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10 Superfoods That Will Save Your Life

This curly green may not seem like much, however its health boosting qualities have earned it a place on our superfood list.Recognized as one of the top alkaline foods, kale regulates the body's ph level which leads to overall improved health and wellbeing.It also aids digestion, regulates weight, and can even prevent disease due to its immune boosting and antiinflammatory properties.As a vegetable high in the essential phytonutrients, it protects against a wide array of cancers, with research showing its ability to help the liver produce cancerfighting enzymes.

A rich source of potassium and phytonutrients a humble bowl of porridge contains all sorts of miraculous health benefits.Oats have a special type of fiber that helps to lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease.Since oats also contain magnesium, which works to regulate blood sugar levels research suggests that eating whole grains oats may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.Tomatoes the scrumptiously red vegetable which isn't actually a vegetable.Yet, did you know that its red color comes from lycopene, a powerful antioxidant rarely found in other foods.

Studies have found that this extraordinary nutrient could protect the skin against harmful uv rays, preventing the development of certain types of cancers.If that isn't enough, tomatoes also help to lower cholesterol.Surprisingly, the biggest health benefit comes from tomatoes which have been cooked, as the heating process increases the amount of lycopene our bodies are able to absorb.Kefir, the centuriesold fermented milk product, means good feeling in turkish offering a clue as to why it has made this top 10 list.Containing high levels of vitamin b12, calcium.

Magnesium, vitamin k2, biotin, folic acid, enzymes and numerous strains of probiotics, kefir truly is a super food.Acclaimed as healing digestionrelated syndromes and diseases including irritable bowel syndrome and crohn's disease this sour tasting and elixir even helps those suffering with lactose intolerance.Whilst broccoli may be much maligned by schoolchildren everywhere for the abuse and putrification delivered upon it by school cooks, this tree like green is actually one of the greatest superfoods.A great source of vitamin c and folic acid, it also contains vitamins a and k, as well as calcium.

Fiber, betacarotene and many other antioxidants.All of this means that broccoli boosts the immune system, lowers the incidence of cataracts, supports cardiovascular health, builds bones and fights birth defects.What is more, in 1992 a researcher at john hopkins university announced the discovery of a compound found in broccoli that not only prevented the development of cancerous tumors by sixty percent, but also reduce the size of preexisting tumors by seventyfive percent.Another green wonder is the avocado.To name just a few of its virtues.It contains all 18 essential amino acids,.

Omega 3, vitamins bcomplex, c, e and k, as well as the fiber necessary to trap excess cholesterol and send it out of the body.Avocado is also an excellent sidekick, helping us to absorb essential nutrients when eaten in conjunction with other superfoods.However its superfood status extends further with research indicating that a lipid present in avocados, is a compound capable tackling leukemia.All berries are packed with cancerfighting phytonutrients.Much famed is the blueberry however, black raspberries are worthy of more attention.Containing very high concentrations of certain phytochemicals.

These juicy protectors help to slow the growth of precancerous cells and stop new blood vessels from forming which would potentially feed a cancerous tumor.Several large studies have found that those who eat more garlic are less likely to develop various kinds of cancer especially cancers relating to digestive organs such as the esophagus, stomach and colon.This is because the nutrients found in these pungent bulbs help to prevent cancerous substances in your body from working.However, this superfood comes with a disclaimer with garlic enthusiasts recommending that for the best results.

Garlic be eaten raw.A member of the ginger family, turmeric can be used for much more than just flavoring curries.This orangecolored spice has been identified by the american cancer society as containing curcumin, an incredible ingredient capable of preventing certain types of cancer cells from forming, as well as slowing the spread, or even shrinking preexisting tumors.Whilst brown rice is known for being healthier than white rice, is darker cousin is by far its superior.Known as forbidden rice in ancient china when it was only eaten by nobles, black rice.

Making QUINOA CEREAL Your Alkaline SUBSTITUTE For Farina Oats Grits

Making quinoa cereal your alkaline substitute for farina oats grits,In the kitchen this morning sharing a favorite breakfast recipe of oursquinoa cereal with fruit please give it a try and let me know how the family likes it. Making alkaline rye flakes milk rye oats,This is probably the best milk ever and i mean ever its so creamy and thick you can add more water to make it thinner if you want try it you could even put. 5 year old learns the truth about quaker instant oatmeal,Our daughter angye actually read the food label and was upset to find out what was really in her quaker instant oatmeal this tutorial was recorded earlier this.

Dr oz 5 ingredients you should stop eating right now the oprah winfrey show own,Original airdate may 1 2006 from animal fat to highfructose corn syrup there are some food ingredients that should be avoided at all costs watch as dr oz. What i ate today day 14 delicious banana walnut oatmeal alkaline 5 diet high carb,My hay house published bookalkaline5diet my website free alkaline diet guidelaurawilsononline facebook page.

Health foods oats and pachibatani,First health channel in telugu we have the tutorials on health problems and expert s advise on below concepts please watch it care fully alkaline foods.

How to make the perfect breakfast oatmeal that is flaky not sticky gummy,How to make the perfect breakfast oatmeal that is flaky not sticky gummy916xyzmyusawater when making your oatmeal it. Oats helps to protect your hair,Oats for skin hair and health stylecraze protect your home with pergo outlast flooring this way rolled oats help to avoid the dramatic changes in the levels.

10 superfoods that will save your life,This top ten list of superfoods is full of leafy greens fruits and vegetables as well as those unexpected foods which we all need and could just save your life.

Tonis oatmeal highprotein meal solutionsdouble road race san jose,Tonis powerpacked oatmeal wholeheartedly endorsed by nutritionists and physicians is the only nutritionally balanced ondemand breakfast. Alkaline vs acid forming food chart,Bodyhealthsoul before we go much further into this article i want to bring to your attention that there are basically two kinds of foods the ones that. Oat kheer and french bread toast,First health channel in telugu we have the tutorials on health problems and expert s advise on below concepts please watch it care fully alkaline foods.

Super Alkalizing Morning Smoothie

Super alkalizing morning smoothie,Disease cannot exist in an alkaline environment only acidic the usa continues to spit out the most acidic disease plagued population to ever walk the earth. Stevia chef oatmeal raisin cookies with stevia extract stevioside recipe,Why go to the store and buy oatmeal raisin cookies loaded with gmo ingredients excess fat and lots of sugar when you can make a much healthier version. Vegan pancakes 3 ingredients low fat,So sorry for all the fuss and delay had some trouble in regards to the music but here it is guys this recipe only requires 3 simple base ingredients and you can.

Alkaline to start the day,Breakfast is the most important meal of the day watch ma as she breaks down the fallacy of modern day breakfast and its alternatives this is a snippet of a 45. Persimmons and cream oatmeal,Katy joy makes a simple raw breakfast cereal made of steel cut oats alkaline water persimmons almond milk cinnamon and vanilla extract enjoy distributed.

How to make spelt cereal for breakfast,1 day a week we rest from all work and we prepare our spelt or kamut khorosan wheat cereals these are more alkaline and healthier grains than wheat and. Ph miracle diet basics,Ph miracle diet basics the ph miracle diet is the newest phenomenon to strike the dieting world health experts have noticed that popular diets seem to go in. Frying burro bananas for alkaline diet,Heres a delicious treat to add to your alkaline diet i hope you enjoy.

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