Alkaline Diet Recipe Book Volume 1

Healthy Adventures Natural Healthy Alternatives Anna Maria Clement Vol 4

I've always.Wished that i could make a little red cross box that, you know, you could bring with you and has everything in it.Well, if it was, you know, there should be a tiny little box that would just pump up suddenly when you came home and it'd be just a room full of stuff that you need, because that's what we need.So, you know that little red cross box that never came to, because there are things that we should have, for example, in your bathroom.And instead of having.

Advil and tylenol that are very, very toxic for you, there are so many other things, that you could have.For example, if you have high fever, you know, half white willow at home.It will cut fever, it will help you sleep better.White willow is what aspirin was made from.Any pharmacies, in the old days would know, you know, that aspirin was made of white willow.Then, natural antibiotics are great to have at homes.And we use, of course, echinacea is great to have at home, it's.Ohsa is great.

To have at home.Audience member how do you spell ohsa.Ohsa.Yep.Is actually, the long name is lomatium.Oh, lomatium.Silver, colloidal silver, sovereign silver, excellent to have at home.So, you know, these things we take.This.Our children, you know, have always, all their lives been treated naturally.They never had antibiotics in their life, and they've gone through childhood diseases, and flus and colds like, you know, most other kids, but they never needed to have.Allopathic medicine because we have used natural medicines, like your parents or your.

Grandparents at least understood, and their parents and grandparents, you know, so it's nothing new.We've kind of picking up where people left it, somehow we forgot it, for a while, and it's time to bring it all back in.Now, there's a lot of things that we can learn from books, and i just want to introduce.Of course you have my little book that you're all going to get, the health and healing.Yes, you're all going to get that.And i'm going to sign them first for you,.

And that has more or less everything we're going through in this class here plus, plus much more.Bryan's book, living food , of course, if you don't have that, this is everything in a nutshell, and there's a lot of new books coming out from bryan very, very soon.China study , excellent to give you more information when your friends ask you why don't you drink milk, you know what happened to the dairy products in your life, it is excellent by Campbell.Hundred year lie by fitzgerald, randall fitzgerald.

Telling you how he used himself as a research.Research, actually, and to see how you can detoxify chemicals and metals and poisonous things.So he went through the program at the institute, they test before the program, they test after, it was incredible, so that is a great book, hundred year lie.And if you want to learn more about healthy gums, now, have you heard the latest there's so much, of course, spirochetes that we, so many of us harbor in our gums, and you know, they live three millimeters.

Down in our gums and the flossing and the brushing did not get to them.Of course it's food that we eat, all the sugar, all the heavy carbs that they love, so they can also travel into their arteries and cause plaques.So, that can be a big problem for cardiovascular disease, but now they also found that it could cause pancreatic cancer, they've actually found a big link, so this is great.So, now.Audience member is the tittle, is it.Healthy gums.Healthy gums naturally , it's by Harrison,.

And we've worked with him for years, and he found that, you know, we really need to use a waterpik to get into these spirochetes and, you know, i see them when i look at.We take a swab from the gums and we put it under the microscope and i can see them if they're there, you know, and i can see the same spirochetes that i saw in your gums, then later i can see them in your blood, so, of course, they travel, you know.So, that's a great book.

Of course this one, health food cuisine , which yes it's great, this is.Audience member that's your new one.Yes, are new.Audience member i got it as a present.Did you really that's our cook book, so kelly and i brought this one together, so that's.Audience member nicely illustrated.Yes, very nice.So, you know, it's great to get some more information about that.Now, for example, what happens, how do we detoxify chemicals and metals, heavy, heavy poisonous things medicines are very hard.

To get out of our system, you could not find a better diet than this to really help to clean, but we can also add supplementation.Magnesium, you know, we use liquid minerals to clean up too, magnesium is a great cleanser, especially of aluminum, and magnesium is also of course great for so many things, to help our muscles and joints and everything, so magnesium in liquid is great, we can have it in tablets too.You can make sure when you choose supplementation though, that it's from plants, so much.

Is totally synthetic and it's going to cause you more harm than good.So, but.Mainly, let me go back to healthy stuff that we can do at home.So the first thing i want to do is to go through what we can do with wheatgrass.Now, wheatgrass is such a fantastic food, and we drink it, we drink two ounces twice a day.So, two ounces of juice we drink twice a day.Then we, for the three weeks, for example, when we first started, if this is brand new for you,.

We are very much promoting that we clean our colon to begin with.So we take an enema, with an implant of wheatgrass juice, so we do a four ounce implant.That is then bringing in minerals, electrolytes that we did lose with the enema and forever from now on, if you do a colonic or you do an enema, remember, you need to do a chlorophyll implant.Of course, if you can have wheatgrass that's the ultimate, but otherwise you have to have some form of chlorophyll to replenish the chlorophyll.

That you lost there.Implant is so fantastic, it will go in and clean up more than a water enema ever did, plus there's a vein between the liver and the large intestine called the hepatic vein, and that implant will actually go to the liver and now start to purify and rejuvenate your liver, so it's very, very much use.So we do that in the beginning.Of course, enemas is something you don't do forever, you know, we do them for the three weeks, then after that, as you live,.

We do it for, we do it once a week.And then what our say is we do it for the next seven years.In seven years you have biochemically changed every cell in your body.So, after that, then you only do it, if you have a cold or a headache or something, so then you're on your own.Now, we can use the wheatgrass in different ways, we can use it as poultice, and usually it takes about two ounces to make a poultice.Now, that is great if i have.

A cyst, a tumor, a lump that i want to treat.It works similar to when you do the patches, the morphine, nicotine, estrogen, you know, the patches that we don't want to have, but, you know, how do they work they work through osmosis, so this patch is going to work that way.What we need for a poultice, we use this pads that you can get in any pharmacy, and you cut it.Let's say i have a quarter size lump in my breast, for example.I would cut this in squares and.

I would take two, three of them, and then i would put the gauze on top, like two, three of the gauze, put on top of that, and then i would take the pulp.So for poultice you use the pulp and the juice, so when you make wheatgrass, you get the dry pulp, you take that, you spread it on the top gauze and then you add the two ounces of wheatgrass juice to that.And then you can either tape it on to the area or you just lay it on.

Now, depending on where you're putting it, if it's the face, let's say, if it's melanoma, if it's skin cancer, maybe i need to put it on a spot, or the breast, then i would only leave it on for one or two hours.Now, if it's another area, i want to treat my liver or i have a lump on the leg or something, i can treat it all night, so just remember that, face and breast is more sensitive and if i left it on all night, then often you wake up.

In the morning and it's all irritated.So, instead we can do it twice a day.We can do it morning and evening, cause we will be drinking it anyway twice a day, so you make it.Then we can do an inpacking, and that really takes six ounces.For an inpacking that you do if you have arthritis, for example, or if i have fungus between the nails or wards, athlete's foot.Very much arthritis, what you do, let's start with your hands, so let' say that i have something going on here now,.

They're either swollen or i have calcification.Well, i take a pair of socks, it's the easiest to find, so it's a pair of tube socks, it's cotton, and i put it down in the sink, i add my six ounces of wheatgrass juice to it, if it's not totally wet, add some warm water, just a little bit, they should be wet.Then i put my, some in the heel, so i make a mitten, then i take a plastic bag and i put my glove in here, like that.

To tuck.Because this i will sleep with, you don't have to look funny all day.This i will sleep with, and this is now going to start to increase circulation, work on inflammation, and it works on pain, but i finish it with a dry sock.So now i put the dry sock on.And sleep like this.You're actually creating a.In the morning i take it off and everything is so much smoother and softer, now i can massage every joint of your fingers and move them around.

As much as you can, and you will be doing this, as long as you need it, until you don't need it anymore.Well, what if it's the feet.The only difference is we use the socks, but see what i do, i cut this sock open to the beginning of the foot so there's nothing tight on the ankle.This is great also if you twisted your ankle, the first 48 hours, of course, you use ice, but after that, to help the healing process, you use this.So this sock again, six ounces.

Of wheatgrass juice, a little bit of warm water to wet it and put the foot in, put the plastic bag on, and then put the dry sock on top of that.What if it's my knee or elbow or what if it psoriasis the same thing, the same treatment for that.You know, psoriasis is an inflammation of the skin, just the same as you have inflammation of the joints, and sometimes, we have both of them.So now i use a towel.Of course six ounces isn't going to wet this,.

So i put it in the warm water, you can add the wheatgrass exactly where you're going to put it.So, let's say, i'm going to do the knee, so i put it over my knee, then i take a plastic bag and open it both ways, you see so i can step into it.So i have the towel around, i step into the plastic bag, and then i take a dry towel, on top of that, so the same idea, wet.If you're in places where you have no wheatgrass,.

Then just use warm water, you use the same idea.Of course, if i can have wheatgrass, i get even more out of it.So then i can hook it up with some security pins, sleep with that.In the morning, what happens when we have, for example, arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis, there's a certain walk we get, as years go by and we get totally stiff, we start walking like this.What happens is that this patella, this little thing that you can move in front of your knee that actually.

Allows you to move your knee.Well, that one gets stuck, you know, everything calcifies, slowly but surely when we have arthritis.It starts to calcify due to inflammation, acidity, so as that starts to calcify, it gets totally stuck and we can't move the legs like we do, so we start to pack our knees in like this and i, i ran a in sweden for ten years and every day i packed people in with that, every day.And in the morning when we unpacked, every day somebody would say,.

look what i'm able to do! and i found that that patella, everyday i would use to sit and try to move it, if it was totally stuck, every day i could move it a tiny bit, and before you know it, i could move it totally, fully back and forth.Now, of course, that's internally, this external work that we do speeds it up, but of course, internally there's so much we need to do.We need to be in an alkaline diet.Now, our.Life food diet is as alkaline as it can be.

We tend to be careful with fruit, because most fruit is picked unripe.Unripe food is acidic.A ripen fruit, especially the low sugary fruit, could be alkaline, but most, most fruit are very acidic because they're picked unripe, and that's unfortunate.I mean, i know being brought up in sweden, every winter i drank loads of orange juice, thinking how fantastic it was and all it was, was enormous acidity.And then, on top of it, as we learned, when orange juice is picked off the tree unripe, then you become the mother tree,.

So the calcium that you were supposed to get from that orange juice, you give now to digest it, so actually, takes calcium from you, to digest that orange juice.And calcium, we sure don't want to release like that, we need it.I said a local blunt test, all the time, and i see how things start to balance itself and we release when we start to detoxify on an alkaline diet, it's really magic.It's fantastic.Plus, you know we also use supplementation to aid in that whole process.

We use enzymes big time, because enzymes, you know, helps your digestion, but the way they clean and the way they want to really help you with metastasis, for example, if we had cancer, it decreases metastasis.So it is a great tool for all of us, just to have aid in digestion, but it's an immune booster, so don't just think of it, you know, as a help for your meals.So, now, the next thing we can do.Is our eyes.And you know, for example, if you have dry eyes,.

Of course lots of times it's frequent because we took medication, but also betacarotene is great.And the green drinks, the wheatgrass has more betacarotene that carrot juice ever had.So we don't have to lean on carrot juice for betacarotene.The green drinks, the wheatgrass more than carrot juice ever had.So, but if you find you have dry eyes, you know, make sure you get your betacarotene.So, eyes.We take half water.Oops.We take half water, half wheatgrass, and we can do it with a little eyedropper.

Or we can do it with an eyecup.So i strain some wheatgrass juice and put into this little eyecup and take half water, and if you haven't done an eye bath before, stand in front of the sink, put the eyecup over one eye and look up to here and then open slowly, but surely, and look from side to side and just rinse on the outside, it takes a few seconds.Fill up again, half water, half wheatgrass and here i open slowly but surely, look from side to side.

And rinse on the outside.Great.A lot of people swear by this, that they don't have cataracts anymore, a lot of problems are gone.Of course, this is only one of two.The eating and nutritious diet, exercise, big time for your eye sight.I exercise like Bates, started to create in the early 1900's, when he was going blind himself, is still ahead of his time, with exercise, relaxation, nutrition.You know, he found that glasses was not a tool for eye health, you know, it was just.

The crutch that we needed stronger and stronger and stronger, as times goes by.So eye exercises is really important, and we can do the eye exercise together.I'll do it really fast, but you should practice it, and you know, when you do eye exercises, of course you should be loosen up and you should be relaxed.Don't move your head, and then you would look up and down, you would repeat everything six times, so you would look up and down, up and down for six times.And then you repeat that.

Three times.Then you look from side to side over your shoulders.Without moving your head.There are six muscles moving each eye, so you would look from side to side like that, do that six times, repeat it three.And then, go diagonal up right, down left, up right, down left, do that six times, repeat three.Look up left, down right, and do that six times, repeat it three.You know.Like this would be one, one, two, two, and so do it six times.Take a little break,.

Half a minute or so, and then do it again.Three times, yes.Now, then a very important one is where you put your finger close.My dad always does this, so he teaches me, he says, you must teach everybody this, this is so important.So this one you put very close to yourself and you stare at it, then you find a spot far away on the wall and then you go back, slowly but surely, back here, and then you go back and forth, so this would be one, one,.

Two, two, ok, so six times, and then repeat it.Now you're really trained.And, you know, of course eyebright is an old trick to help too, vitamin c, you know, when we need more help for our eyes and just very much nutritious diet.So, eyes we had fun with.Hair.Oh, this is going to go down, down, down.Hair, it takes six ounces of wheatgrass juice.And hair, you know, of course, i always get the question, what about dandruff you know, what would i do about dandruff.

Well, that inpacking with hair would really, really, help.Ryan knows how to fix that.So, you know, hair is dead, it's the follicles that we want to treat, so you wet your hair, you make it totally soaking wet, and now a blonde will not turn green as long as it's totally soaking wet, so you soak it and you pour the wheatgrass and you have a shower cap handy, you pour it and then you can massage it in, 15 minutes, stay in the bathroom, because it's just going to pour.

All over you.But it's so great for the scalp, and then you just rinse it off.Makes your hair fuller, richer, you know, it's a great thing.Audience member how much do you use six ounces.Yes, so you wet it, really well first and then you just kind of pour it, in the scalp and then you can massage it to your hair, you know.Audience member .Well, yes, because you have wet hair and then you pour the wheatgrass.Yes.Now, then we can do also a douche,.

Women can do a douche, and you know, nowadays, we hear a lot about like cervical dysplasia and.Lot of fungus and infections, well douche, of course this is for everything, fibroids, you name it, tumors, endometriosis, so douche we do it with a little syringe, and we don't do it every day, we do it every other day.And there also we take half water.So, because it's too strong otherwise.So now, when we do it, and often, you know, we have a problem to fill this.I often get to hear.

That we need help to fill it this way, so when you fill the syringe, which you can get in most pharmacies, squeeze all the air out and if this is my cup, i fill it this way, and then i take this vaginal, so every other day i get this help, but this has been a great help.Now i can put more stuff in here, i can open a few capsules of enzymes, i can put some probiotics, and i can put some natural antibiotics, some natural immune boosters.

In here too, so i can get more out of it while i do it, i can.I can of course use the silver.I can put, if i do the dropper i can take a few droppers of silvers into that, wheat, so wheatgrass.The sovereign silver.Yeah.Audience member .This you can have so much use for at home.You can even put this in your eyes, and if you have infection.Yes, if you have an infection you can actually put it in your eyes too.

Sovereign silver.Soverign.So, there's a lot of uses for that wheatgrass, and of course you could put also in a neti pot, you know a little neti pot with sea salt and wheatgrass and water, and you could clean your sinuses.You know a lot of times we have chronic nasal congestion, due to worms.And parasites, we do use parasite cleansers.Of course, being on a good diet and using high fiber diet is very, very important, but also probiotics, and we use natural antiparasites cleansers too, we use from.

We use one product called paragon, which are indian herbs.We use artemesia which is chinese use, and you know, we've had very good results with that.Now, there are lots of baths that would really be helpful, especially in the detox time, but always.Sea salt, you know we use that.Sea salt is the lowest part in the world, that has minerals we can't find anywhere in the world.So, it's very therapeutic, we do it twice a week, we take a cup of sea salt.So let's do the sea salt.

Now, not always do i do that sea salt.If the kids come home and they have chicken pox or measles, we'll do epsom salts, it's much milder for that, you know.So keep epsom salt at home and keep dead sea salt.So you have dead sea, or you have epsom.Then you can make it even better.They find that if we have chemicals, if we have metals in our body, if there's a lot of radiation in our system or we just had chemo radiation or we work in computers a lot,.

Or we travel, we fly a lot, we're bombarded with radiation, and there's a lot of help that we have out there, one though that we can put in the bag is baking soda.Not baking powder, baking soda, and you take a pound.And this is so great also when your kids have measles or chicken pox that you have that at home, 'cause that sooths it, and you can actually save a little bit of the powder after the bath and put that on where they have it.So i take a pound of that,.

Then i can make it even nicer, i can put aromatherapy oils, and you know, aromatherapy, lavender of course is the first one to even start the whole movement, but there's so many.And a good idea, i always say you should go in the store and check all the testers, smell them, and the ones that you're attracted to, the would benefit you, you know.You take only ten drops, because they're either distilled or cold pressed, so it's not the more the merrier, but that would make an even nicer bath for you.

audience member cat scan, radiation.That would be a great help for you, great help.Now, then the next bath we have is ginger, and of course ginger is fantastic, ginger especially.To make us perspire, so we take one cup of ginger in a really hot bath, both of these are hot baths, but this should be so hot that you can hardly get into it.If you don't have a bath tab take a foot bath, because the pores of the soles of the feet are much larger than.

The rest of the skin, so you actually are like a sponge, so you can do a therapeutic, the same way in that foot bath as the whole bath.You sit, both of these baths you sit 15 minutes and then you shower off, and the best time to do this is right before we go at sleep at night, so you're relaxed.Ginger is fantastic to help us detoxify, because it makes us perspire.So it's a great immune booster, but it makes us perspire.And you know the skin is the.

Largest elimination organ in the body, so boy if i can perspire, then i'm going to get rid of tons, and if i have fever, if i have.A flu or a cold, it can really help by perspiring, it can help to lower that fever for you, so then you drink a lot, and there are kids, all their lives they've asked you know, whenever they feel they have a cold coming on, that you should get a ginger bath, so, that usually takes care of them.They actually never missed.

A day of school, ever, because we've just done natural methods for them.So you could put aromatherapy oil, you could look to dissolve whatever you like to prefer in there too.Audience member what is this, ginger oil no, now, let me tell you, this is fantastic.This is powdered ginger, ground powdered ginger, it's so fine, and you know, when you get it you open it and cut the angles so you can have it.This has a mind of its own.So you have it for a long time.

See, now you see my red cross box, is growing.We have it, most health stores have it, you know, we have it, you can get it in a one pound, so.Then you have it, yeah, then you have for some time.Now, the next thing i want to talk about is garlic oil.For open wounds, there's no infection that could survive a garlic oil treatment.I've done this for more than 30 years and there has been no infection, an open would infection where garlic oil did not succeed.

And what it is, you know, you take your garlic, you peel it, you take it through the garlic press and you only take what comes out of the press, you only take the fine pressed garlic.Because it's going to be very small, but you're going to use it, the garlic too on your skin, but it's one third of pressed garlic.And two thirds of oil.Garlic, here we go.Olive oil, you know, some good cold pressed, could be flax, anything like that.Audience member a question, i get this.

Yes.Audience member and can i have it ready you can have it ready, another thing that you should have is something called neen cream, you mean, if you have an open wound, you want to do garlic oil, yes.Audience member yes, but how can i.When it happens, you know i have other clients.You can make it for four days, you can have it for four days, after that you need to get rid of it, but you can make enough for four days.

Neen is actually a natural pesticide, but that would be great for bug bites and that, but if it opened, if you have an open wound.Audience member .Then.I would get the silver first and then the garlic oil, as a poultice.See, what you do then, you take gauze, if you have the garlic oil in a bowl, you put the gauze, you just let it soak up what it needs and then you put it right on the wound and more gauze and you tape it on.

You know.Yes, i've so many stories, so many people have come with staph infection and all kinds of infection, of course gangrene, which normally ends up in amputations that can be treated, especially an open wound like that with garlic oil will be successful.Audience member i use the oregano oil right now.Yes audience member but i don't know really.You mean for the garlic yes.Yes.But garlic you will always make sure you don't get an infection if you have garlic in there,.

Always the net is absolute natural antibiotic.Audience member does it burn does it burn no, when you mix it with the olive oil, you can put it anywhere on your body, anywhere, absolutely.Audience member will it work with tetanus like, you know, if your child is not vaccinated, like, to prevent against that the garlic oil no, that i couldn't say, no.But an open wound that it's on its way to go bad, that's for sure.Now.For example, let's say that we're dealing with.

So that's open wounds, let's say that we're dealing with diabetes or low blood sugar which is so common, you know now so many kids they're in their early teens and they're already showing up with diabetes 2, which is very much lifestyle.Problems, well, so low blood sugar makes a lot, that means we make a lot of insulin, and the problem also by making a lot of insulin is not only we've been hyperglycemic, we wake up every morning and we end up with low blood sugar.You know, glucose on a blood.

Test should be 85 to 95.Audience member .Yes, it's about 4 to 6 i think for you guys.Now, look, a lot of you, like when you first arrive to the institute, you might come in 85, and then after three weeks of cleansing you're 55 or 60, and you say, i was better when i came! what happened here well, in the cleansing and not eating fruit for a while and just eating greens and building foods, then we get to see what really is going on,.

And low blood sugar is so, so common.And the problem with having a high insulin, is that of course insulin works on the blood sugar, is that not only is it lowering our blood sugar, but insulin is a.Hormone that actually makes, promotes fat storage.So, you know, so many of the kids now cannot lose weight either, and another reason of that is that all the caffeine and all the sodas they drink also decreases lipase which is the enzyme the liver makes to digest fats, so it's a totally vicious.

Circle.And then the other, worst of it all, is that insulin promotes cancer, it actually increases cancer cell growth, so, you know, we don't want to be there.So for a while we might even have to get off fruit, for a while, so if we find that we drop from 85 to 60 after three weeks of cleansing, then we should be really serious with that and fix it, so that we're not always, and you know, it takes you for a ride emotionally too, not only is it physical,.

When you're up, you're up, when you're down, you're down, is the same emotionally.And talk about emotional stuff, so many people are on antidepressants, and the problem, you know, of course antidepressants has a place sometimes in our life, but long term views of antidepressants, you know, will lover your own serotonin, and it's not known if it's really permanent, we don't even know if it's permanent decrease, and the problem is that we, you know, the serotonin turns to melatonin, and so melatonin then you need to sleep well,.

So if i have antidepressants then i'm going to need sleeping pills, and it's a vicious circle for a long time.Then, so i can use other things, you know, you should know this, we use gaba, we made a product called exhilarate, it's fantastic, we have blue green algae, that actually increases endorphins, we use.Come in there, and you know, 5htp, that has been used by so many people successfully.So, you know, we got to find other ways to keep ourselves healthy, body mind and spirit, you know.

Because long term use of medication, isn't going to go well, you know and we find so many people come to the institute who want to get off, and they want to finish, and it's not an easy thing, you know, but it can be done, so the diet of course helps enormously, and especially fixing the blood sugar balance.So if i now come and i don't have enough insulin and i take insulin or i take, you know, glucophage or so, then you find that the need of those medications.

On the life food diet gets less and less and less, and you follow it, of course you test all the time to see where you're at so you don't overtake, but it's really, it's fantastic.So it's definitely diet that will balance your blood sugar, but it takes a while, you know, it doesn't happen overnight.Audience member the blue green algae, would..Is fantastic, yes.Will definitely, all the algae, chlorella, chlorella is great for blood sugar, we take tons of it, you could have it handy.

And take a little palm full, four, five, six times a day.When you need it, especially in the beginning, and we use fenugreek.Fenugreek is great, in liquid or pills.Yes, liquid you mix it in with the water and you drink it, like a fifth of a dropper if you have it in a dropper.Audience member can you buy it as an essential oil fenugreek, yes, not essential oil, you buy it as a tincture, fenugreek.Audience member when you take a lot of chlorella.

And then suddenly you develop and sensitivity to sulfur.Oh, do you audience member yes.Well, maybe you're more sensitive, but we use it so much, you know, we use it all the time at the institute.So, let me talk about that, i only wanted to make sure.Now, probiotic and mainly.Let me talk more about the colon, 'cause we did that enemas and the implants.Well, colon cancer is third of all cancers, one in twenty of us are going to get it, that's what they figured out,.

One in twenty, can you imagine colon cancer.We've seen it located all the time in younger and younger people are getting it, especially rectal cancer.So, you know, we know of course, number one, we need to be on a fiberrich diet, we need to exercise, we need to have enough enzymes in our food so of course a life food diet is excellent.Probiotic is a great talk.What happens many times, if this is a crosssectional of your gastrointestinal tube, you know, friendly bacteria should cover the hole inner wall.

Of that intestine, and if it isn't covering, then harmful bacteria can get in and cause trouble.We got to wait.Diverticulosis, which is pockets, it happens when our diet doesn't have enough of probiotics, our friendly bacteria, and it happens when we didn't get enough fiber and enough fluid.You know, remember this, we're supposed to drink half an ounce per pound you weigh, so if we don't get enough fluid that's not going to work well either.So we find of course, because it's the third of all cancer,.

That is very, very important.Imagine your intestinal tract is like six times your length.Small intestine about 26 foot long, large intestine 5 to 7 foot long, so you know, so much is happening, but 90 of the absorption happens through the small intestine.So, whatever you put in, you know, if it's thought of it as a business and you had this six times your length part of this business that was so important for your whole absorption of nourishment that you actually got what you needed, and that it didn't start.

To have problems with all kinds of bacteria that could grow because we didn't have enough probiotics.By the way, if i take an antibiotic, you know, it kills probiotics.If you ever have to take antibiotics, double up on dosis of probiotics, you know, forever remember that, because it kills it.Coffee kills it, you know, most sodas, alcohol, of course chemo and radiation, so many times after chemo and radiation you get diarrhea and, you know, nobody tells you you better be on probiotics.Oh, absolutely.So, that's very, very important.

That we replenish that.Now, what else did i want to talk about.Let me see.You know, we use far infrared at the institute, we have a bed called migun, it's a far infrared bed from japan, it's fantastic because it's little jade stones in that machine that you put on your body when you need it and it heats your body up.Audience member what is it called migun.Audience member migun yes, migun.Yes, it's fantastic.So, far infrared we use in sauna, it's used very much.

At the institute, because it can help so many things, we have so many uses, especially tissue, muscle, but you also have used for blood pressure, blood sugar, you name it, so it's used very much.So that's, you know, you might even want to get something like that, you might want to get a far infrared sauna, so you can go in and perspire.Audience member .Yes, and let's wait for the questions.But, anyway, there's a lot of tricks that we can bring home and make our home to a spa.

Or to a healthy place for ourself too.You know, really, our home should be a healthy place, but most of the time our home is one of the most toxic places you can be in.You know, so let's start to change and let's start to use biodegradable products at home so we don't use things then, especially if you have little kids that you have to have in lock.If they have to be interlocked, believe me, they shouldn't be in your house, you know, and.Now, those were the main things.

Then, you know, many people stop.I brought this cause many people want an alternative for coffee, and i know lots of vegan and vegetarians still are hooked on coffee, and coffee is so enormously acidic.When i said.Uric acid, you know, uric acid will go sky high when we have coffee in our life.I know a lot of people need to get some pep in the morning, and because it's such an old habit emotionally too.You know, and so there's this green coffees, that, you know, will do the trick,.

And, you know, it's very important to do something about the coffee, 'cause it's very acidic, and acid creates so much problems, from cancer to headaches.You know, arthritis, inflammation, psoriasis, you name it.And even problems with our eyes and ears, you know, so it goes so, so far.So try to find other alternatives, you know, for the highly acid things that we, that we kept.Yes, vitaccino is one brand, there's a few you can find in a healthy store.I love to talk about cayenne because it can stop external.

Bleeding and internal bleeding, cayenne is a great tool to have at home.We don't use, in cooking or anything, we don't use black and white pepper, we don't use sea salt, you know, no sugar, but we can use cayenne.Actually, if you come to the institute and you have an ulcer, i'll put you on cayenne.I'll tell you to take cayenne, because it actually helps to heal an ulcer.Audience member what kind of ulcer yes, stomach ulcer, colon ulcer.So cayenne though, is great for external bleeding.

Let's say that you had a cut in the kitchen, we always cut ourselves, the first thing to help to stop that bleeding is you pour cayenne on it, it stops bleeding.And then to not get infection, then i make the garlic oil and i make a little poultice with that and you're never going to get an infection.You know, a young lady came to the institute a few years ago, and she had, she was in a.On a side walk, and she was going to cross over the road,.

And there was a big bus coming, and as the bus is passing, there was no traffic behind, nobody was behind, so the bus passes, she looks one more time, nobody was there, and she takes her leg out ready to go and a motorcycle cop comes out of the blue and it cuts her leg right under the knee.So what happened is she was in a comma for a long time, and the tissue here got totally infected, so she's laying there, on iv, she's in a comma, and they cut the tissue.

To expect new fresh tissue to be there and grow healthy, so she could heal and get prothesis.It didn't happen, it'd get infected again, should they cut.It got infected again and cut, so, when she walked too, a friend of hers that had been through the program at the institute got rid of her cancer, she told her about the institute and she brought her here.So, she went through the three week program, the first thing that i would do would be to make that garlic oil for tissue that's infected,.

It has never failed.So we made a poultice, showed her how to do it, she put more gauze around it, to hold in.In four days it killed the infection.In four days it killed the infection, and the fifth day she takes a cab down in west palm, and goes to a guy that makes prosthetics.Two weeks later she has it, she put jeans on, nobody would ever know that she ever had a problem.So, you know, that's how garlic oil works, it will never fail.So we have a lot of fun.

With that.And mainly things that we should have at home, we should have garlic, we should have ginger, another thing that we should have at home is aloe.You know, you should have aloe plants at home.Boy, are they great if you ever get cut.Not cut, burned, sorry.If you get a burn in the kitchen, or you burn yourself on the oven, you don't use garlic oil, you don't use ginger, you don't use wheatgrass for that moment.Wheatgrass comes later, it's great to really do the.

Final healing, but you use aloe.It's so great, like.A sweet story.Our little blake, when he was two years old, had never seen hot tea, and i had friends from sweden, it was christmas, and we had friends from sweden, so everybody drinks tea, of course.So i had just poured in the cups in the kitchen, i had just poured the hot, hot water into the tea, and i was just going to bring them to the table.Well, blake came in to the kitchen and he saw the fumes,.

You know, it was so funny how he looked.So he takes one of this cups and it falls right on his arm, burns all the skin.I ran up and i got big pieces of the aloe, and i cut slices and we put them all over his arm with gauze.The aloe sooths, and it heals, so it's great for burning, and in a few days, i kept on doing that and repeated, changed.In a few days it was all healed, you know.So aloe is great, if you don't.

Have a garden, put a few plants in your kitchen.You know, this should just be there.So, aloe, if you have a baby or grandkids and they have diaper rash, then this aloe is the best you can do there, or., things like that, so lots of uses.Now, aloe was used by the native americans for just about everything, so aloe we can also use internally.Yes, we use it a lot at the institute, especially of course, for gastrointestinal problems.If we count with colitis or chron's, or you know,.

Diverticulosis or anything, constipation, diarrhea, you know.Well, you can drink if it's liquid.Well, if you made it yourself, or if you bought it you can drink two, three ounces twice a day.Oh, if you take fresh that would be great.Two, three ounces twice a day.You know, the more urgent, in the beginning take more.So aloe definitely have, should be at home, so that's another thing.I'm trying to think what else do you need and you're covered.So books are great, the silver should be at home,.

Ginger, sea salt, cayenne, is easy, some aromatherapy oils, especially if you have anxiety and, you know it's been a tough day, keep things like ylangylang is great, lavender too, it helps you relax at night.So you take that before you go to bed and you have much, much better sleep.Of course, you know, there's so much talk about sleep, every other ad on tv is about sleeping problems, i mean you would think nobody sleep, you know these days.You know, the two things that we have problems with.

Is obviously acid reflux and sleeping, because that is what it's all about.We'll talk about acid reflux.You know that we make a new stomach lining every five days so we find at the institute that most people, if they come in and they're already on antiacids, they could usually leave them in a week because the diet has worked so well.I mean, most people are so happy to see how fast they don't need that, and how fast it's coming with the alkaline diet, and especially living food diet.

You know, so, that's not a big problem, but we're making it a big, big, problem.And of course, we need to relax, you know, we need to relax before we go to sleep.If we bring all our problems to bed, we're going to lay there and think forever.Calcium of course is an old trick to help us sleep better, magnesium helps, especially if we have sleep problems and also get cramps at night.So keep magnesium, so many uses for that, magnesium.So, you know, and exercise.We take a walk every night,.

Of course when you have a dog you have to take a walk, that is a must, but just taking a good walk before you go to sleep.You know, they found that if we take a walk, if we walk one mile, especially if we want to lose weight, let's say we want to lose weight.If we walk one mile a day, in a week we lose a pound, just from walking one mile a day, can you imagine now, thinking about that, most people especially starting with raw food,.

Find that they lose weight, and they don't want to lose weight so that's the first question we get at the institute.I don't want to lose weight now, so what can you do with me.And, you know it takes resistance training to really keep bone weight and muscle weight, and that's really the weight we should have, we shouldn't have the weight of heavy duty, cooked foods, cause they put weight on you, but that's not the weight we should have, you know.We should have weight from muscles and bone weight,.

So it takes resistance training, it takes things like we do yoga, we do pilates, you know.It really takes, even weight training.So, you know, if you haven't started that yet, think about it.The food is only going to take us that far, the next step is that we need to do resistance training.And you know, with resistance comes strength, in every which way, you know.So i want to be open for questions, now i can open.Yes audience member when you're travelling and you want to do an implant,.

If there's nothing else, could you use powder yes, you can bring any blue green algae, or you could use chlorella powder.It just needs to have some chlorophyll powder when you travel, you know, and that's great when you travel to make a green drink out of it too if you can find one.Yes audience member i had someone ask me why is it every seven years that we regenerate.No, we regenerate constantly, but in seven years we've gone through everything, we've biochemically changed every cell in your body,.

But we change totally.You get a new skeleton every three months, new skin every month, i mean it's constant, but some takes much longer, so in seven years you have biochemically change every cell in your body.And there's definitely something to seven, like we fast every seventh day, we take a day of rest, we just drink juice.Audience member it has something to do with the calendar.Yes.It definitely does.So, you know, it's very good to take a break every seventh.Not everybody is ready right.

Away, a lot of people of course with diabetes or really low blood sugar is not maybe ready, but what we find, the first week a lot of people hold off doing the fast, and usually by the second and third they want to try, and they're surprised how easy it was, because of course we do juices all day, so you're getting your nourishment to keep, you know, to keep everything going.So water fast is not something we promote in anyway, when you fast we do juices, you know.

Yes audience member probiotics, you said well, when we take antibiotics take double, is there a better time let's say, because i say that, well, i could give antibiotics to the cats for certain conditions, i wonder when should i give it, in between to the cats audience member a couple hours after your cats get antiobiotics audience member yes.Oh, wow! audience member i'm a veterinarian.Yes, that's right! audience member and i treat them with antibiotics.Do you do.

Oh, sweet.Well, anyway, the thing is.I guess you should do it in between then, to.Audience member .I have a sweet story about a cat.Audience member .At night so they're.But.Do they.Always, in between, they'll manage to rest.Yes, let me tell you a sweet story about a cat.You know, you cannot make a cat do this naturally if they had a problem.So we had a cat and the cat came in, it was at the in.

Sweeden years ago, so this cat came in and had no hair on her, she was so skinny, and she was a big cat otherwise.So the.The owner came in with this cat, took a room with two beds, one for the cat, one for him, and i tell you, this cat could hardly move.So what we did, we took her into the shower, showered her wet, and then i put garlic oil all over her, and you know what she did she licks it up, of course, and i tell you, in two weeks.

That cat jumped off the second floor, balcony, and she was in full swing, back to normal.So the cat of course, if you want to give her something, you put it on her fur and she will lick it up.Audience member ok, so i'll go.Yes.Alright.Now, it's been wonderful to talk to you, and you know, we have more time, hopefully i'll see you at the institute or you can keep in touch with us, but it's been great, thank you.Audience thank you.

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