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The Raw Chef TV Spicy BBQ kale chips raw food recipes

Music playing hi, how are you doing it's russell.In this tutorial, i'm going to show you how to make barbecue kale chips.You may have heard of kale chips, they're getting quite popular these days.And i want to show you this recipe for barbecue flavouring.And it uses no nuts.You can actually get quite crispy kale chips using a cashew mixture, and using a dehydrator as well.But this recipe i'm going to show you, no nuts.And it's going to get them crispy, but also a little bit.

Chewy when they're in your mouth as well.It's a really, really nice tasting dish.So we've got some ingredients over here, which we'll come to in a second, that's going to give us our barbecue flavouring.But the first thing we need to do is get some nice organic kale.So really, organic is an essential with kale because it's one of those things that if it's not organic, it's sprayed very heavily.So we've got some nice organic kale that has been washed and spun in a salad spinner to get all the excess water off.

And then what we need to is take another bowl and just tear off the kale into bitesize chunks, i guess is probably the best way to look at it.And these stalks, as well, you can save them and juice them up with a little bit of apple so that you get all of the goodness from all of your organic kale.So what i'm doing there, as you can see, they're all kind of bitesized chunks.So now, we've got our kale nicely destemmed and put into nice little chunks there.

I'm going to talk you through these ingredients that are going to give us our barbecue flavour.And they're just so amazing when you put them together.So first of all, we've got some sundried tomatoes here, and they have been soaked.So you can usually buy them in a packet.I would not necessarily buy the ones in the oil because they have extra ingredients in there that you don't want.Buy them kind of dry in a packet and soak them.And you'll find that if they have been packaged in salt,.

That they will become less salty when you have soaked them.And they're much more easy to work with as well, nice and pliable.So we've got our sundried tomatoes.We've got some nice soft medjool dates that have had the stones taken out of them.Then we've got some chipotle chiles and we're actually going to use the chiles and the soak water.So these chipotle chiles are actually smoked jalapenos.And if i take them apart, you can see, they've obviously just still got all the seeds in, just like your regular.

Jalapeno will have.But they've been smoked so they've got a really nice amazing smoky flavour.And so that's going to really help us with the barbecue flavour.Taking the seeds out is going to make them less spicy.If you're worried about them being too spicy, that will help.Then we've got some tamari, some olive oil, and we've got some apple cider vinegar, and then we've got some spices down here.We've got a little bit of paprika, cumin, garlic, and honey all in powder form.So what i'm going to now is just pop these straight into.

The blender, blend them up nice and smooth, so we can make a sauce that we can mix into this.Ok, so sundried tomatoes, dates as well, and with the chiles here, we've measured out the water.So we're going to use that.There's plenty of flavor in there.And we're actually going to use the chiles themselves.And these just pull apart really easily.It doesn't matter if you get one or two seeds left in there still.We'll put the rest of our liquids in and then, all of.

Our spices.Ok.So there's our sauce.It just smells so good.Got that real barbecue smell to it now.Really easy.The next step, what you need to do is take that out of the blender and straight into the kale.And if you haven't got a highpowered blender like this, you might just need to add a little bit of extra water.But that's ok because we're putting these into the dehydrator anyway.So even if you go a little bit over the top on the water to get it to blend smooth, it's going to dehydrate off.

So it's fine.So this is the fun part.You've got to have very clean hands for this.We're just going to work that sauce into the kale so that every piece of kale is covered.And what you'll notice as you do this, is that the kale will start to wilt down a little bit and reduce in size.So we started with a whole big bowl of kale there, and now, it's kind of reduced to half, even with the sauce in there.And now, all i'm doing is just kind of feeding it through my.

Fingers like that just to make sure that every piece of kale has got some sauce on it.And once you're happy that that's been done, then we'll take a dehydrator tray.Our dehydrator tray, we've got a mesh sheet on there.You could put these straight onto the mesh.But that tends to make it very difficult to clean.So use your nonstick sheet as well.And then you don't really want to pack it on there.Because you want the air flow to be able to get around.And we're just going to scatter those around.

So now, we've got those nicely spread out on the dehydrator tray.We're going to pop them into the dehydrator, 115 degrees fahrenheit for around about 10 hours.And that's going to allow us to take them off of the nonstick sheet.And then maybe put them back on the mesh sheet just so they can get dried all the way around.And you can't overdo stuff in the dehydrator.It's not like you can burn anything, so i like them to really crispy.So usually, sometimes i'll even end up putting them in.

There for 24 hours just to make sure they're nice and crispy.Ok, so here we've got our already dehydrated kale chips.And you can probably see that we've had a few go missing over the dehydration process, just testing, of course.And it tends to happen.You probably want to make a double sized batch for what you actually want to end up with because you'll just end up eating them halfway through.But you can see they're nice and crispy.So we've got two trays here that we are going.

Moringa Leaves Pods Harvest 2 Recipes

Moringa oleifera also called the drumstick tree or horseradish tree or just moringa is something you can easily grow in your garden in today's episode we look at the harvest of moringa leaves which are packed with nutrition and are a great source of protein as well as the moringa pods which are not only absolutely delicious but are loaded with vitamins and minerals i usually grow a few moringa plants in containers so that i can harvest these leaves as the plants grow the moringa plant can easily survive winters.

In places like southern california and it will produce pods in the heat of the summer season so for example here in october we've been having a few days of very high temperatures and you can see that the moringa has produced some pods so let's go ahead and harvest some pods now you should harvest moringa pods when they are a little small in size as you can see here if you wait too long for the morninga pods to grow bigger you might get morninga pods that have fruits that are like a little stringy and not.

Very good tasting so this is about the perfect time to harvest the moringa pods and you will get the best quality fruit harvesting at this time and as you can see here this plant has a lot of leaves and a few pods now the moringa pods are not only delicious but absolutely packed with nutrition and you will shortly see some recipes which will use moringa pods and you can put your moringa pods to good use so what's so great about moringa well the protein quality found in the morninga.

Plant is a very high quality and it is not an acidic protein that's found in animal based protein but the protein that's found in moringa is a plantbased protein that's alkaline in nature which means it's really good for your body it has antiaging benefits as well and it is also packed with vitamins and minerals moringa is so nutrition dense that it's sometimes called the miracle tree or the tree of life it's indeed a nutritional powerhouse so here you can see the pods are now harvested and they're pretty tender.

And they can be used in a variety of dishes i will be sharing one of the moringa pod dishes with you soon and at this stage the morning pods must be prepared for use by harvesting it at this stage you will not have a lot of seeds large seeds inside the moringa pods a few seeds are good you actually need to eat the seeds they're packed with nutrition as well as as you can see here what we're doing is cutting these moringa pods in two or three inch sized pods.

And this is how they look like once you've cut the pods and removed a little bit of skin and they're ready to be used and here are the moringa leaves that are harvested the best way to eat these morninga leaves is to just eat them raw because they are so flavorful when cooked properly and you can even dry these leaves and then make a powder out of them the powdered leaves are very good source of protein plant based protein they contain all the nine essential amino acids that are really.

Good for you so let's jump right into the recipe section where we will look at a delicious moringa leaves recipe so there we have it that was our episode on the moringa harvest and i hope you liked the harvest of the leaves as well as the pods and i hope you enjoyed the recipes as well so do let me know your feedback do you like to see more recipes along with my tutorials if you do let me know your comments this really helps me to create better tutorials for you.

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