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The Truth About Alkalinity

Hey guys, Axe here, of natural medicine and founder of draxe.In this tutorial i'm going to share with you the truth about alkalinity including the alkaline diet and how to naturally balance your ph.I will tell you this, that alkalinity is important, but not necessarily exactly what you think it might be.I see a lot of people out there, even a few s, who are recommending you follow a purely alkaline diet.The truth is you don't want to follow a purely alkaline diet.You want a balanced diet of a lot of alkaline foods and then also some good acidic.

Foods to balance things out.There are foods that are completely healthy that are acidic that you would think would be alkaline.For instance blueberries, the number one fruit super food on the planet, high in resveratrol, bioflavonoids, loads of antioxidants, that's acidic.Certain foods like apple cider vinegar, that's acidic.Sauerkraut we know to be full of probiotics, and kefir, even lemons, those are acidic.Many of them over time might have an alkaline effect on your body, but overall those are acidic.So ass you can see, it's not necessarily cut.

And dry of eat a bunch of alkaline foods and stay away from acidic foods.Here's what's important.Rather than just an alkaline diet, you want to follow a nutrient dense diet that's high in alkaline foods.Here are some of the best foods.Number one is green leafy vegetables.Now green leafy vegetables, such as kale and spinach, they are loaded with something called chlorophyll which helps in detoxing and cleansing your body.It's great for liver detoxification.Getting those in your diet, those are very, very alkaline and those are great for your body.

Also, you want to get berries in your diet.Now berries are borderline.Some are acidic.Some are more alkaline.They are still nutrient dense and over time help get your body to the right ph.Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, blackberries, cranberries are all fantastic.Then, of course, other fruits are great as well.Kiwis are packed with vitamin c.We know oranges are great and apples.Really all fruits and vegetables are going to fall within these categories and be very alkaline.Now here's a surprise alkaline food for you bone broth.Bone broth has been consumed.

For over 5,000 years we know.That's where you take the bones and ligaments of animals.You put them in a onepot or a crock pot.You put in a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and you cook it.The amino acids and minerals come out of the bones.Now what we've found is minerals are very alkaline.So consuming bone broth actually helps your body alkalize.In fact, one of the things i've had my patients do, when they needed to balance their ph, is i would have them do veggie juice along with bone broth.

And do a liquid fast for three days and completely transform the ph of their body and their overall health.Again, bone broth is very surprising but a very alkaline super food.You can do bone broth liquid or even buy bone broth protein powder or collagen protein.Put a few tablespoons in a super foods smoothie every day.It's fantastic for tissue repair and getting those amino acids in your diet.Again, when it comes to alkalinity, we know that vegetables, fruits, and bone broth are the best.Also super foods like seaweed, specifically spirulina, chlorella and ala, those three.

Algae are very, very alkaline.Spirulina is a super food of the future, packed with vitamins and minerals.Adding a simple scoop of a grain super food powder or an organic super grains every morning to a smoothie is fantastic.Great way to alkalize your body.Then, of course, you want to add in some herbs.Cilantro and parsley and dill, these are very alkaline herbs.Cilantro and parsley and basil, i use those almost every single day in my cooking.Getting them fresh is the best, but dried is great as well.Getting more of those.

Herbs in your diet as well is definitely going to help you alkalize.Then if you want to alkalize as well, you've got to get your emotions right.It's so important.One of the things that i recommend you do every single day is wake up and do a spiritual triathlon.Here's what that looks like.Your first five minutes you wake up you say everything you're grateful for.For me, i pray to god.That's maybe what you do, or maybe you just speak it out.The first five minutes, get up and say everything you're grateful for.

In your personal life, your financial life, your recreational life, your work life and any other area of your life.Say everything you're grateful for.Then the next five minutes either read a devotion or a bible or a personal growth book.Read something.The next five minutes either pray or meditate on those things or visualize.Do a spiritual triathlon every morning.Getting your emotions balanced and uplifting your own mood and spirit can actually help balance your ph and make your body more alkaline, versus if you wake up and just are in a bad mood and start taking care of emails and emergencies.

That can actually cause your body to be more acidic and flood your body with bad hormones versus the good balanced hormones that you actually want.Hey, if you want to learn more about alkalinity, check out my website draxe.Also, if you want to learn more about the best super foods and remedies and how to use food as medicine, make sure to sign up here for my youtube channel.I know you're going to love some of the future tutorials i have coming out.Hey, this has been Axe talking about how to balance your alkalinity, your ph, and the.

Alkaline Water Benefits Amazing Uses of Water Ionizers

Now for tyent's famous turbo mode, this mode will save you loads of cash because you use it replaced so many products.First alkaline turbo water is great for cleaning and polishing surfaces, so you can lose those harsh chemicals.Plus it's great for removing stains too! again, don't worry about writing this down because remember you'll be getting our $59.95 lifestyle kit free with your purchase.I have to tell you, i absolutely love tyent's alkaline turbo water.While it's not drinking, this water cleans up all those nasty herbicides and pesticides for my produce,.

Which saves me bigmoney from having to buy organic produce.Just watch how amazing this is.I've been soaking these tomatoes in turbo alkaline water for the past 15 minutes and these tomatoes have been soaking in regular tap water.You probably wash your fruits and vegetables and tap water and think their clean.Well look at this.Look at how yellow this turbo water is, the discoloration is all of the pesticides and herbicides that were armies tomatoes.The turbo water literally pulled it off of the tomatoes because the water is so alkaline that it emulsified the oil based.

Pesticides and herbicides.The tap water is clear because it didn't remove any of that gunk.Those herbicides and pesticides are made to repel rain water, it make sense that ordinary water just won't clean them.Mom's look at these bowls, which tomatoes would you wanna served your children for once the answer isn't clear.I so everything in my turbo water, from my salad vegetables, to any fruit or skin.When you first get your ionizer you wanna start out by drinking alkaline level 1, which is about a level 8 on the ph scale.Overtime.

You can increase to level 2 which is also great for steaming your veggies to bring out their best flavors, but don't worry you want to memorize all the great uses because tyent will include our amazing lifestyle kit with your ionizer purchased.It to $59.95 value, that included with every tyent ionizer but i'm getting ahead of myself.First i'm going to share few more tricks that i have with this amazing unit.When you're ready to increase the level 3, which is the level that i drink you're in for a real treat.I have to tell you.

Level 3 is the real wow water for that incredible burst energy than i need when i first wake up.It takes me from tired tammy to super mom with just one glass.I mean i can actually feel my cells being energized.A lot of our customers tell us they don't even need their caffeine fix any longer, but i still wanna show you how our water is unbeatable for brewing the perfect cup up coffee or tea.Now watch this have you ever tried to make key with room temperature water.

Or bottled water, look just clear water, now watch when i use the tyent alkaline water.Instantly, we have a tea.There you go smaller water clusters, this is why the tyent water at room temperature is able to penetrate the tea bags and make tea.Now how happy will the cells in your body be when they can absorb this quickly.We have a great sale going on at tyent usa right now.Tyent water ionizers will make a difference in your life and in your health, we guarantee it.Go to tyentusa right now.

Alkaline Ionized Water Cleans Vegetables Better

Alkaline ionized water cleans vegetables better,Tyentusa thanks to a tyent water ionizer alkaline ionized water cleans these vegetables better than tap water you can adjust alkaline water to be. Acidic foods vs alkaline foods,Thank you for watching as an extension of my previous tip tutorial on alkaline water watch here swatchvtxqinry4xc i.

Alkaline ionized mineral water in the home,Lifeionizers life ionizers shows the many uses of alkaline water research showing how ionized water can be used in various way around the. Can you make homemade alkaline water using lemons veggies fruit,Subscribe now subscriptioncenteraddusercookingguide watch more cookingguide making homemade. Alkaline water benefits watch benefits of alkaline water,Alkaline water benefits watch and learn the benefits of alkaline waterairwaterlifealkalinewaterbenefits alkaline water benefits alkaline.

Uses for alkaline water,Visittrykangennow or call jason 6466206896 to learn more about our affordable financing options get your kangen water machine for.

Aox antioxidant alkaline water julias testimonial on vegetables and fruits taste better,Aside from drinking water aox antioxidant alkaline water is used for cooking and many other kitchen uses for instance use aox water to soak your beans. Can baking soda make water alkaline baking soda alkaline water recipe alkaline water machines,Can baking soda make water alkaline baking soda alkaline water recipe alkaline water ionizermachines get my free ebook here.

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Drink Alkaline Water For Life

Aqua ionizer deluxe drink alkaline water for life,What is alkaline water what are the benefits of drinking alkaline water by drinking water from my aqua ionizer deluxe machine the arthritis inflammation. Commercial applications with hydrogen alkaline water in hotels,Food preparation cleaning disinfecting soaking offer the flavorful taste of organic and get the health benefits without the cost washing fresh fruits. Watch alkaline water benefits your alkaline water questions answered alkaline water benefits,Alkaline water benefits watch and learn the benefits of alkaline waterairwaterlifealkalinewaterbenefits.

Biocera antioxidant alkaline water,Why should we drink alkaline water as our ancestors enjoyed the alkaline foods like vegetables and spring water for good health and for long life alkaline. Alkaline water benefits amazing uses of water ionizers,Alkaline waterwhat is so special about it contact our superfriendly staff at tyent usa water ionizers anytime at 8558936887 or visit our informative website. From dead to living revive your fruits and vegetables with ionized alkaline water,Ronnie ruiz ceo of chanson water usa shares his findings with living fruits and vegetables and their electric properties he shows viewers how to revive their.

Alkaline water ionizer machines must read compare save you thousands,Alkaline water top rated 7 plate water ionizer from air water lifeairwaterlife call 8886015886 for special pricing why is our. Asian miracle alkaline water,Visittrykangennow or call jason 6466206896 to learn more about our affordable financing options get your kangen water machine for. Watch alkaline water ionizer safety alkaline water ionizers,Watch richard mayer explain alkaline water ionizersairwaterlife highly alkaline ph 10 water enhanced cleaning power for kitchen bath.

Is Alkaline Water Better Than Normal Water For Building Muscle With Lee Labrada

Is alkaline water better than normal water for building muscle with lee labrada,Is alkaline water better than normal water for building muscle with lee labrada free 12 week physique transformation program. Tony robbins talks about acid alkaline water how alkalining helps you stay healthier,Unleashthepowerwithinaualkaline foodsacidic foods alkalizing vegetables alfalfa barley grass beet greens beets broccoli. Tyent water ionizer cell and plate technology leads the alkaline water ionizer industry,The tyent usa water ionizer company is committed to producing the purest and healthiest alkaline water possible in order to accomplish our ionizer related.

Bawell alkaline water ionizer fountain machine health benefits,Learn more about bawell water ionizer fountains at sfacebookbawellwater where you will discover links to published medical articles which. Benefits of alkaline water,Visittrykangennow or call jason 6466206896 to learn more about our affordable financing options get your kangen water machine for. Aqua ionizer deluxe alkaline style eating for good health,You must eat an alkaline food diet if you want the full benefits of your alkaline water machine its the perfect combination visit my blog.

Real benefits of alkaline water,Visittrykangennow or call jason 6466206896 to learn more about our affordable financing options get your kangen water machine for. Household uses for alkaline water,Visittrykangennow or call jason 6466206896 to learn more about our affordable financing options get your kangen water machine for. Dr robert o young on alkaline water,Visittrykangennow or call jason 6466206896 to learn more about our affordable financing options get your kangen water machine for.

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