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Hello, friends! today well show you how to juggle with batteries what the hell are you talking about! okay! okay! you are right weve come to the park to feed a squirrel it was pretty cold and our hands were freezing but we were prepared for this situation we had taken batteries and a piece of foil with us wrap the battery tightly with the foil and crumple it on the contacts such device is pretty good at warming and your hands definately wont get stiff with cold of course, only a charged battery.

Will be warming up and how can you find out if your battery is charged or already dead for that just drop your battery on the desk with the minus side from one inch height a discharged battery will loudly bounce off the desk and most likely fall, while a charged one will land with a clunk without any bouncing just in the same way you can drop your battey flatwise compare the sounds when they fall the secret is that in a dead battery the battery acid denses exactly this process gives such a bounce.

You can surprise the girl you love with a spinning heart made of thick copper wire take a wire and make a frame that would look like a heart pull a few neodymium magnets with a batterys minus side put a heart on the batterys plus side and youll get a tiny electric motor it can be different in shape and configuration for example weve made such a helix its a very cool thing its important that the wire touches the magnetes but can be spinning at the same time if the wire is varnished.

Then remove the varnish with a small piece of sand paper in places where it touches the contacts and magnets if youve dropped a tiny screw on the carpet and have bad eyesight lets find it with an electromagnet for this lifehack, besides a battery were gonna need an iron bolt with a screwnut and a bundle of copper wire tightly wind the wire around the bolt along its entire length all the windings must be done in one direction its important and dont forget to clear up the wires ends.

With sand paper if the bolt is quite big and you didnt spare the wire for winding then youll have a pretty powerfull electromagnet we decided to try and lift the largest wrench we got with this magnet our magnet not only lifted the wrench with ease but it was even hard to detach it one moment! its weight is almost 1,5 pounds and a battery weighs almost 14 times less so you wont have a problem finding a tiny screw on your carpet with the help of a battery and foil.

You ould ignite a fire youve probably already seen this lifehack but we could not but include it in the 10 top battery lifehacks take the foil with paper basis from a bubblegums package and cut a stripe of 67 mm width from it fold the stripe and cut it from its center to its edge with scissors the width in the middle must be around 2 mm apply the foil to the batterys contacts and bring it to the paper and if you use ususal foil then place a piece of cotton whool.

In the stripes center its important that the less a battery is charged the thinner must be a stripe of foil in the middle if you are going on a trip or anywhere else where you wont be able to charge your phone then you should take a ninevolt battery and a car charger with you also youre gonna need a key but most certainly youll find it in your pocket look, when we apply the car charger to the batterys plus side and the key to the minus side.

And close them, the indicator lights up weve attached the key to the car charger with a sticky tape and closed the contacts on the 9volt battery our phone with the 2600 mah accumulator have been charged up to whole 25 a battery has helped us again by the way, dont try to connect an usbcable to a 9volt battery directly, without a car charger it could damage your phone because it uses 5 volts while a 9volt battery gives the whole 9 volts an aa battery has died in your device.

And youve found only an aaa battery then just put a piece of foil under the batterys contact and then you wont have to go to a shop for a new battery and now one interesting trick with an alkaline 9volt battery if you open it youll find 6 batteries inside that a little bit smaller than aaa batteries the voltage of each one is the same as that of an aaa battery, which is 1.5v our pocket flashlight has a usual aaa battery let's use the previous lifehack and wrap the plus contact of our element.

From the 9volt battery with foil thus we can equalize the size then put our substitution into our flashlight and now we can use it weve got 5 more elements of the 9volt battery for a spare use by the way, with 3 such elements connected together you can charge your phone directly with a cable without a special charging device you can connect 9volt batteries with each other let's use it to construct an improvised flashlight for this weve dismantled a 9volt salt battery from which we needed a platform.

With contacts weve also taken a 912 volt led bulb we connect the long end of the led bulb to the hexagonal contact of the platform and fixate it with hot glue then we fold the long sideway metal strip, cutt the xcess and fixate it with pliers in the end weve got a pretty good flashlight with a simple switch which obviously will serve much longer than an aa or an aaa battery and here is one more lifehack with a 9volt battery and 3volt leds you can construct a unique candle from these.

Connect and twist 4 or 5 leds by the principle a short end to a long end well get such an interesting construction the main thing dont mix up the poles! and now lets place our installation on the 9volt batterys contacts you can use such a candle in an utiltarian way and as an original addition to a romantic dinner the main thing is that the voltage of leds in total was not less than 9, otherwise theyll quickly overheat and burn out a 9volt battery is rather powerfull.

9 Volt Battery Hack

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