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How to Get Rid of Varicose Veins Circulation Part 1 Home Remedies VitaLife Show Episode 158

Welcome to the vitalife show i'm janine bowring and today we're talking all about vein health so veins in the legs i'll share a number of great health tips about how to improve your varicose veins it could be spider veins as well even hemorrhoids swelling in the legs when it gets really bad you may have leg ulcers and a lot of edema so please do stay tuned to the end of this tutorial so that you'll get all these great free health tips and be sure to subscribe to our channel as well because we're always.

Uploading new information here on youtube so how varicose veins and spider veins cause, well if you are obese so even you know if you gain as little as 15 pounds this can put a lot of pressure on the venous system and its that blood that need to be pumped up through the legs through the liver and back up through the cardiovascular system when there's too much pressure going down the veins really have a difficult time and the valves actually become damaged with that back flow pressure so being overweight and.

You know it doesn't take a lot for this pressure to build up so weight loss if that's you know who i'm speaking to you know who you are if you need to get that extra weight off this is the best thing that you can do to help that venous circulation along with the other things that we're talking about pregnancy is so anybody who's gone through pregnancy you know that the veins become more taxed and compromise with that extra blood volume and also that extra weight so i've had four pregnancies now.

With each pregnancy i had a little bit worst venous problems and venous stasis i actually developed one large you know spider vein that in my fourth pregnancy became very troublesome so pregnancy you know we we all want you have great babies and great pregnancies but this is one of the negative side effects is the venous system and getting those varicose veins and sometimes those spider veins which can be very painful as well as menopause when our hormones changes women unfortunately what happens is that there's more pressure buildup.

In veins so this is really common i see this more so in women with the varicose veins problem as opposed to men also standing and sitting in a lot so if you're in a job you know or your daily routine requires a lot of standing or sitting again the blood is pooling and this is why exercise is so important for the legs and i'll be sharing some great exercises for increasing that circulation and improving those varicose veins so stay tune also you know it can be inherited.

Unfortunately if your mom and your grandmother had a lot have this varicosity even on your father side as well if they had the varicose veins then you may be apt to having more this venous problem and that blood circulation problem what a lot of people don't realize is that if your veins are compromised and they're not working to pump that blood up through the heart this is one of the number one cause is for high blood pressure so by treating the veins you are helping to treat your blood pressure in a more natural way and i'm.

Gonna share with you a very special formula that helps with this as well so what can we do to improve are venous circulation well first and foremost is always recommended to elevate your legs so much as you can put your legs up if you have a period you know 20 minutes during the day perfect idea as well as in the evening so i know myself you know if i have have 510 minute to myself and i'm able to lie on the couch what i do as i actually put my legs on the.

Backrest of the couch so that their elevated and higher than the heart this really does help with the venous circulation exercise is really important so getting at active as you can moving the legs so walking is fantastic to get that blood flowing and especially those leg muscles helps to pump that blood back up to the heart so your diet really should be high in vitamin c is well so natural vitamin c from your diet especially the rind of citrus fruits has a lot of what are called citrus.

Bioflavonoids and this really helps with venous circulation helps to rejuvenate the blood vessels which is really important so making sure that you're getting enough have your citrus fruits and is great as well we've actually concentrated it in our vitatree veins and circulation formula so that's something that i get to at the end of the tutorial something great you can be taking safely and naturally every day to be helping with your veins and circulation it's really important to detoxify as well because if the liver becomes toxic unfortunate what happens is that the blood pools.

Can't get back up through the liver to get to the cardiovascular system a telltale sign is if you have hemorrhoids this would be an indication that the liver is backed up and that venous circulation is not happening as it should making your leg veins much worse as well as out alkalizing the body is really important so we can do this with making sure we have enough from the essential probiotics which are the good guys the friendly flora in the digestive tract as well as whole food calcium and there are some great herbs with.

Help with the veins and circulation gotu kola is one of them horse chestnut so what i've done as a formulator as i've actually taken all the best scientifically proven herbs and put them all in one formulation to make it really easy for you and this is called the vitatree veins and circulation formula it remains circulation formula please do check it out at vitatree for more information on that it is also very much recommended that you wear loose clothing because if you ever have tight clothing especially around the waist this compromises that blood flow.

Back up through the liver into the cardiovascular system so that's really important that you maintain loose clothing especially around your midsection help to get those pounds off as well so that's really important and hopefully as you're losing that weight if you need to and your clothes are getting looser anyways so that concludes part 1 of our episode on varicose veins please click right here on part 2 to this episode to learn great acupressure techniques that you can do at home at some super effective exercises for varicose veins that you can do every day.

How to Get Rid of Varicose Veins Circulation Part 2 Home Remedies VitaLife Show Episode 159

Welcome to part 2 of the varicose veins natural treatment episode.I'm janine bowring a naturopathic and i hope you enjoy part 1 all about varicose veins why we get them and what we can do naturally to treat them at home in this episode i'll share with you some super exercises and acupuncture points that you can do at home to treat your veins and increase your leg circulation so now i'm gonna share some acupuncture points which are really helpful if you have varicose or spider veins.

These are called the spleen points and i will demonstrate exactly where they are on the legs and you can just press these you don't need to do you know acupuncture with a needle you just press these points do this for about you know five to 10 minutes every day really helps to stimulate the energy or the chi in that channel in the spleen channel getting rid of dampness or edema swelling in the legs and getting that leg circulation going as well so if we take a look at these points in first way.

The easiest way to mark the first point is to find that ankle bone on the inside so just put your leg up as i am and you put your hand down so that your pinky finger lines up with your inside ankle bone and where your hand ends up is roughly the point on your legs, so if i lift my jeans up here you can see and you're gonna dig in their sort of with your thumb which tends to be your stronger finger and when you find that point this is called spleen 6 when you find that point it.

Actually it kinda grabs you can actually feel that there's a bit of an ache in that area.Now you know you've actually stimulate the chi and just do little small circles in a clockwise manner on that point and again if you can do this for five to ten minutes so you know about two minutes on each point would be ideal for your daily session to get that energy flowing through the spleen channel now the next point is just below the knee so if you mark where the creases in your knee when your knee is bent.

Even with your pants on you can see where this is again use your hand to measure that point and woah! i can feel it its right their my spleen must be blocked today and again just massage in small circular motion right on that point this is called spline 9 in this really helps to get that circulation going in that spleen channel helps with those varicose veins so you do this on both legs so even if one leg is worse than the other i'd like you to do it on both legs.

And again about two minutes per point so now i'll be sharing some fantastic exercise that you can do while you're sitting even if you're sitting at work sitting at your desk this is so simple for you to do and nobody will even know that you're doing about this really important if you're sitting for long periods of time you get the blood flowing in the legs so first what i'd like to do is called heel digs so basically you're just one foot at a time putting your heel and you can see i got my high heels on.

You can see that this is really easy to do even with your high heels ladies just to get that blood flowing in those legs and this is fantastic and again do this as much as you can throughout the day especially if you've been sitting for more than 20 minutes or so you have to get that blood flowing this is important when you're on an airplane as well save may have heard of people having stir strokes and things on airplanes because that decreased circulation really important to do this.

As you're sitting the other thing you can do is go on your heels and your toes your heels and your toes i repeat this about 20 times and do it throughout the day so if you can do you know 20 repetitions of this three times a day during your you know six to eight hour workday absolutely fantastic forgetting that blood flowing okay perfect so i hope you joining in with me with this one and give me a thumbs up because you love this exercise on this tutorial they also have some great standing exercises these are similar to.

The ones when you're sitting so if you prefer to do the standing all the better and this is what you do you so we'll do heel digs first so basically you're just putting your heel on the floor and again you can see that i have my high heels on and it works fantastic so you can actually start to feel that blood flowing and you're getting that circulation going in the leg and you can do it you know if you have stability issues you can certainly hold on to something.

As you doing this the back of the chair but this is a great way and you can do it at your own pace about 20 repetitions of your heel digs now the next one is walking on your toes so o.K.Of course only if you're stable on your toes as you're walking maybe shouldn't wear high heels for this one but i'm gonna show you anyways i'm going to yank up my pants so you can see exactly it is possible you may want to hold on to something so basically walking.

On your toes and this helps to flex your gastrocnemius muscle your calf muscles getting and forcing that blood up back up to your heart which is fantastic so that's actually good workout for your lower legs as well see you do this you know for about thirty seconds to a minute even longer if you can depending on your level of fitness but a great way to get the blood flowing back up to the heart so check out the vitatree veins and circulation formula that actually created for vitatree nutritional's.

Fantastic completely natural formula for treating those varicose veins and spider veins it even helps with cellulite which you'll absolutely love no side effects so do check at vitatree so thanks for joining me today please click subscribe so that you always get our latest and greatest uploads here on youtube and you'll be apart of our vitatree family giving you free health advice and tips and beauty tips as well so i love for you also to check out our other tutorials here on youtube so please click up here these are great facial exercises yoga facial exercises.

Which are so incredibly popular here on the vitalife show in the middle here this is all about our beauty face mask using natural ingredients to help to beautify your skin and click down here on a very important tutorial on magnesium stearate.Why it is extremely toxic ingredient and all the other vitamins out there and why you should never ingest this toxic ingredient.Be sure to click thumbs up on this tutorial like us on facebook follow us on twitter vitatree remember your health and your beauty is in your hands you can manage those varicose veins so much better.

How To Get Rid Of Varicose Veins Circulation Part 2 Home Remedies VitaLife Show Episode 159

How to get rid of varicose veins circulation part 2 home remedies vitalife show episode 159,Dr bowring gives you some great tips how to treat varicose veins naturally including exercises and acupuncture points varicose veins are a very common. How to get rid of varicose veins circulation part 1 home remedies vitalife show episode 158,How to get rid of varicose veins circulation part 1 home remedies vitalife show episode 158 varicose veins natural home remedies to treat varicose. Alkaline diet recipes a green drink is living water for your cells,Shopliferegenerator juicersliferegenerator read booksliferegenerator shop shopliferegenerator.

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