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10 Superfoods That Will Save Your Life

This curly green may not seem like much, however its health boosting qualities have earned it a place on our superfood list.Recognized as one of the top alkaline foods, kale regulates the body's ph level which leads to overall improved health and wellbeing.It also aids digestion, regulates weight, and can even prevent disease due to its immune boosting and antiinflammatory properties.As a vegetable high in the essential phytonutrients, it protects against a wide array of cancers, with research showing its ability to help the liver produce cancerfighting enzymes.

A rich source of potassium and phytonutrients a humble bowl of porridge contains all sorts of miraculous health benefits.Oats have a special type of fiber that helps to lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease.Since oats also contain magnesium, which works to regulate blood sugar levels research suggests that eating whole grains oats may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.Tomatoes the scrumptiously red vegetable which isn't actually a vegetable.Yet, did you know that its red color comes from lycopene, a powerful antioxidant rarely found in other foods.

Studies have found that this extraordinary nutrient could protect the skin against harmful uv rays, preventing the development of certain types of cancers.If that isn't enough, tomatoes also help to lower cholesterol.Surprisingly, the biggest health benefit comes from tomatoes which have been cooked, as the heating process increases the amount of lycopene our bodies are able to absorb.Kefir, the centuriesold fermented milk product, means good feeling in turkish offering a clue as to why it has made this top 10 list.Containing high levels of vitamin b12, calcium.

Magnesium, vitamin k2, biotin, folic acid, enzymes and numerous strains of probiotics, kefir truly is a super food.Acclaimed as healing digestionrelated syndromes and diseases including irritable bowel syndrome and crohn's disease this sour tasting and elixir even helps those suffering with lactose intolerance.Whilst broccoli may be much maligned by schoolchildren everywhere for the abuse and putrification delivered upon it by school cooks, this tree like green is actually one of the greatest superfoods.A great source of vitamin c and folic acid, it also contains vitamins a and k, as well as calcium.

Fiber, betacarotene and many other antioxidants.All of this means that broccoli boosts the immune system, lowers the incidence of cataracts, supports cardiovascular health, builds bones and fights birth defects.What is more, in 1992 a researcher at john hopkins university announced the discovery of a compound found in broccoli that not only prevented the development of cancerous tumors by sixty percent, but also reduce the size of preexisting tumors by seventyfive percent.Another green wonder is the avocado.To name just a few of its virtues.It contains all 18 essential amino acids,.

Omega 3, vitamins bcomplex, c, e and k, as well as the fiber necessary to trap excess cholesterol and send it out of the body.Avocado is also an excellent sidekick, helping us to absorb essential nutrients when eaten in conjunction with other superfoods.However its superfood status extends further with research indicating that a lipid present in avocados, is a compound capable tackling leukemia.All berries are packed with cancerfighting phytonutrients.Much famed is the blueberry however, black raspberries are worthy of more attention.Containing very high concentrations of certain phytochemicals.

These juicy protectors help to slow the growth of precancerous cells and stop new blood vessels from forming which would potentially feed a cancerous tumor.Several large studies have found that those who eat more garlic are less likely to develop various kinds of cancer especially cancers relating to digestive organs such as the esophagus, stomach and colon.This is because the nutrients found in these pungent bulbs help to prevent cancerous substances in your body from working.However, this superfood comes with a disclaimer with garlic enthusiasts recommending that for the best results.

Garlic be eaten raw.A member of the ginger family, turmeric can be used for much more than just flavoring curries.This orangecolored spice has been identified by the american cancer society as containing curcumin, an incredible ingredient capable of preventing certain types of cancer cells from forming, as well as slowing the spread, or even shrinking preexisting tumors.Whilst brown rice is known for being healthier than white rice, is darker cousin is by far its superior.Known as forbidden rice in ancient china when it was only eaten by nobles, black rice.

Alkaline Foods

Alkaline foods what are they and how they effect your body.In the average american diet, many consume foods which are too acidic to effectively promote and maintain a healthy body.Some examples of these acidic sources we consume are refined sugars, dairy products, and meat, such as, beef and pork.Alkalising the body is not difficult, but, in order to understand the benefits of doing so.One must first understand the definition of alkaline foods, how they work with the body and which foods in particular will counteract the effects.

Of their acidic counterparts.Alkaline is defined as that which has a ph greater than 7 because the body functions best at a ph level of about 7.4, it is important to consume foods which will bring those levels up to the appropriate level.As a general rule, foods can be classified as either acidforming or alkaline forming.The human body's ph is 7.35, or slightly alkaline.The body is always seeking a state of balance and it works hard to maintain a healthy neutral alkaline zone.Now, keep in mind that foods.

In of themselves cannot change this zone in the body, but, the body does have to work extra hard to compensate for the intake of acidforming foods that are ingested in excess.This happens because when your diet is highly acidic the body has to leech calcium from the bones, as calcium is an alkalising mineral.Over time this can lead to bone mineral loss, which can result in osteoporosis.Additionally, as a stressor it can lead to inflammation along with increased cortisol levels, and this can impact overall health in the long term.

Conversely, those foods that are alkaline forming are typically plant based highly nutrient dense, loaded with antioxidants.These foods also support healthy cell regeneration and fight the effects of freeradical on the body.A diet high in acid forming foods results in reduction of muscle efficiency.So more energy expenditure is needed for each and every muscle contraction.Now, during intense activity, this means a lot of extra work for the body.Since alkalineforming foods greatly reduce inflammation, the muscles work at more functional level and they also require less force to move.

It is recommended that your diet consist of around 80 alkaline food sources while acidic foods make up the remaining 20.One example.Swap coffee for green tea.Now, i just added green tea to my diet, i'm sorry i ain't giving up my coffee.Besides helping with alklization, green tea also bring a lot of other health benefits.Always eat your vegetables, the best choice in alkalising varieties, are broccoli, celery, chard greens, collard greens, cucumbers, cauliflower and mushrooms.Some of the best fruits are also alkalising, like peaches, pears, apples, bananas, berries, cantaloupe and grapes.

Alkaline Vs Acid Forming Food Chart

Alkaline vs acid forming food chart,Bodyhealthsoul before we go much further into this article i want to bring to your attention that there are basically two kinds of foods the ones that. Alkaline foods,Read my article healthcareinfo101blogspot201605benefitsofanalkalinediet an alkaline diet has many health benefits since the human. How to transition to a detox diet,Mark gordon talks about how to ease into a raw and high fruit diet so the body can detox and move acids out alkaline forming foods are key to this link to.

Benefits of alkaline diet for better health and weight loss,How to eat an alkaline diet and the benefits of the acid alkaline diet. All about disease forming and body healing foods article,Bodyhealthsoul acidosis or overacidity in the body tissues is one of the basic causes of many diseases especially the arthritic and rheumatic ones.

Acid alkaline diet how what you eat impacts your bodys ph by author sahara rose,Foods are classified as either acidic or alkalizing depending on the effect they have on the body acidforming diets lead to acid indigestion that eventually.

Leukemia testimonial detoxed in 8 weeks,Dr morse reads another testimonial of the awesome healing powers of the human body once the obstructions to the flow of lymph fluids is removed through. Lymphatic detox is the only real detox,Acidic lymph is the cause of most of mans suffering lymph is your sewer system where cellular acids and toxins are gotten rid of most of us have clogged.

Feb 29 Live Herpes Sulfur In Food Diseases Are Not Real Intelligent Herbs

Feb 29 live herpes sulfur in food diseases are not real intelligent herbs,Be here mondays at 630 for a live broadcast get your questions about natural health and cellular lymphatic detoxification answered im a natural health. The raw truth about fruit,Dont be afraid of fruit dr morse tells us why fruit is what you are supposed to be eating your body thrives on it diabetes high blood sugar levels candida. Deep detox cleanse with fruit public domain tutorial,Special thanks to dr robert morse for his pioneering work in the great healing art of detoxification you have permission to post this tutorial everywhere and.

Kill candida for good,Dr robert morse discusses how to get rid of candida what causes it and how fruit is not the problem candida is a sugar metabolism problem that is. Acne the only remedy also psoriasis eczema etc,Please share this with all who are suffering thank you to dr robert morse for his pioneering work on lymphatic detoxification public domain. Cancer detox gone in 4 months,Dr robert morse delivers the good news a woman with stage 4 breast cancer that had metastasized got rid of it in 4 months through detox she had been give a.

Live hangout special guest gino di serio dry fasting mega healing master fast system,We discuss dry fasting kidney filtration neuralgia deep healing pasteurized juice vs fresh keshe energy spiritual crisis and lots more try jivanas kidney. Bad fuel bad health dr morse minirant,Hear the truth eat the food fuel that your body is designed for and your health will return its really that simple dr morse makes his case once again drink. Dont fear fruit fear weak adrenals dr morse explains part 1 of 2,Dr robert morse helps us understand how fruit is a superior food for humans and how the adrenal glands keep blood sugars in line website.


Important poll results your health depends on it,The results of a facebook poll mark gordon conducted in july 2016 are in and you will be surprised as the results your lymph system is the sewer system of the. Best alkaline foods,Alkaline body balance best alkaline foods livesimpleliveorganic is your body in balance alkaline foods and supplements can help combat a variety. Mark gordon live natural health qa kidney filtration in 2 days atikns diet damage detox diets,Join me mondays at 630 for a live broadcast get your questions about detoxification and natural health answered im a natural health practitioner and certified.

Mark gordon live heal anything herpes fruit vs diabetes brown eyes turn blue saving lymph nodes,Weight gain is weak adrenal glands prooffruit is low in sugar cyst detoxed in 2 months fake fruit apple cider vinegar is not detoxifying summer fruitpops. Fasting fruit or waterwhich is the most powerful,Dr robert morse talks about fasting and how its natures way of deep healing move your lymphjivanadetox website. Herbs for detox cleanse the fab four public domain tutorial,Wwwmarkjamesgordoncom special thanks to dr robert morse for his pioneering work in the great healing art of detoxification you have permission to.

52316 live hangout regenerating the body mega nutrition protein sugar myths,Mark talks about how fruit is the most nutritious food in every way for humans and not to fear it fruit is a complete meal and not just for dessert or a snack. Easily make 96 of herbal tinctures for 14 diy,Do it yourself mark gordon shows how to avoid the high cost of herbal tinctures by easily making them at home using just herbs and rum or vodka. Live natural healing hangout 51616 wspecial guest steve factor,Learn the 7 holistic health practices mark gordon and steve factor answer questions and talk about detoxification natural healing and raw living food.

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