Alkaline Granola Recipe

Raw Food Breakfast Raw Granola with Almond Milk A Fulfilling Delicious Raw Food Recipe

Some recipes call for soaked nuts and seeds.Nondairy milks and pts are a couple of those recipes.Soaking nuts and seeds is something that you can do in advance, and it's very easy to do.You just place any nut or seed into a mason jar, filling it about halfway, and then filling the rest of the jar with water.And you let it sit on your countertop at room temperature overnight or for eight hours.And then the next morning, drain off the water, give it a rinse, and you can either use those soaked nuts or seeds in a recipe right away.

Or you can store them in your refrigerator for up to three days.Almond milk is a tasty nondairy beverage made from soaked almonds and water, and it's great to use either just straight as a milk replacement or you can pour it on cereal as well.To make almond milk, i'm going to use a blender.I'm combining almonds along with some water.And then i'm going to add some dates.These are medjool dates.They're very soft and sweet dates, and they're going to sweeten this almond milk.If you want an unsweetened milk, you could leave that out.

Or you could use a different natural sweetener of your choice.So i'll go ahead and add those in.You could also flavor this with some vanilla extract, if you wanted to.There's a lot of variations.You can even use different nuts and seeds.Brazil nut milk is very delicious, and so is sesame milk.So now i'll go ahead and blend this.So now i want to strain it.We have this thick almond mixture, and i want to extract the milk from this mixture.So i'm going to be using a mesh bag, which works really well to strain nut milks.

But if you don't have one of these, you can simply use a fine mesh strainer held over a bowl and pour the almond milk into that.So here we go, pouring it in here.Secure the bag.Give it a little twist so that nothing gets out.And now i'm going to milk the almonds.So i'm just squeezing this bag from the bottom and from the top.It's a lot like milking a cow, but i'm milking the almonds and out is coming this delicious, creamy almond milk that is so good on its own or poured over cereal.

So with almond milk, a couple of pts and salad dressings, a dessert, and some of your seasonings prepared in advance, you'll be set for the week.You've got smoothies and juices, both very nutritious breakfasts with fruit and greens, but let's say one morning you want something a little more hearty a little more like comfort food, reminding you of sweet cereal.You can actually make a really delicious and easy raw granola using soaked nuts and seeds, and i'm going to show you how.You need a food processor for this recipe.

It's going to give you that ground texture similar to a traditional granola.I'm going to be using a combination of soaked nuts and seeds.You can just go ahead and soak these the night before you want to have your granola, and you can soak all your nuts and seeds in one container.I'll be using almonds, sunflower seeds, and walnuts, but you could also use pumpkin seeds, you could use pecans any nuts or seeds that you'd like.So we'll go ahead and add the almonds, sunflower seeds, and walnuts.

To the food processor.Now this is sweet cereal, so i am going to need a sweetener, and i'm going to be using some raisins.You can substitute any dried fruit that you'd like.You might use dried figs you might use dates.The raisins are going to taste great.You've got this recipe in your study guide, but just for rule of thumb, i'm using equal parts of all the different nuts, seeds, and raisins, so it's easy to remember.Then to add a little more flavor, i'm going to add a pinch of salt.

Even in sweet dishes, a pinch of salt really brings all the flavors together.And a dash of cinnamon.That's going to taste great.And that's it.We're ready to process.So i'm just going to process this mixture until it resembles a granolalike consistency.Isn't this the easiest homemade cereal you could ever make this looks delicious.You can eat this right away, or you can store it in your refrigerator for up to three days.I'll just serve myself a little bit of this granola here.I'm going to top this granola with some fresh blueberries,.

How To Make a Paleo Protein Bar Awesome Protein Bar Recipe

I don't know if you've noticed, but these days a lot of the protein powders and protein bars have a lot of synthetic protein in them which means they're man made and not natural.So, when our body ingests something that's not real, that's not natural, our body really doesn't recognize it and it's not too good for it.What we're going to do today, we're going to make a natural protein bar.All natural ingredients, all raw as well vegan i guess you could say as well.We're going to start off with some almonds.Okay it's going to be two cups of almonds.

Almonds out of all the nuts out there, they're actually quite alkaline.Some of the other nuts are very acidic, so alkaline nuts we're going to put in here it's the almonds.Chia seeds, you know, the essential fatty acids for our body has five times more calcium than milk and inaudible 00043 you know, heaps of iron and everything in there too.So, it's really good for our bodies.Double teaspoons of chia seeds and some chocolate.Now, we love chocolate.Everyone loves chocolate.If you don't there's something definitely.

Wrong with you.Chocolate in it's raw form is actually a very powerful super food.Okay.Really high levels of vitamin c.Helps dopamine, triptofan, seratonin, so it's great for an antidepressant if you're in a bad mood.It's also high levels of magnesium.Now, your body needs magnesium to deal with stress.So, after the gym it's really important for your muscles and particularly it helps with cramps.If you suffer from cramps, get you some magnesium.Now, protein.I'm just going to put about a cup of protein in there.It's an all vegan.

Brown rice protein.Now, for the sweetener.We're going to need something sweet here is the dates.Okay, these dates are awesome.In terms of the sugars in the dates, they're really natural.It's going to give us a natural energy boost.So, it's great obviously before the gym, after the gym, a snack.Just about a cup of dates in there and some coconut oil.All right.So, many uses of this coconut oil stuff.You can use it on your skin as like a moisturizer.It's great in the sun if you want to do tanning.

You can cook with it.You can do whatever you like with it.It's awesome.Now, honey is optional.If you want to sweeten it up, you don't have to, but we're going to use a little bit of honey.So, about a teaspoon of honey.Starting off always with our lid on top top and on variable speed number five, we're just going to turn on and let it all pulse through.So, it's all going to be one consistency.Turn it on.Wait until all the ingredients are mushed together a little bit.All right,.

Awesome.So, look at that.Inside there it's inaudible 00226.This kind of looks like a big date.If we get it out.There we go.That's what we want.So, that's your protein bar.Really, you could eat into that whatever you want to do.So, i've got it on my teeth, but it's warm right now.The blade spinning so fast is actually warming up all the ingredients, so i'm just going to put two chopping boards on top of each other here.Flatten it out.The other few options, you can cut them up, store them.

Granola Homemade

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My Favourite Granola Honestly Healthy

My favourite granola honestly healthy,This is one of the recipes from my second cookbook honestly healthy for life every so often i spend an afternoon making up a big batch of granola to last me. Raw food breakfast raw granola with almond milk a fulfilling delicious raw food recipe,Access my complete 15session raw food online training nowrawfoodonlinecourse get my free tips and recipes delivered to your inbox. My 16 favourite healthy vegan recipes,My favourite oatmeal recipes swatchvgwpf0gxpkg my gym routine swatchvuhla01jdzu.

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Why Is Alkaline Food So Important

Why is alkaline food so important,For more information go to our websitehonestlyhealthyfood keep up to date and subscribe please do let us know if you would like to see more of. How to make granola orange and pistachio,This is a how to tutorial for basic granola i really love the flavour combination of orange and pistachio i make it all the time the recipe is refined sugar free. Easy homemade 3ingredient energy bars fablunch,I love healthy snacks that are super fast to make and these homemade energy bars are definitely one of my favourite the best part is you will only need 3.

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