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For centuries explores from around the world in search of a magical water accuse really fountain of youth warren and refreshing water and everybody else and turn back the hands of time in modern times in the search for human water continues when scientists conducted experiments on the places where water was sent to hang around its properties boards and friends and racial strains in the himalayas demand means and what did stanley ph levels of these beneficial waters imperial alkaline invited by tonight russian scientists ran ordinary water past magnetically charged.

And devised a simple method of separating water into two streams and one percent a process called ionization this amazing water is like no other containing millions of eight fighting antioxidants in every glass it super hydrates the body supplies important calcium and oxygen and most importantly helps eliminate harmful toxins and wastes alkaline ionized water is loaded with negatively charged hydroxyl islands which backed its powerful and pervasive antioxidants in the body actively seeking out positively charged free radicals that week havoc on ourselves alkaline finalize water is actually restructure during electrolysis which.

Significantly improves hydration because the water becomes he's here for the body to absorb water from tafel bottled sources is normally clustered in the group is containing eleven to sixteen watermark but alkaline ionized water is reform during finals nations and the water molecules reduced to only about five to speak molecules for cluster this allows the water to penetrate the cells easter and can help battle or prevent many of the problems associated with chronic dehydration such as low energy digestion disorders constipation and obesity alkaline ionized waters also oxygen saturation.

As water was finalized the percentage of oxygen to hydrogen increases significantly givin u originally recive extra oxygen in a highly sort of the horror which can be almost doubled the amount of time or bottled water perhaps most importantly alkaline ionized water can help give your body back its own ability to function at its highest level and maintain our property expels by providing correct source of alkaline minerals that calcium magnesium potassium that the body could be easily use the body has to work very hard to maintain its ph level because we're.

Constantly producing acid wastes nutrients from our food are delivered to ourselves which they burned with oxygen to provide energy for us to live leading byproducts or wastes which are almost always acidic our blood stream would normally just pick up these wastes and filters down through the liver kidneys colon or skin for elimination but are high stress lifestyles lack of rest type of foods we toxins or pollutants were exposed to and a myriad of other factors impact our body's ability to dispose of acidic waste quicken so the body plays a clever trick converting acidic wastes to solid wastes.

Then storing the solid wastes and less critical areas like arteries capillary blood vessels or factitious alkaline ionized water is recognized in both korea and japan city of such therapeutic value that it has been used extensively in s and s and for more than forty years to help with diseases such as diabetes hypertension serai six arthritis and many other debilitating illnesses our alkaline ionized there's represent the cutting edge in watertreatment technology first we cleaned the water very effectively which helps remove harmful bacteria viruses chemicals and pollutants but unlike other systems which often removed everything.

Even healthy minerals making water tasteless and highly acidic our patented bio stone filter allows important alkaline minerals such as dissolved calcium magnesium potassium to pass through we also improve the water with beneficial coral calcium and to our money before moving it into a single defined as a xinxin their five speciallydesigned titanium electrodes under the exact in control of the dedicated microcode literally transformed the water reducing the cluster size binding extra oxygen molecules and concentrating essential alkaline minerals the water leaves the chamber and two separate streams the first rain about seventy percent of the water is the prized alkaline ionized.

Water disk is the water we drink enjoy and use record the other stream about thirty percent of the water is the acidic stream they can be used for a myriad of purposes azad stringent to help unify the skin to help heal wounds are rashes or for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces soloists pass what is the one thing that i continue to have better hell answer would be very simple start drinking allies and mine eyes water given if you use a defense the most important thing is to start but demand the electrons reg outline words.

You can neutralize those acids from the foods that you are eating that helped to maintain an outline designs there's more and more talk these days about becoming alkaline in our internal system and getting our bodies ph and there's more and more health professionals starting to agree how important that is this is the new water cooler here widgets medical wireless if the chechen are nicer and white others that were present not only horrifies annex watermark easily absorbed it also provides antioxidants and highly alkali drinking alkaline ionized water has been one of them.

Best things for this ever happened in my family and myself it's truly a miracle dot it's it's changed my entire bodies change the way i feel like it not go on without outline exchange my entire are renewable reborn i had no expectations drinking this water would do this for it's quite a lot of different my life is dictated by not totally it so wonderful one and i love the idea was that aladdin's alkaline ionized water has been used for nearly thirty years and millions of people in countries all over the world street alkaline ionized.

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