Alkaline Water Balance Hormones

What Gets in the Way of Balancing Our Hormones

Mark hi, mark bossert top local lead generation.We're here with Nicholas jensen from divine elements in vancouver talking about balancing your hormones.How're you doing today Jensen Nicholas doing great today mark, thanks for asking.How are you mark good, really good! so what gets in the way of balancing our hormones Nicholas this is a great topic because we've addressed some of the adrenal stuff, the thyroid pieces and some of the sex hormones.I like to talk about this with every patient whether or not we're doing a hormonal checkup, it's really looking at what our obstacles.

To feeling as great as we can.So when we're looking at obstacles, especially in a hormonal system, we often look at those lifestyle strategies and then specifically i want to talk a little bit more about the digestive system.So we all know that the digestive system, it's function is really for taking in nutrients, simulating the food, detoxifying and really it's speaking to what do you do on a daily basis that's either helping your body heal or helping to create dysfunction it's almost like the one piece of control that.

We have have to really determine how our bodies going to react.So taking a very basic example for eating a fair amount of fast foot, it's going to be loaded with carbohydrates and who know what gets put in sauces, sugars and things that are in there, trans fats and so on and so forth.This is causing a major surge in our insulin pathways and cortisol pathway which is directly related to the stress response.So basically, what we do on a daily basis can have a huge impact on what's happening to our hormonal system.So digestion is a.

Very specific topic that is essential for addressing.So what we can do is either with their diets or whatever we're doing on a daily basis is either going to help heal or help us create more dysfunction.As we do more of the dysfunction, we develop more of these imbalances in our body so the fatigue, the feeling over weight or the poor body composition and when we add in good nutrition our body starts to shift in very positive ways.So any feedback from you on how you feel when you're putting a good meal in as far as.

Energy goes mark well, i've implemented a couple of your recommendations which first was the shake meal, the heavy 30 grams of protein or more first thing in the morning and it's amazing the difference in energy level that i have and the second one is adding a lot more water, even though i thought i drank a fair amount of liquid, i've added a lot more water to my daily diet and again, another boost in energy, in focus, in being able to keep on task and get things done.So i'm a believer, keep going, what's next.

Nicholas so it's important to understand that in most situations a hormonal imbalance is not necessarily a cause.Menopause is a very specific example, andropause for men, peri menopause we spend so much time just focusing on the hormones that are out of whack.The hormones only go out of whack for the most part because we have an imbalance in what we're doing on a regular basis.Whether it be we're not sleeping enough, not hydrating enough, not getting enough of the right foods in so this is a really fundamental piece.

What i do is i layout for every patient, at least five basic steps to make sure that they're doing in order to address this lifestyle piece when we're addressing hormones.The first one, as you mentioned was the hydration piece.As a general rule that i tell people to do is follow the rule of 23 an ounce for every pound of body weight.So a 150 lb.Person that's roughly 3 3.5 litres a day and generally that's a good amount.Now, there's a ton of controversial talk on water, alkaline versus acidic, kangen water or ionized water.

Our tap water is said to have better regulation that regular bottled water so that's a better scenario.But if we are going to look at proper hydration, it would be ideal to get into an alkaline system so we're actually helping to down regulate acidity.Most people in general, especially with a north american diet are going to be in more of an acidic state which leads to more inflammation which complicates a hormonal picture.So that's a very obvious one.Secondary again looking at blood sugar balance, blood sugar is totally related to insulin,.

Insulin and cortisol are two of the, or can be two of the real problematic hormones that become disrupted over time.So yes, starting your day off with 30 grams of protein, a nice protein smoothie, helps to fill you up, feel satiated and the research actually shows that 30 grams, no less than this, that amount actually helps to convert fat tissue into lean muscle and it's ideal for bold sugar metabolism.If we were to look at that, anything more apparently doesn't do a whole lot more than the 30 grams i know there's a lot of people.

Out there that are pumping tons of protein in their bodies, maybe you know don't need that much 30 grams seems to be the number.The next piece is something we call the antiinflammatory nutrition plan, if you've seen your naturopathic this is a very common prescription as far as diet goes.Inflammation and blood sugar irregularities are huge contributors to chronic illness that will show up over time so when we're looking at an antiinflammatory diet plan often involves looking at someone's food sensitivities which is a whole other topic which we can get into later on.Basically.

These pieces that can be put into our diet so regularly are going to be major contributors to inflammation, and again inflammation again is a precursor to the effect of the hormonal imbalance.The next thing is a very common one that your mom's been telling you since you were a little kid and that's to get to bed early.We are as a culture night owls.We tend to stay up as late as we can and most patients say that's my most productive time, do not take that away from me, i need to work late into the wee hours of the morning.When we.

Do this, we really suppress our natural hormonal or circadian rhythm.So melatonin which its peak release is between midnight and three in the morning, the growth hormone subsequently rises with the rise of melatonin, so this is a really critical piece.And lastly, number five is exercise.There's too much information out there showing us that exercise is beneficial.How many of us are couch potatoes or lead a more sedentary lifestyle because of work, sitting down for most of the day.We need to get up and move.I don't need to be a research scientist or a naturopathic to tell you that.

You need to move.It's pretty straightforward.One little point that i l do encourage people to consider, when you're exercising is important as well.Ideally you're doing a early morning exercise before you take in your protein smoothie, which i often recommend, and that's shown to help with metabolism, helps with the fat burning process and also helps to support healthy later evening melatonin surges.So that's the top five list.What'd you think mark mark those are very obvious, i mean, the only one i'm not totally clear on the anti.

what was it the third one Nicholas the third one was the antiinflammatory diet.Mark the antiinflammatory diet plan.What are we cutting out or adding in order to have Nicholas so a typical antiinflammatory diet often coincides with food sensitivities but the typical proinflammatory foods are your dairy, wheat, gluten, red meat, too many grains in general, sometimes eggs or soy, sugar's an obvious one, alcohol, coffee.Some of these are very obvious for people others are not because they're part of the food pyramid.We've all been taught so well that you've got to get your greens in, then.

Your dairy and then your meats we've been led to believe that these are great foods, but in fact actually very proinflammatory.So inflammation is really modulated in party by prostaglandins which are related to omega 6 and omega 3.Everybody knows about omega 3 we need much more of them to balance out this inflammatory cascade.There's a lot of buzz about the paleo diet, and there's nothing wrong with that, it really promotes getting in good quality vegetables and good meats as far as protein goes.I have no problem.

With meat protein, but in general red meats are more proinflammatory.So if people are experiencing arthritis, hormonal decline, precursors to cancer and things like that, sometimes too much of this red meat is not a good idea.That's where we educate about portion sizes, type of cooking, the type of quality of meat, all those can play a hugely important role.Hopefully that highlights a little bit more and thank you for reminding me about that piece.Mark that was a question that popped into my mind right away, i understand all the other.

Ones pretty clear and i've put most of them into place and am feeling great, feeling better than i have in probably 20 years.Another part of that motion kind of thing for me has been, like i stand up all day now i have a stand up desk believe it or not i'm standing up right now so that's made a major difference.I mean, my back pain is way down, i just feel way better in lots of ways.All of these are little incremental changes, i think that's how i've experienced it anyways, nothings been like the wild i'm.

Superman it's just not going to happen anymore that was in my 20's Nicholas well, anything's possible, you know that mark mark i think there's the reality too of age Nicholas i wanted to talk about a recent patient that came in and about their success story.So this patient was on hormone therapy for roughly about 6 months and was doing great, making some good progress, however there was some limitations to how much could change because he did have some irregularities, some of his food habits and he was over weight.

By about 50 pounds.So we implemented a specific weight loss program in our which we call healthy transformation and within the first month of implementing, he lost 18 pounds in total so almost 20 pounds in the first month.He came in and he was not only feeling extremely satisfied with the fact that he was able to follow the plan but it made a huge change in his energy, his digestion, his mood, and the hormonal plan really started to come together and it's not just about the weight, it's really about the weight.

Loss plus detoxification, plus the change in the food habits and really starting to take responsibility for what this individual was actually putting into his body.It was part of a whole transformation in consciousness around food, around portion sizes, about what the body is capable of doing when given the right tools.And what that helped to remind me was that, as when we do see patients as all s do, we tend to get really focused on the pieces that we know really well and when you bring it back to the basics, like.

The five things i recommended and just focus on proper lifestyle changes and some weight loss and detox, we start to get a more of a holistic picture of what's actually happening.We can get so focused on what we do, we prescribe nutraceuticals or pharmaceuticals based on a symptom profile, but in general when we can fix up a lot of these external factors, weight loss and body composition and what not with these remedies, our body will adjust accordingly.So it was a great success with this patient and to be able to a part of it.

The Truth About Alkalinity

Hey guys, Axe here, of natural medicine and founder of draxe.In this tutorial i'm going to share with you the truth about alkalinity including the alkaline diet and how to naturally balance your ph.I will tell you this, that alkalinity is important, but not necessarily exactly what you think it might be.I see a lot of people out there, even a few s, who are recommending you follow a purely alkaline diet.The truth is you don't want to follow a purely alkaline diet.You want a balanced diet of a lot of alkaline foods and then also some good acidic.

Foods to balance things out.There are foods that are completely healthy that are acidic that you would think would be alkaline.For instance blueberries, the number one fruit super food on the planet, high in resveratrol, bioflavonoids, loads of antioxidants, that's acidic.Certain foods like apple cider vinegar, that's acidic.Sauerkraut we know to be full of probiotics, and kefir, even lemons, those are acidic.Many of them over time might have an alkaline effect on your body, but overall those are acidic.So ass you can see, it's not necessarily cut.

And dry of eat a bunch of alkaline foods and stay away from acidic foods.Here's what's important.Rather than just an alkaline diet, you want to follow a nutrient dense diet that's high in alkaline foods.Here are some of the best foods.Number one is green leafy vegetables.Now green leafy vegetables, such as kale and spinach, they are loaded with something called chlorophyll which helps in detoxing and cleansing your body.It's great for liver detoxification.Getting those in your diet, those are very, very alkaline and those are great for your body.

Also, you want to get berries in your diet.Now berries are borderline.Some are acidic.Some are more alkaline.They are still nutrient dense and over time help get your body to the right ph.Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, blackberries, cranberries are all fantastic.Then, of course, other fruits are great as well.Kiwis are packed with vitamin c.We know oranges are great and apples.Really all fruits and vegetables are going to fall within these categories and be very alkaline.Now here's a surprise alkaline food for you bone broth.Bone broth has been consumed.

For over 5,000 years we know.That's where you take the bones and ligaments of animals.You put them in a onepot or a crock pot.You put in a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and you cook it.The amino acids and minerals come out of the bones.Now what we've found is minerals are very alkaline.So consuming bone broth actually helps your body alkalize.In fact, one of the things i've had my patients do, when they needed to balance their ph, is i would have them do veggie juice along with bone broth.

And do a liquid fast for three days and completely transform the ph of their body and their overall health.Again, bone broth is very surprising but a very alkaline super food.You can do bone broth liquid or even buy bone broth protein powder or collagen protein.Put a few tablespoons in a super foods smoothie every day.It's fantastic for tissue repair and getting those amino acids in your diet.Again, when it comes to alkalinity, we know that vegetables, fruits, and bone broth are the best.Also super foods like seaweed, specifically spirulina, chlorella and ala, those three.

Algae are very, very alkaline.Spirulina is a super food of the future, packed with vitamins and minerals.Adding a simple scoop of a grain super food powder or an organic super grains every morning to a smoothie is fantastic.Great way to alkalize your body.Then, of course, you want to add in some herbs.Cilantro and parsley and dill, these are very alkaline herbs.Cilantro and parsley and basil, i use those almost every single day in my cooking.Getting them fresh is the best, but dried is great as well.Getting more of those.

Herbs in your diet as well is definitely going to help you alkalize.Then if you want to alkalize as well, you've got to get your emotions right.It's so important.One of the things that i recommend you do every single day is wake up and do a spiritual triathlon.Here's what that looks like.Your first five minutes you wake up you say everything you're grateful for.For me, i pray to god.That's maybe what you do, or maybe you just speak it out.The first five minutes, get up and say everything you're grateful for.

In your personal life, your financial life, your recreational life, your work life and any other area of your life.Say everything you're grateful for.Then the next five minutes either read a devotion or a bible or a personal growth book.Read something.The next five minutes either pray or meditate on those things or visualize.Do a spiritual triathlon every morning.Getting your emotions balanced and uplifting your own mood and spirit can actually help balance your ph and make your body more alkaline, versus if you wake up and just are in a bad mood and start taking care of emails and emergencies.

That can actually cause your body to be more acidic and flood your body with bad hormones versus the good balanced hormones that you actually want.Hey, if you want to learn more about alkalinity, check out my website draxe.Also, if you want to learn more about the best super foods and remedies and how to use food as medicine, make sure to sign up here for my youtube channel.I know you're going to love some of the future tutorials i have coming out.Hey, this has been Axe talking about how to balance your alkalinity, your ph, and the.

Acid Alkaline Balance The Truth Revealed

Acid alkaline balance the truth revealed,Acid alkaline balance the truth revealed schedule a free consultjustinhealthfreeconsultation this tutorial will review the real deal about acid. Hormone balancing berry blast smoothie,Fitlifetvhormonebalancingberryblastsmoothie juicewithdrewjfw97giveyourbody30. Do you know the amazing benefits of alkaline water,First natural health professional mr ivarsson explains why a bad acidbasebalance has much to do with the electrical charge of the cells in the second part mr.

What is alkalizing why alkalize benefits of alkalizing alkaline vs acidic essante organics,Whyjenyawentorganic seeing is believing what will you score if a fish is in water that is not ph balanced he will become sickly or die. Compare alkaline water with base powder astonishing news,Everyone would assume that alkaline powder dissolved in water produces a solution with alkaline properties but in practice it is a little bit different natural. High ph alkaline water does it really alkaline your body part 2,Waterhealstheworldcompareionizershtmwaterhealstheworldeczemaskindisordersalkalinewater water naturally.

The truth about alkalinity,Draxebalancingactwhyph alkalinity may not be what you think to balance ph you need to focus on a balanced diet of alkaline and good acidic.

What gets in the way of balancing our hormones,Divineelementsca 6045683735 mark hi mark bossert top local lead generation were here with dr nicholas jensen from divine elements in.

Acid Alkaline Balance By Barbara ONeill

Acid alkaline balance by barbara oneill,The ph level the acidalkaline measurement of our bodies affects every cell in our body a constantly imbalanced ph level may result in obesity allergies. Alkaline water,Shelleywellness shows you 3 recipes to make alkaline water at home. Drink this every morning lemon juice apple cider vinegar,Download a copy of bodybuilding nutrition made simple atleehaywardbodybuildingquickstartkitfreedietplanhtm follow total fitness.

The importance of drinking alkaline water if only michael jackson and farrah fawcett hadknown,Dr robert o young says you dont get cancer you do cancer when not eliminated acids will reside in the tissue women are at 100 risk for breast cancer. Top 10 getting pregnant commandments hilarious funny,Lumaloveproducts these hilarious honest simple 10 commandments to getting pregnant create a literal tsunami rippling effect.

Giono r10 smooth hydrogen alkaline energy water filter system,What benefits can it bring to you 1 longevity people from 30 years old will begin to enter the stage of aging secretion of hormones reduces exposure to free. Melinated awareness protect your endocrine exocrine system,Attention melanin nation attention to the conscious awake and aware smfacebookilivetobreakthecycle know your worth time.

Learn About PH Balance And How To Akaline Your Body To Improve Your Immune System 2 Of 3

Learn about ph balance and how to akaline your body to improve your immune system 2 of 3,Acid alkaline imbalance over acidity which can become a dangerous condition that weakens all body systems is very common today it gives rise to an internal. Test your ph level,It is very important to know your ph level the ph stands for potential of hydrogen you should strive to have an optimum ph level between 675 725 with 70. 009 hormones spring water longevity and having the best life ever with david wolfe,David avocado wolfe is the rock star and indiana jones of the superfoods and longevity universe the worlds top ceos ambassadors celebrities athletes.

Thyroid fatigue alkaline water stomach acidity ramsey mahwah allendale northern bergen county,Medwellnj 2018488000 call for a same day consultation relief care pain relief is a phone call away most insurance. High ph alkaline water does it really alkaline your body part 4,Waterhealstheworldcompareionizershtmwaterhealstheworldeczemaskindisordersalkalinewater what increases our. How to use bees to stop your hormonal imbalance saturday strategy,Fitlifetvhowtousebeestostopyourhormonalimbalancesaturdaystrategy anifigreenjuice get biotic balance.

7 discovering good health acidalkaline balance complete pbmc,Barbara oneill the ph level the acidalkaline measurement of our bodies affects every cell in our body a constantly imbalanced ph level may result in obesity. 7 the acid akaline balance barbara oneill,7 the acid akaline balance barbara oneill this presentation is talks about acidic and akaline foods to the body great for those also suffering from arthritis or.

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