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Mediterranean Kale An Easy To Make Raw Food Recipe With Pine Nuts Olives

Mediterranean kale is one of my favorite side dishes.Tender ribbons of kale in a lemony dressing tossed with bell pepper, pine nuts, and olives.It's absolutely delicious.There are two secrets to getting a tougher, dark, leafy green like kale taste as flavorful, tender, and delicious as if it were cooked.The first step is you want to cut the kale into really fine pieces so that it's softer and more palatable, and i'm going to show you how to do that in just a minute.And the second step is that instead of just gently tossing the kale in a dressing the way you might.

Gently toss a green salad because you don't want it to wilt, you actually want the kale to wilt.So instead of a gentle tossing, you're going to get in there with your hands and massage that kale, and that's going to soften it right up.So with those two tricks, you can take any tougher vegetable, cut it fine, massage in the dressing, and make it really tender and delicious.So let's get started.Here, we ve got some kale.This particular variety of kale is called dinosaur kale.It's also sometimes called lacinato kale, and it's a wide, flat, dark green leaf.

Another variety you might be familiar with is curly kale, and that'll work for this salad, too.But the shape of dinosaur kale makes it particularly easy to cut into thin strips.So first, i'm going to remove the stems from this kale.The stems are a little bit tough for a salad, but i can go ahead and save them for my green juice in the morning.So i'll make a tear on either side of the stem and then strip it with my thumb and forefinger.A little more stem to remove, and we'll save that for juicing.

Once you've got a couple of leaves destemmed, you can stack them and begin to cut them.I'm just going to stack them, and if any bits tear off, you can just go ahead and stack those inside.And then i'm going to fold it in half lengthwise and then begin rolling it into a cylindrical cigar shape.I'm starting with these ends because they're loose and i want to just get those tucked in.And i'm just rolling, creating a nice, tight cylinder.Now it's going to make it easy to cut into thin ribbons.

This cut in french is called a chiffonade cut, and it just means thin ribbons.So now using my chef's knife, i'm going to use a down and through slicing motion pushing down and forward with the middle portion of the blade, cutting strips as thin as i can.You can use this same cut with other greens.Spinach, chard, and basil all look beautiful cut into a chiffonade.If the strips are too long, just go ahead and cut them in half once.Add that to the bowl of chiffonaded kale.

Now i'm going to make a simple lemon dressing directly in this bowl, so it couldn't be easier.I'm starting off with extra virgin olive oil that's going to soften the greens as well.Adding a little bit of lemon juice, and the acid in the lemon is also going to soften the kale.And a little bit of natural sea salt.All of these ingredients, olive oil, citrus juice, and salt have a softening action, so they're good to use as a dressing whenever you want to soften a tougher vegetable.

And this is the fun part.I'm going to get in there and massage these greens vigorously with my hands.You really want to get in there and rub them down.And i'm breaking down the tough fibers, much in the same way that cooking or steaming does, but without losing the flavor or the color or the nutrients.This is a great tip.You can do this with carrots, too.There's a recipe in my book i love called moroccan spiced carrots, and it's made from ultrathin sliced carrots.You just slice them as thin as you can,.

And you massage them in a dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, cayenne pepper, curry powder, cinnamon cloves, cardamom.Add a little bit of parsley, a little bit of orange juice in there, too.And it's just delicious.Look how much this kale has broken down, just in a couple of minutes, not even that long of massaging, and it's just like i steamed it.Just really condensed down.And see, it's like, giving off juice.All right.So we softened the kale.Go ahead and rinse off my hands now.

It's really fun to get in there and touch the food, too.I like that.So now i'm going to add a few different ingredients to add some color and different flavors to this salad.I'm going to start with some finely diced red bell pepper, and you do that just by julienning the pepper the way i did for the sushi, and then you can cut it into a dice, which just means a fine cube.So we'll go ahead and add the red bell pepper.I'm going to add some pine nuts.

This salad is so colorful.It's great for the holidays.Bring it to a party.People will really appreciate having something green at their party, and they just can't believe that you can make raw kale taste this good.And some finely sliced olives.I sliced the olives rather than leaving them whole because if you leave them whole, it's a little bit too much olive flavor, but now we're just going to get a subtle hint of olive in every bite.This is just one of many variations of this kale salad.

Another one of my favorites is leaving out the olives and the bell pepper and adding some golden raisins, and that adds a nice sweetness to this dish, just the pine nuts and golden raisins.So that's another variation.Give this a toss.That just looks beautiful.I probably eat this salad about three times a week.It's so good for you.Kale is so nutritious.It's loaded with calcium it's got protein in it.Really healthy green to eat.And there we've got a colorful, beautiful, delicious mediterranean kale salad.

Brazil Nut Cheese DrSebi Alkaline Electric Recipe

Brazil nut cheese drsebi alkaline electric recipe,Pleae read description tys conscious kitchen for todays recipe i make my alkaline brazil nut cheese its a great substitute for dairy cheese that my. Acidic vs alkaline foods,Raw chef elaina love discusses alkaline vs acidic foods feralfoods nuts digest better with greens try this something i do to reduce nut consumption and. Healthy ph top 10 alkaline acidic foods,Alkaline acidic foods balance your ph levels brock discusses the effect certain foods have on the ph levels of our body here are some of the alkaline.

Top 10 healthy alkalizing foods for energy psychetruth nutrition weight loss,Exclusive contentpatreonpsychetruth top 10 healthy alkalizing foods for energy psychetruth nutrition weight loss visit our new website. Veggie pizza drsebi alkaline electric recipe,Please read description tys conscious kitchen for todays recipe i make an alkaline pizza i made it half with a avocado sauce and the other half with a. 80 alkaline 20 acid,Fred biscianydoubtleaveitout fred discusses fruits vegetables nuts seeds intermediate lifestyle gourmet eating 80 alkaline 20 acid.

7 alkaline foods that help you lose weight,Visit strimslupy what is the alkaline diet the alkaline diet is also known as the acidalkaline diet or alkaline ash diet it is based around the idea that.

Stuffed green peppers drsebi alkaline electric recipe,Please read description tys conscious kitchen for todays recipe my wife lpshare is joining me to make alkaline stuffed green peppers this recipe is. Alkaline protein bars nuts seeds and dark chocolate,Organic granola hemp seeds flax seeds chia seeds sesame seeds crushed almonds almond butter unsweetened coconut sea salts dark chocolate raw.

Macaroni Cheese DrSebi Alkaline Electric Recipe Using Kamut Brazil Nut Cheese

Macaroni cheese drsebi alkaline electric recipe using kamut brazil nut cheese,Please read description tys conscious kitchen macaroni cheese alkaline electric recipe using kamut spirals brazil nut cheese todays recipe is. Alkaline raw nut meat,Dont forget to like comment and subscribe i made this raw nut meat following dr sebis food list although this can be eaten raw like this i made mine. Alkaline brazilnut vegan cheesecake,Smfacebookhomevia also i did end up using the whole 12 cup of milk.

Alkaline diet plan chartthe alkaline diet healthy alkaline foods ph balance food chart,The link below for instant access xvualkalinedietreviews alkaline diet plan chartthe alkaline diet healthy alkaline foods ph balance food chart. Kamut patties dr sebi alkaline electric recipe,Please read description tys conscious kitchen for todays recipe i make alkaline kamut patties using the kamut cereal i made in my first tutorial i turn it. Why i soak my almonds to help with digestion alkaline,Ive been soaking almonds overnight to make a great almond milk and cheese dr youngs book talks about almonds being the most alkaline of the nuts.

Aqua ionizer deluxe alkaline style eating for good health,You must eat an alkaline food diet if you want the full benefits of your alkaline water machine its the perfect combination visit my blog. Alkaline foods to help with inflammation 1,Alkaline food. Dr sebi life changing health secrets solutions full tutorial interview,Openupyourmind101 the undeniable truth interview lecture with sebi pathologist herbalist biochemist and naturalist from honduras essential.

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Alkaline vegan mushroom burgerswith brazilnut cheese,Dr sebi electric alkaline living alkaline vegan burgers syoutubearxegzvwrs0. Raw foods and alkaline diet full hd,Urban shaman production nzm vid presents ambassador junior lion and empress isis preparing raw food based on dr sebi teachings watch as they. How to make your own nut butter,Making your own nut butter is extremely simple and you can use any combination of nuts you like giving you far more flavor possibilities than you can find in a.

Alkaline food suggested by dr sebi,Kamut and spelt are grains featured in this tutorial coconut milk is also featured. High alkaline foods,Bestalkalinefood a group of medical experts have published studies that shows high alkaline foods are beneficial to our health and wellbeing. Does the alkaline diet and paleo diet have gluten free foods,Does the alkaline diet and paleo diet have gluten free foods discover how to go from always having a belly ache to feeling strong fit and fantastic.

Dr sebi alkaline potato salad,My first alkaline potato salad electric food spring water green bananas brazil nuts onions green peppers lime juice avocado oil onion powder sea salt dill. Date sugar drsebi alkaline electric recipe,Please read description tys conscious kitchen for todays recipe i make some homemade date sugar disclosure at the time of this recording. Veggie omelet drsebi alkaline electric recipe,Please read description tys conscious kitchen for todays recipe i make my alkaline veggie omelet this is a chickpea flour omelet which ia a perfect.

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