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Hey bert middleton here, and i am going to introduce you to the right water! this machine right here makes ionized alkaline water.Now when someone's having a gout attack, that means the reached extreme levels of acidosis...And because our bodies are made up of like, seventy trillion cells, i'd like to bring a little bit more understanding to the importance of the acidalkaline balance.Now this is the way thomas edison put it he said the every cell...Thinks ...

Every cell is a living organism in and of itself, and the cells of our bodies, they all kind of float in what's called interstitial fluid and if this interstitial fluid, this water, that carries fuel and nutrients to our cells.And they has to go through the cell wall, to get to the inside where's it's used, where it's burned to create energy, and it's in that burning , that creates waste...And that waste has to pass back through the cell wall to get to the interstitial fluid, so it can be.

Carried off and eliminated.And that's kind of where the problem starts to begin, because the cell wall is made up of basically fat.And when fat starts to oxidize, it becomes thick, and sticky, and it won't let the nutrients in, and it won't let the wastes out how does that happen well, it's just natural part of metabolism, but it can be made much worse, and it can be made to happen much faster...Through poor living habits through a bad diet, through breathing bad air,.

Through not getting enough sleep, from getting all stressed out there's all of those kind of things that can create this and make it happen much faster.But, here's what we can do about it this is the good thing about the right water...About alkaline ionized water...It does three things...To begin with, because of the ionizing process, it makes the water a huge antioxidant, and that makes it very good for the cell wall, because it helps clean up,.

Repair that, repair and preventive, that oxidative damage to the cell wall...The second thing is that it's alkaline ...And alkaline is the opposite of acid, so it helps to raise our body chemistry back up into a balance of ph.And third, is that it changes the molecular structure of the water...It actually makes the water molecule smaller, so they're much more easily absorbed by the cell and to begin with, most people are dehydrated in the first place.So i'm going to try to bring this to a little bit close, and i'm going to do it like this.

Gout...In and of itself, is a huge indicator of an overly acidic bodily condition, i.E., too much uric acid...But you know what so is heart disease, so is diabetes, and so is cancer, and so is almost every other disease.So because the conversation about acidosis and ionized alkaline water is a much longer one, my phone number and email address on the screen here, and what i'd like you to do, is call me...Send email, let's get this conversation started,.

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Hello, this is robyn from positive potential.Clean, hydrogen rich, alkaline, antioxidant water is the best water for your health.Today i am going to demonstrate the aok alkaline pitcher.The aok alkaline pitcher creates silky smooth and sweet tasting water removes chlorine and other contaminants absorbs heavy metals such as lead, copper, mercury adds the essential alkaline minerals of calcium, magnesium and potassium produces alkaline water ph 8.5 to 10.Provides negative orp transforming water into antioxidant water the aok alkaline pitcher is economical each filter can filter 200 litres the filter ingredients active carbon, ion.

Exchange resin, negative potential particles are sourced from the united states it is bpa free easy and convenient to use portable suitable for singles, families or the workplace ergonomically designed as you can see the aok pitcher is available in either white or blue.An instruction brochure is included in the box.The aok pitcher includes a lid, funnel, filter cartridge and the pitcher itself.The capacity of the jug is 3.5 litres but the amount of filtered water is actually 2 litres.Before using the pitcher clean the funnel and pitcher in the dishwasher.

Or by hand.Don't immerse the lid in water just use a soft damp cloth to clean it by hand screw the filter into the base of the funnel place the funnel into the pitcher fill the funnel with cold water up to the brim.Repeat this two times and discard the filtered water.This will rinse away any loose activated carbon particles and will prepare the filter cartridge for use.Your aok alkaline pitcher is now ready to be used.How to set the indicator the lid has an electronic cartridge life indicator.

This can be set depending on how many people will be using the jug 1, 2, 3 or 4 people.The instructions on how to set the electronic indicator are in the brochure.When to replace the filter cartridge the lifespan of the filters depends on the number of people using the aok pitcher and the quality of the water.Here is an approximate guide.1 person 80 days 2 people 60 days 3 people 40 days 4 people 30 days the electronic indicator will show a blinking warning signal 'x' which means that the filter cartridge should be replaced within one week.

How to replace the filter cartridge unscrew the used filter cartridge from the funnel screw the new cartridge into the funnel fill the reservoir and discard the water two times reset and reactive the indicator here i have some samples of bottled water, tap water and tap water filtered through the aok alkaline pitcher.You will see that the bottled water is quite acidic.The tap water is around ph 7 and tap water after being filtered through the aok jug is around ph 10.You can purchase the aok alkaline pitcher here.Check out our website for special offers.

Maria Browning Losing Weight By Drinking Alkaline Water

Maria browning losing weight by drinking alkaline water,When you struggle with losing weight it is probably because you are acidic learn more about the powers of drinking the right kind of water. What is alkalizing why alkalize benefits of alkalizing alkaline vs acidic essante organics,For a list of alkaline foods go toalkalizingwentorganic and get back to the person who shared this with you seeing is believing what will you. Alkaline water ionized water ph ion booster drops,Phionbalancecategoriesalkalinewaterphionbooster for an alkaline body neutralizes excess body acid the liquids that you drink can be.

Alkaline ionized water and weight loss,This interview with dr robert young the author of the ph miracle diet talks about body ph and its impact on weight gain or loss for more information go to. How the alkaline diet helped me to lose weight fast,Diettoalkaline i am sharing my experience of following an alkaline diet plan and how well it has worked for me to lose weight fast i tried skinny fiber. Helpful tips for weight loss by kesha murray,Order iaso products at iamsomebodynew id 3206051 this is an informative tutorial about the importance of alkaline water and alkaline foods.

Powerph alkaline water drops test,Learn more atnewdawntransformation.

How to make your own alkaline water naazir ra,Alkalinesupremestore wellness ascension tools events how to make your own alkaline water what is alkaline water what is. Amazing alkaline water drops changed my life,New website hiddenpoweruniversitywellnesshtm.

PH Drops What Are They And Do PH Drops Work DEMO

Ph drops what are they and do ph drops work demo,Ph drops an alkaline musthave for frequent travels away from home perfect for office use. Sevenpoint2 usa weight loss made simple alkaline food,The sevenpoint2 weight loss made simple program is the only alkaline diet system on the market that decreases the acidic environment of the body causing. Dont drink another drop of water until you see this,We tested the ph levels of some popular bottled water brands and tap water what we found was quite shocking to say the least we then tested the water that.

Alkaline ph balance for weight loss fitness health dr robert young,Alkaline body ph 72 or higher can contribute to a weight loss diet and can be part of a cleansing diet. Alkaline water machine testing w ph drops,Velaravelaqua 349 goes headtohead in meter testing against expensive electronically created water machines. The best worse alkaline water methods revealed,Discover the best home made alkaline water method and the 1 common method that is actually making your water highly acidic alkalife ph drops.

Alkalife alkaline water drops,Alkalife sang whangs official site sang speaks about alkalife and how alkaline water reverses the aging process more information is available at. Alkalize or diet sevenpoint272 72 day alkaline weight loss,Thealkalinecompany alakalizing and energizing your body for life made easy our mission to create the worlds first alkaline movement.


Sevenpoint2 mlm business opportunity 72 day alkaline weight loss challenge,Sevenpoint2htglobal sevenpoint2 alkaline movement has begun sevenpoint2 vision is to introduce a 72 day alkaline weight loss challenge. Alkalife alkaline water booster review ph boost h20,Alkalife alkaline booster product review i been drinking alkaline water for over 2 years and love it this is the cheapest way to alkaline water without buying a. How to make your water alkaline with ph drops,Biomedikau ph drops.

Top 3 reasons to avoid alkaline water drops,Waterforlifeusatop3reasonsavoidalkalinewaterdrops alkaline water drops are expensive unproven and ineffective at improving your health. Alkaline water ionized water ph ion booster drops,Phionbalancephbalancingproductsalkalinewaterphionbooster youtubesik33gdgun4 userphionbalance. My alkaline water story,Sickle cell anemia and my experience with drinking alkaline water tags what is alkaline water alkaline water cancer alkaline water for sale how to make.

3 healthy ways to use apple cider vinegar,After centuries of being used as a home remedy for everything from digestive issues to skincare apple cider vinegar is finally one of the hottest ingredients in. The alkaline diet reviewsdoes it really work,The link below for instant access xvuthealkalinedietguide alkaline diet review can it really be the secret to good health in this alkaline diet. Alkalifer alkaline and acid water demo,Sang whang of alkalife international demonstrates the effects of alkalife and carbonation on ordinary tap water by using a liquid ph tester.

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