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Raw Food Lunch Not Tuna Pt Crudits A Healthy and Light Raw Food Recipe

A pt is a dip made from soaked nuts and seeds that are ground in the food processor and then flavored with pungent seasonings, such as onions, garlic, or fresh herbs.Pts are great dishes to make in advance on the weekend because you make it once, and then you can use it in five different ways during the week, so they're really central to the raw food made easy concept.Make one dish, and it becomes five different meals later on in the week.And i'm going to show you some different things you can do with pts.

A little bit later on in this dvd.Not tuna pt is one of my favorites, and i want to show you how to make it.I'm going to go over to the food processor and get started.We'll begin with some soaked sunflower seeds and almonds.Add those to the food processor.This dish is called not tuna because it kind of looks like tuna salad when you finish with it.It tastes a little bit like it, too.This is going to be a really filling dish.That's one thing i love about pts.

If you ever get tired of salads and feel like you need something that's going to stick to your ribs a little bit more, pts really do the trick.I'll add just a little bit of water to this mixture, just enough to make it easy to process, and then we ll go ahead and grind this to a smooth consistency.With your food processor, you need to stop periodically and scrape it down with a spatula just to get everything evenly processed.This is a sevencup machine, which is a really nice size for just one or two people,.

Or if you're just making a smaller batch of food.If you routinely prepare large amounts of food, you might want to go a little bit larger with an 11 or a 14cup.I'll just continue processing.You can rock your machine a little bit to help get things moving, too.That looks really good.This is going to be our base.I'm just removing this to a mixing bowl so i can add all the pungent seasonings now.I'm going to season the mixture with just a little bit of salt,.

And i'm going to add some onion.These are seasonings that are typical in a traditional tuna salad, but by replacing the tuna with soaked nuts and seeds, i can still get a very similar taste by using the same seasonings i would use.Just added a little bit of minced celeryfinely chopped celery.And finally, a little bit of minced, finely chopped parsley that's going to give some nice color.And i'll go ahead and mix this with my spatula to incorporate it.When you're mixing with a spatula, rather than just stirring the way.

You might stir with a spoon, a spoon, we really want to incorporate these seasonings in.So i'm folding the mixture over and then patting it down, and that's going to get everything very thoroughly mixed.This looks kind of like tuna salad, doesn't it so that's our not tuna pt, a really nice, hearty dish that you can just have with some cutup vegetable sticks for a snack or a lunch anytime.So i'm going to go ahead and put this in a little tupperware container so that i can take it with me in my lunch bag.

We'll save the rest of this to do some fun things with a little bit later on.Now i'm going to make some cutup vegetable sticks, also called crudits in french, and we're going to have that with the not tuna pt.It's going to be a great finger food.So i'll begin with some cucumber.You can use any vegetables for your cutup veggie sticks.It might be cucumber, celery, carrots, red bell pepper.The important thing is how i'm going to cut this cucumber.First, i'm going to cut it in half so that i can remove the seeds.

I do want to get the seeds out of here because it's not always pleasing to bite into seeds when you're eating vegetables, so i'll just remove those.I'm just using a spoon to take out some of the seeds.Do the other half here.And what i want to do is cut this cucumber into chip shapes, and i want to make sure that each chip is bite size.One thing that i've never liked about party platters of cutup vegetables is when the sticks are really long because then once you dip and you take a bite out of it,.

You're out of dip, but you don't really want to doubledip.So i'm going to make these chip shapes small enough that i can just dip it once and have a bite.So i'm cutting at an angle, and this first piece, i could either eat myself or just save in my juice scrap bowl.And now that i've got a nice, angled cut, i'm just going to follow that same line and continue cutting down and through, making chip shapes.So these are big enough to be substantial, but not so big.

That i'm going to have to dip several times.And the smaller you make your angle, the smaller the chip will be.I'm going to go ahead and add these to my platter.I have a platter here with a few other vegetables in chip shapes.Here, you can see some carrots that i've cut exactly the same way, just on an angle, and some celery that i cut on an angle.So rather than the long sticks, we have some bite size pieces.So let me go ahead and add the cucumber to this platter.

Any pieces that don't turn out visually exactly the way you want, of course, if it's just you, you could go ahead and add them or you could just save them in a juice bowl and put them in your juice the next morning.This platter is looking really colorful.I want to complete it with a couple more veggies.I'm going to add some broccoli, and i want to make nice, small florets that are bitesized, so let me show you how to do that.I'm going to begin by cutting off a little bit of the tougher part of the stalk,.

Which i don't want for my platter, but which i will save in my juice bowl.Then for the upper part of the stalk, which is a little more tender, i can make those angled cuts and just add them right to my platter like chips.And now for the florets, to separate them, i'm going to use a smaller knife, a paring knife, but you could also use your chef's knife.And i'm going to cut the broccoli from the stalk and down because if i cut it from the flower part down,.

It could get kind of crumbly.So i'm just going to separate this into florets by cutting down the stalk, but not all the way, and then i just pull it apart and then you don't get those crumbles.All right.And these are still a little bit large for me, so let me go ahead and just cut off a little bit there.We'll add a few florets to this platter.And i'll finish this platter off with some cherry tomatoes, which are already bite size.You just pick one up and dip it in the not tuna pt.

So this is a really nice, colorful platter that you could take to any party, but it's also great to just have for lunch on the go.So i'm going to go ahead and add some of these crudits or cutup vegetables right to another container so i can take it with me for lunch.I've got some red bell pepper here, too, that was just cut into similar chip shapes as the other vegetables.I'm going to grab my lunch bag, and everything is going to fit really nicely in here.

5 Homemade Salad Dressings EASY HEALTHY

5 homemade salad dressings easy healthy,Today ill show you 5 easy and healthy salad dressing recipes that you can make at home in under 5 minutes they are insanely delicious and will add tons of. Green goodness detox salad healthy salad recipe,Here is an easy recipe for a healthy green salad that is a true powerhouse its highly alkaline and is perfect for detox and weight loss last video. Couscous healthy recipes superfood alkaline based couscous salad,Couscous how to make healthy recipe with couscous this is a quick and fast summer couscous salad with herbs and vegetables please enjoy and subscribe.

How to 4 quick and healthy salad dressing recipes,Website evachungco more food posts instagram 8jyhjx facebook eydx8f twitter 5bawwv find the. Acid reflux diet alkaline foods healthy recipes,Dont forget to check out our brand new website hmvnutr be it any condition a healthy diet is a road to fast recovery watch this tutorial for some quick. 5 fullyraw salad dressings,Raw vegan salad dressings just for you simple sweet savory and delicious these sauces will help your salad explode with flavor.

The most healthy alkaline super salad tutorial lose weight and feel younger,New tutorial every sunday mobile links below go to my blog to buy great organic productskikinycstore watch everything.

Acid reflux diet alkaline foods healthy recipes healthy food recipes ideas,Healthy food recipes ideas 3 simple healthy dinner ideas experience the robust flavors and health benefits of fresh natural foods these healthy. Lemon garlic salad dressing,The veggie chest is a whole foods vegan cooking demonstration series hosted by dr ruby lathon on this episode dr ruby makes a tangy lemon and garlic.

How To Make A Tuscan Kale Salad Alkaline Diet

How to make a tuscan kale salad alkaline diet,Welcome back to the alkaline experience we just made this tutorial as a guideline for an amazing extremely healthy kale salad we use brazil nuts instead of. Acid reflux diet alkaline foods healthy recipes,Hii everyone be it any condition a healthy diet is a road to fast recovery watch this tutorial for some quick and easy recipes to help you recover from acid. Diet salad recipes easy shredded brussels sprout salad recipe,Loseweightfasteiliisecrettricktolose10lbsinjust1week diet salad recipes easy shredded brussels sprout salad recipe what are the.

Alkaline cookbooks and recipes ebook review,Now 1f8qven the alkaline gourmet package contains the perfect digital cookbooks that shows you how to cook up healthy. Alkaline cookbook yummy alkaline recipes alkaline foods for alkaline diet,Healthalkalinealkalinefoodscookbook healthy alkaline cookbook and alkaline recipes to help alkaline your body for optimum health alkaline. 5 tips to clearer more vibrant skin using alkaline water the edgy veg,Mention edgy veg for a special gift with purchase see below for more detailstyentusa my 5 beauty tips for glowing vibrant skin all year long with.

My 40lb weight loss on a raw food diet before after tutorialphotos,You can do it too find out how here swatchvfew8gvtrzem check out nadias channel here. Easy healthy breakfast in less than 5 minutes my morning alkaline juice,Complete recipe 1fohymo you guys are always asking me to share some healthy breakfast ideas with you most of the mornings i am in a rush. Electric alkaline vegan recipes,Come like my fb fan pg heres the link sfacebookthehealthyveganshow dr sebi electric alkaline living.


4 delicious easy healthy and vegan salads,C o n t a c t all business enquires rawvanagmail personal questions rawvanagmail instagram instagramrawvana. Margarita pizza dr sebi alkaline electric recipe,Please read description tys conscious kitchen for todays recipe i make an alkaline margarita pizza if you thought my veggie pizza was good wait until. Letv alkaline smoothie recipe thai raw green smoothie,New alkaline recipe from ross live energized this one is a delicious thaiinspired green smoothie its filling alkalizing and nutrientrich with delicious.

Creamy avocado turmeric salad recipe,Just wanted to share another quick and easy salad dressing i came up with enjoyrawtropicalliving. Vegetable salad recipes easy healthy recipes chopped green salad recipe fat free dressing,More saladsregenerateyourlifedvdpackages enzymes n probiotics spuradymeliferegenerator raw vegan hair care. Kale super salad recipe mayvc day 18,Kale salad with super ingredients and a quick and easy dressing simple healthy and delicious enjoy t c f o l l o w websiteblog.

Teff porridge drsebi alkaline electric recipe,Please read description tys conscious kitchen for todays recipe my 2 daughters are going to show how to make alkaline teff porridge we did this. Alkaline diet foods menu meal plan recipes idea,Tinyurlnhghhrk alkaline diet foods menu meal plan recipes idea. Healthy salad ideas,From spinach to quinoa salads are made easy and delicious by adding grapesgrapesfromcalifornia.

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