guinea.However, they went there originally.Larry howell went there originally, he's a md, to set up a for the local tribespeople.When he went there, he fell in love with the people, fell in love with the land, and ended up buying this plantation to help support the ecosystem there.That is their main export, is coffee.These tribespeople depend on this economy.When he did that, he became what.

Is called rain forest alliance certified, which actually takes organic fair trade to another level.They're actually giving back more to the tribespeople.It's this pristine tropical rain forest that has pure oxygen, has mineral rich soil, no chemically amended soils, no pesticides.Plus, energetically it's taken to another level because this is all tribal coffee.This is all made by the natives.That's why it's so special.It's actually kind of a funny story because this started when we were introduced to this coffee and we were able to get a hold of some.

Green beans.A friend of mine had a friend through her preschool, our daughters went to preschool together, and they import coffee.They were able to get me some papua beans and i started roasting them in a cast iron skillet, literally on my stove top.I would just roast them myself.We decided, okay, we're wasting a lot of the essential oils that way, so we invested in a roaster just for our own home use.We vented it outside of our kitchen window.Here we are roasting our coffee and our friends would stop by and.

Have it and they loved it.It started this sort of word of mouth.People started calling and say, oh, soandso had coffee at your house, can i get a pound can i get a pound can i get a pound it started, literally, this trend of people asking for the coffee.Little did we know, it would turn into this demand and we ended up having to buy a bigger roaster.The bottom line is that this coffee makes such a different because you have to taste it.Once you experience it, you can never go back to regular coffee.

That's what happened.Our friends who love coffee would taste it and say, oh my gosh, i love it, but i feel so good afterwards.It's extraordinary, it's exceptional, but most importantly you will love it because it tastes so good.What happens when it goes into the body is it has a chemical reaction in the body, much like citrus, like lemon is alkalizing.It tastes acidic, but it has an alkalizing effect.You're not getting the negative side effects that regular coffee has.Regular coffee is dehydrating, which means that for every cup of regular coffee you drink, you should be.

BEST COFFEE SUBSTITUTE Coffee Alternative Review

How is horror horrors i had to get off coffee cold turkey i'm on a homeopathic remedy and coffee anecdotes it and i said to my wife commit the bra clears up like that had to be one of my alltime favorite comfort foods coffee so i had to get off a cold turkey i had to find a substitute so i've been looking all over i tried this one stuff i found at walmart call payroll i couldn't even get past the the smell it does is just for i'm sorry i was just bored.

I think i may have found what i'm looking for it's called ayurvedic roast and it's a hundred percent organic herbal coffee substitute, caffeine free antioxidant gmofree and non acidic as pretty good stuff now the 10 what's in it it has organic roasted barley organic rose to dry organic roasted chicory now this is this is difficult organic actual long wong s in it in there it's on the screen okay organic shatavari organic brahmi and this here's 11 healthday and it makes up to thirty three servings source says called is then arm herbal coffee.

And people or or giving it really really high ratings which is why i wanted to try it the most stellar review the right down make me wanna try this was one from a lady she said my son lies a heavy coffee drinker and he was convinced this was real cocky when i secretly switch this awning instead of his usual coffee i love this stuff and drinking almostdaily it actually makes me feel good is a number ways you compare this stuff i'm going to i use regular coffee maker but according to the website.

You can boil it yeah and pure water use a copy forty press espresso machine or just poured over or hot water and candy eh i guess style how i like my coffee but hey each's own right the health benefits according to the back to the package i low gluten when brewed using a coffee maker caffeine free in on acidic like i said i the acheter wong that data been helps maximize the body's ability to resist stress in is a powerful antioxidant the brahmi is a brain tonic and nerve relaxant.

And the shot 'em bari is a cooling calming in nursing herb and what we're going to try out today is the unflavored kind just straight unflavored now of course and i can expect this stuff tastes like real coffee but i needed the closest thing i can get i need good smell i need a good taste because coffee mugs me in my brain he dictates coziness it dictates cumple relax asian this actually says was really good home okay so like i said finding a coffee substitute for me is is.

Bible it's very important to me because it's ii drink coffee all my adult life and through my teenage years and it's just its it's a stable it's like macaroni and cheese other people so here's the moment of truth i mixed a little better sugar little bit ran the way i usually take off be and here goes that is good i am impressed that is really good as far as that review where the soninlaw couldn't tell the difference and smell or taste i think the guys easily fool i because he is just not.

Best Coffee Alkaline Coffee Cappucino Flavor

Best coffee alkaline coffee cappucino flavor,List down all the people you know who loves coffee we have liven alkaline coffee with original latte cappucino and sugarfree earn 90 pesos for every. Alkaline coffee health trick,Katefilmer alkalize your coffee health trick alkaline coffee no more acidic morning coffee sweet low gi dairy free iced coffee yum how to. Liven alkaline coffee intensive product demo by doc butch villena,Liven alkaline coffee intensive product demo by doc butch villena the worlds first alkaline coffeeceuticals with lots of health benefits coming from 16000.

Liven alkaline coffee aimglobal products alliance in motion global inc,Liven alkaline coffee aimglobal products alliance in motion global inc liven cofee sugar free liven cofee original liven cofee latte liven. Liven alkaline coffee and mychoco alkaline choco drink with dha,Liven alkaline coffee is made of premium arabica coffee beans fortified with 16000 phytonutrients from complete phytoenergizer and made even.

Neutralize the acid in your coffee with baking soda,Using a ph stripe you can test the level of acid in any beverage baking soda can turn acidic coffee alkaline.

Organic coffee that is good for you well,Is organic coffee good for you organic coffee has never tasted so good christina avaness gave us a tour of her roasting lab where shes having a hard time. How to alkalize your coffee,Have you ever noticed how a strong coffee can make you jittery these 2 simple tips can help coffee is probably the most consumed liquid in the world most of.

Is Coffee Acidic Or Alkaline Free Kangen Water Minneapolis

Is coffee acidic or alkaline free kangen water minneapolis,Call 952 223 0061 is coffee acidic or alkaline yes coffee is as highly acidic as you can see like any sodaso if you are taking a free trial of kangen water. Best alkaline foods list includes alkaline food chart,Best alkaline foods list includes alkaline food chart get your free alkaline foods chart. Healthy ph top 10 alkaline acidic foods,Alkaline acidic foods balance your ph levels brock discusses the effect certain foods have on the ph levels of our body here are some of the alkaline.

Liven alkaline coffee ads,Livn coffee keeps you healthy while enjoying every sip of this new found taste millions of people around the world love nothing more than to start their day with. Alkaline vegan drinks beverages alternative coffees teeccino etc,Link to teeccino alkaline vegan coffee laurawilsononlinealkalinecoffee link to recipe for making your own creamy almond milk. What are alkaline foods plus the 3 best alkaline foods list,What are alkaline foods plus the 3 best alkaline foods list get your free alkaline foods chart.

Livn coffee the worlds 1st alkaline coffee aim gloabal ed narag,Doc ed cabantog president ceo aim global for info contact ed narag 6468288710 livn coffee the worlds 1st coffeeceuticals 16000 in 1 the. Liven alkaline coffee,For inquiries contact vibersms 6233389464 skype aimworldwidesupport. Being alkaline drinking coffee is it possible,Franktortorici being alkaline is extremely important for our health coffe is known to be extremely acidic by nature and adding milk butter and.

How To Make Coffee HEALTHY Easy Alkaline Diet

How to make coffee healthy easy alkaline diet,Easiestalkalinediet the sevenpoint2 72 day alkaline weight loss challenge will get your body to the desired 72 alkaline ph while at the same time. How to alkalize your body baking soda water tonic,How to alkalize your body scotthealthholistichowtoalkalizeyourbody in this how to tutorial scott demonstrates how to make alkalizing.

What you can and cannot eat on the candida cleanse,Here are some suggestions of what to eat and what not to eat while on the candida cleanse candida albicans yeast is an overgrowth of yeast in the human. Top 10 healthy alkalizing foods for energy psychetruth nutrition weight loss,Exclusive contentpatreonpsychetruth top 10 healthy alkalizing foods for energy psychetruth nutrition weight loss visit our new website. What is alkalizing why alkalize benefits of alkalizing alkaline vs acidic essante organics,For a list of alkaline foods go toalkalizingwentorganic and get back to the person who shared this with you seeing is believing what will you.

Alkaline foods,Read my article healthcareinfo101blogspot201605benefitsofanalkalinediet an alkaline diet has many health benefits since the human. Understanding the health effects of coffee and the alkaline alternative,Understanding the negative effects of drinking coffeeand the healthy alternative that alkalizes the body. Make ginger tea clear your system boost your metabolism faceyogamethod,Faceyogamethodgingeranamazingsecretformentalandphysicalhealthincludingweightloss when i was growing up in japan my mother had.

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