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Alkalize yourself and change your life.The healthy human body tries to maintain a critical internal balance between acid and alkaline when your body is alkaline rich it's bursting with energy your immune system is strong and efficient, you rapidly eliminate fat, your skin, bones and blood cells quickly regenerate, keeping you looking healthy and feeling young.The problem is most of us in the western world are dangerously acidic.Flooding your body with acidity causes you to gain weight, store fat, and be more susceptible to disease and viruses, age quicker, and have no energy.Why are we too acidic.

It's largely due to an unhealthy lifestyle.We're constantly exposed to stress, drugs, alcohol, air pollution, processed foods, pesticides, energy drinks, artificial sweeteners, fried foods, sugar, soft drinks, fastfood, chemicals, tobacco, and radiation.Evolution did not prepare us for a dangerously acidic world.Our body is constantly fighting to keep balanced, but what does being balanced really mean medically speaking, according to s, to get all the alkaline benefits your body needs, the tested amount must be 7.4 ph.More alkaline than acid.If that amount moves three or four points either way.

It will affect your health.Let's take a look at the ph scale.Remember the list of unhealthy acidic exposures once they enter your body it increases your acidity.Do you know that it takes thirty three glasses of alkaline water to neutralize the acid in just one glass of soda when you're too acidic your body struggles to get more alkaline this is where the trouble starts.Your body stores some acid in your fat to keep it from harm's way which causes your body to hold onto the fat and makes weight loss difficult.

Your body can find alkaline elsewhere in your bones and teeth, but that causes them to break down.Over time they decay and fall out.That's why people shrink as they age.This search for alkalinity also leads to arthritis.It's a good thing that the acid settles away from healthier organs, but it attacks any sign of weakness in organs that are prone to hereditary diseases, especially cancer.The good news is that cancer cells become dormant if you're at 7.4 ph, but most of all acid contaminates what your body needs most.

Your blood.Blood is like engine oil.If the oil in it is contaminated engine parts wear out quickly and it cannot operate helpfully and efficiently.It becomes unreliable.You lose power.Blood is even more vital than engine oil because it travels all over your body.Your red blood cells deliver oxygen to tissues.They recycle carbon dioxide and supply vitamins, sugars, and amino acids.Each red blood cell is surrounded by a negative charge, so they frantically bounce off each other releasing their power at high speed, but when you're too acidic your red blood cells lose their negative charge.

And stick together.They sludge through the body at a slowspeed struggling to absorb water, nutrients and oxygen, unable to expel dangerous toxins.A dangerous poisoning starts.You feel lifeless even though you're getting enough sleep and drinking any alcohol multiplies the damaging effects.The question is how is it possible to get all the alkaline you need for balance the answer is by drinking ph prescription alkaline antioxidant rich water, and eating the right alkaline rich food.Technology has advanced to the point where we can now manipulate the simple.

Taken for granted water molecule and put it to work.The best way we can do this is to change the molecular structure of water, so that it becomes an antioxidant itself.There are a number of ways that this can be accomplished, but one of the most efficient is to use minerals, an alkaline rich earthbased medium.This process is incredible, these minerals actually alter the structure of water molecules, so that they produce millions and millions of electrons.These electrons are used by the body in an antioxidant process.

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Something big is happening here and the result could be nothing less than a new kind of water with unprecedented health benefits.Ph prescription llc, has developed filtration systems that deliver structured, mineralized water designed to keep ourselves healthy, fight disease, and slow the aging process.Ph prescription's founder is leo szymborski.He's devoted his career to making water better for everyone it touches.My goal is with ph prescription is make it available, make it cost effective to the homeowner, so they can put this in their home or office.We have several different types of ways of doing it, but making it available.

So people can have a good glass of water, can bathe in good water.And even though arlo, joey, and susan don't know each other, they're among the growing legion of fans for structured, mineralized alkaline water from ph prescription.So it makes it a very small molecule which is much easier to penetrate into the cell, um, and actually hydrate and detox the cell.Susan mcpherson has extensive training in metabolic and nutritional medicine and owns and operates medical spas in florida and massachusetts.She says ph prescription's water can have a big impact on health and beauty.So it actually keeps ourselves cleaner,.

It keeps ourselves healthier because its constantly removing all the toxins.Nancy swanson got to know ph prescription water when her son joey was diagnosed with brain cancer.Surgeons removed most, but not all of the tumor in his brain.In march of 2012 that residual tumor that was left in the brain stem started to grow.That's when we actually got the alkaline water filter, at that point , we got the alkaline water and the gift, fulvic and humic acid and we started joey on those two products and umm, he showered in it, he drank it, he brushed.

His teeth with it and in july of 2012 they couldn't find any live cancer cells and so we went back again in october of 2012 and they still could not find any live cancer cells, so we went in january of 2014 and they said his residual tumor is almost completely diminished.And there's no live cancer cells he's doing great, he's regaining strength on the right side of his body.He plays baseball, he does everything a normal 6 year old child does.I wanted water that i could take a shower in , take a bath in , drink that wasn't.

Hurting me, and might even be helping me.Riding on the city of new orleans.Arlo guthrie is famed for his folk songs and his focus on social injustice, the environment, including water is a big concern for him.He has ph prescription water at his homes in florida and new england and on all the buses he uses on tour.Water is scarce even though its everywhere and its scarce because its toxified, its all chemicalized, its all screwed up and, and made into something that 's not only not useful, it's really bad.There's ways to get all that stuff out and that's.

What these guys are working on, that's why i'm excited.It's not just a matter of water its a matter of making it availale in a way that is not only just useful but healthier.Water can keep us healthy and provide proper hydration by bringing minerals into the body, by flushing out toxins from the cells.If the water cannot penetrate the cell then it cannot hydrate the cell or it cannot flush the toxins out of the cell.Ph prescription's water has attracted the attention of cellular health experts like Jerry tennant.He's.

Pioneered research into energy medicine and the concept that every cell in our body needs a certain level of voltage to be truly healthy.Chronic disease occurs when we lose the ability to make new cells that work.And one of the basis of making new cells is having the voltage to do it.Tennant says that the right kind of structred water can provide electrons to maintain that voltage.What you want with your water is first of all you want it to be an electron donor and not an electron stealer.Because when you drink water.

That's an electron stealer, then it actually removes electrons from other systems in your body and that's a bad thing of course, so you want the water that you drink to be alkaline which means it has electrons in it.Tennant also says you want water that's truly clean which means that it does not contain fluoride or chlorine or pharmaceutical residues.There are systems that will take those out, but its not done by our city.I spent a number of years tring to find water that meets the criteria that we've just discussed water.

That is alkaline, water that is clean and that it doesn't have microorganisms or chemicals or other contaminants in it and water that is microclustered, so that its readily absorbed into the cells.And the best water i've ever found comes from a company called ph prescription and it meets all of those criteria and so that's what i use in my home and in my , and recommend to all of my patients.Ph prescription's filtration systems incorporate the results of leo's years of research into water at a cellular level.When you drink alkaline water.

That's full of electrons, full of energy it helps charge the body's cells.It's donating something to the body just like a charger would donate something to a battery when we're fully charged we just feel excellent, our cells are moving around.You can look at blood on a dark field microscope and somebody that has a very low voltage, or they're acidic, they call them acidic at that point or acidosis, their blood's all clumped together.When they drink alkaline water or they do the things they juice.Or they do the things that are healthy for.

The body you can see that blood very buoyant, you can see around every cell, it has a charge looks like a halo around each cell and they are not stuck together.They are carrying way more oxygen for your body and they are making us much healthier.Leo says its also important that after the water is purified minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium are added back in to help the nervous system function well.And he has a warning about structured antioxidant water that's being marketed in bottles.The problem today.

With structured antioxidant water, you'll see it on a lot of bottles and bottled water on the shelves, but the electrons leave they don't last very long.The electrons in the water have a shelf life of about 48 hours and then they're gone.The same with fruits and vegetables.If you leave your fruits and vegetables, when you fresh pick they're the best, but if you leave them on the counter you can watch them, basically they will rot away in front of you, so water has a shelf life.Living water is just like a living fruit or vegetable.Physicains like Debra demarta.

Agree that water can have a big impact on health especially when it comes to supporting the beneficial bacteria in our digestive tract which accounts for up to 80 of our immune system.If you're drinking water that has chlorine in it and fluorides which are also toxic to the gut, then you are killing off this good bacteria and you're having an immune dysfuntion.If you are drinking water that's not only pure and clean and bio available to the cells, but is also an antioxidant you're decreasing your risk of possible future events..

In fact, its proponents say the antioxidant aspect of structured, alkaline water could lead to longer healthier lives.The water functions as an antioxidant because its an electron donor.And what it does is donates an electron to kind of put out the fire of free radical damage because free radicals steal, they're electron stealers and this, you know oxidative stress or free radical damage causes inflammation and this chronic inflammation causes chronic disease, so you're kind of, the water is donating an electron and putting out the oxidative fire and obviously there are health benefits from.

8 Best Alkaline Water Filters 2016

8 best alkaline water filters 2016,For wiki swikiezvidbestalkalinewaterfiltersidytdesc alkaline water filters reviewed in this wiki portable alkaline water maker. Velaqua alkaline water filter presentation how to make natural alkaline ph 9 5 healthy water,Velaqua alkaline water filter presentation how to make alkaline ph 9 5 healthy water link to order. Apex water filter,Water filter systemapexwaterfiltersproductscountertopalkalinecountertopfilter water filter cartridge.

Best alkaline water filter purifier nikken waterfall review,Are you looking for the best alkaline water filter purifier visit nikken alkaline waterfall here 1ozvw5e nikken alkaline water bottle 1ybtic9. Best water filter alkaline water filter water ionizer filter,Healthalkaline water ionizer filter the ultrawater filters from alkaviva remove fluoride mercury arsenic lead chlorine and many other. 8 best alkaline water filters 2015,Click here swikiezvidbestalkalinewaterfilters.

Dont drink another drop of water until you see this,We tested the ph levels of some popular bottled water brands and tap water what we found was quite shocking to say the least we then tested the water that.

Alkapod portable alkaline ionized water filter,Afaqkf the alkapod portable water filter converts regular water into alkaline ionized filtered microclustered water that you can drink anywhere.

Alkaline Home Water Filter System Alkaline Water Benefits

Alkaline home water filter system alkaline water benefits,Ph prescription sphprescription alkaline water filters have natural antiaging properties and restore your energy and vitality the benefits of an. Ecobud alkaline water filter bottle how it works,Dont live without ecobud life water for one second little penguin is here to make sure you remain healthy and hydrated wherever you go with its inbuilt. The 5 major benefits of alkaline drinking water pi cup from longrich,The 5 major benefits of drinking alkaline water improve your health supercharge your immune system and fight the aging process with antioxidantrich alkaline.

How to turn a reverse osmosis filtration system into an alkaline water system,Reverseosmosiswaterprohowtoturnareverseosmosisfiltrationsystemintoanalkalinewatersystem for written instruction to purchase a.

Cancer patients stop drinking this why you should be drinking kangen alkaline water,Wow incredible hope for cancer patientskangen6alife or call 262 2155348 cancer patients stop drinking this why you. Alkaline drinking water ionizers health benefits of ionized water ionizer filter systems part 1,Waterhealstheworldcompareionizershtmwaterhealstheworldeczemaskindisordersalkalinewater alkaline ionized. How to install reverse osmosis clean alkaline drinking water filter purifier learn from my mistakes,Kung fu maintenance shows how to install reverse osmosis clean alkaline drinking water filter purifier learn from my mistakes get the new album up.

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The benefits of drinking alkaline water,Hiddenpoweruniversity books wellness events membership why buy an expensive water purification system when you can make. Home water filtration systems water softeners alkaline drinking water,Home water filtration systems water softeners alkaline drinking water mccowinwater 8884732892 we provide water softeners water purifiers. The best home drinking water purification systems alkaline water ionizers veryhealthywater,Veryhealthywater 8005843596 if you are looking for the best home drinking water purification system for your family or are searching for the best.

Complete instructional tutorial for velaqua water filter unit,Velaqua alkaline water filter presentation how to make alkaline ph 9 5 healthy water link to order. Santevia alkaline gravity water system countertop instruction tutorial,Detailed tutorial on how to assemble the santevia alkaline gravity water system. Six stage reverse osmosis alkaline water system o,An alkalized reverse osmosis drinking water system is the most effective and most economical way to provide you and your family with great tasting quality.

Reverse osmosis ro drinking water filtration system for your home,Buy it here amznto1m3mowz trace minerals amznto1qdgrfe stuff thats in your tap water. Whole house water filter system alkaline home water systems,Why buy a whole house water filter and alkaline water filter for your home a whole house water filtration system by ph prescription offers many healthful. Diy alkaline water under 60 sec,This is a 60 second download on diy alkaline water homesteading and sustainability from colonyearth for great tips ideas reviews and strategies.

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