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The Truth About Flouride and Homemade Toothpaste Recipe

I've been getting a lot of questions about teeth and dental hygiene.One of the biggest question is drew, how do i make my own toothpaste what do i do about all that fluoride i heard it's bad for me.Well, in this saturday strategy i'm gonna show you how to do it yourself.Make your own toothpaste and also, i'm gonna tell you a little ancient secret that a lot of people use to know nowadays called 'oil pulling'.So what do you need to make your own toothpaste real simple and easy, coconut oil, baking soda and a little bit of your.

Favorite essential oil depending on what it is just to add a little bit of the flavor into it as well.Our mouth is the first step in digesting anything.So a lot of stuff people put on their teeth in these toothpaste nowadays aren't really good.In particular, one of my worst enemies, fluoride.You be thinking well my dentist tells me to, you know, brush my teeth with fluoride all the time.They put these fluoride trace in my teeth to make sure that i don't get cavities.All this other things.And that my friends is a big misconception.

In my own personal opinion.If you wanna still put fluoride in your mouth, feel free but there's plenty of evidence out there.In particular, the harvard study that was just recently done like included that over 27 studies throughout time, harvard did this right 27 studies throughout time showed that children that use fluoride actually damage their mental cognition.Their mental ability.So if you care about your kids, care about you, i wouldn't be using fluoride.One thing it also does is it disrupts your pineal gland.If you remember me show,.

We brought them on the show a little bit ago, pineal gland is that acorn shape gland in your head that gives you the ability to dream.That's gives you the ability to have lucid dreams.To be creative.To connect to your higher source, whatever you wanna call it, it disrupts that whatsoever.So i would use this toothpaste.I would get something like tom's or something in the grocery store that doesn't contain fluoride most definitely.But if you wanna make your own, this is how you do it.Before i make the toothpaste, i.

Wanted to tell you about 'oil pulling' and how easy this ancient method for cleaning your teeth and optimizing your health really is.Simple, you grab a tablespoon of coconut oil, something that looks like this.You'll gonna put it in your mouth and you're gonna swish it around, just like that.Got that you gonna do it for about fifteen to twenty minutes every single night before you go to bed.And what it does, when doing it, it actually pulls the bacteria, pulls all the bad stuff in your mouth gets through the toxins.A lot.

Of people report back and if you have sinus infections, your lymphatic systems has been damaged through your life, it actually starts to remedy that.Which is pretty cool and it's simple.So that's how you do 'oil pulling'.Let's get our making the toothpaste.We make it out by adding coconut oil, so why is coconut oil so good for your teeth it's antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral.It's really good at getting rid of the bad bacteria in your mouth without killing the good bacteria.So maybe one tablespoon into one tablespoon of.

Baking soda.It's a one to one ratio.Baking soda, mild abrasive, it cleans the teeth and it also helps restore the ph balance in the mouth.And then also, you add just a couple of drops of your essential oil into it.Its gonna freshen it up, it's gonna make it taste great your absolutely gonna like it.You can actually add a little stuff into it if you want to.All right fitlifer, the toothpaste is done and i want you to take really good care of your smile because when you take good care of your smile and you actually choose.

To smile, as an adult, you know as kids we smile like two hundred seventy times a day.As an adult, five times.And this is a study that was conducted.So you wanna make sure that you're smiling all day long, it's gonna help you age gracefully.It's gonna reduce stress and it just sends signal to your whole body that lowers that cortisol hormone and put yourself in an optimum state.So the purpose of this saturday strategy is not only to show you a healthy alternative to make a toothpaste but it's to get you to recognize that you.

Need to smile more.And to do that i want you to take a picture of yourself right now, take a selfie and post it on the blog below, or on the facebook in which you are watching this.Or on , wherever you are, whatever medium you're watching this tutorial on.Make sure you post a tutorial or a picture of yourself and yourselves smiling.This is so huge fitlifer.And for more tips, tools, tactics, techniques that you can use in your own life to radically save money, to change your wellbeing, to change your health then i encourage you to invest.

In the juicer juice system and i'm gonna leave a link below to more than just juicing.We're gonna look at your meal plan.How to incorporate juicing into your diet as well as what to eat, different of that nature as well.You can get it by clicking that link below.I'm drew canole and i'm grateful for you showing up today and every saturday strategy.If this is your first time here or your just showing up, i'm grateful for you taking in this knowledge and spreading it out to everybody that you know because when you share with one person,.

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The Truth About Flouride And Homemade Toothpaste Recipe

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