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Nicholas gonzalez md nyc custom diet announcer hello, because food is our fuel it is essential that we use the proper type of fuel for our particular genetic makeup.Unfortunately, most conventional cancer s don't understand why this is important.Enjoy the tutorial.Interviewer , you talked about diet and how you personalize a diet.Why do you need to do that and how do you determine which diet for which person Gonzalez humans are very variable species and we've occupied just about every ecological niche around the world except traditionally there was no one living in antarctica, but.

You have, for example, the eskimos lived on an all meat diet and they were studied extensively at the turn of the last century by mcgill university between 1929 and 1934 they sent a team to study the eskimos.Traditional eskimos lived on nothing but red meat.You think about it up in the arctic.There are no fruits and vegetables in the next season.All there is lichen and lots of meat caribou, seals, walruses, fish, salmon, whales.That's what they lived on.The traditional eskimo diet was 100 animal products.Eighty percent fat, 20 protein.

Was a really high fat diet, huge amounts of saturated fat and traditional eskimos never had heart disease, stroke, hypertension diabetes.Only when they moved into the towns and villages and started eating white sugar, white flour, carbohydrates, then that's when they developed epidemic diabetes, heart disease, mental illness, cancer.Traditional eskimos never had mental illness.So humans are very variable.Then you get equatorial peoples who were surrounded by thousands of edible plants, tubers, fruits, nuts, seeds, not as much animal protein.You have the maasai in kenya that traditional lived on nothing but milk and blood and some.

Meat, and they had herds of cattle.When they would drink, the average maasai warrior would drink a quart, up to a gallon of raw milk a day with blood and it was a high fat milk.Then you go up to the high andes.You've got the traditional descendants of the incas that lived on a grainbased diet, so humans traditionally adapted to a variety of different diets with varying amounts of animal protein, fruits, vegetables, nuts seeds and grains.Polynesians, for example, lived in a completely different diet.It was a coconutbased diet.They ate.

Fish, you know, some wild animals, but a lot of it was coconutbased.They would eat new coconutfruit.They will make coconut oil.Drink the coconut milk.Eskimos never drank coconuts.They didn't have coconuts.But the polynesians thrived on that.So if these traditional cultures could not do well on these idiosyncratic diets, they would have died out.The fact is the eskimos physiologically and biochemically are adjusted to eating red meat and like lions and tigers eat nothing but red meat and they do great.Try and feed a lion greens or grains.

And they are going to be dead in six weeks.Gazelles eat nothing but grain.Gazelles never eat meat.They eat nothing but grass on the, you know, savannahs.So humans were about as variable.You got the eskimo lines eating nothing but red meat, the maasai drinking milk, doing great on milk, traditional maasai were extremely healthy and they drank a gallon of milk a day, raw of course.Then you think of polynesians living on coconuts and they would get fat from other things as well.So different groups of humans adjusted to different.

Diets, and in the u.S.Particularly, you know, we're a melting pot, we're famous as that.We got people that are genetically meateaters, genetically vegetarians, and everyone in between, and it's absolutely critical to provide the right diet or prescribe the right diet for each patient, you know, food is fuel.You know, you have a mercedesbenz and you put water into it, it just ruins your car.On the other hand if you have a steam engine, you put diesel fuel into a steam engine, it's going to explode.You put water into a steam.

Engine and it works fine.Well, humans are about as variable.Food is fuel.You have to put the right fuel into the right engine otherwise it isn't going to work well, and the right engine for us, you know, the right, the engine that we are requires the right food, the right fuel.You know, eskimo and geneticallybased meat eaters need fatty red meat and they thrive on it and never get heart disease.People who have genetics from more of a plantbased group like from the equatorial area, they need fruits and veggies and leafy.

Greens and that kind of thing, and that, you give the body the right fuel, the right food, it works better, whatever the problem is be it cancer or toenail fungus, the body will work better with the right food which is the fuel that keeps us going.Announcer thank you for watching.Please drop by our website, gonzalez where you can read about some of our cancer patient successes.Once you are there, you can sign up to be on our announcement list, so we can keep you up to date.Have a great day.

Rods Story Of His Cancer Healing Non Hodgkins Lymphoma

Rods story of his cancer healing non hodgkins lymphoma,Rod friend discovered a lump in his neck and when it was removed it was diagnosed as an aggressive high grade non hodgkins lymphoma he was asked to. 3105921813 lung cancer tumors stopped growing hodgkins lymphoma kangen water machines,3105921813 lung cancer tumors stopped growing hodgkins lymphoma cancer free kangen water machines1723. The alkaline diet acupuncture,After being diagnosed with stage 2a hodgkins lymphoma portland middle school teacher nick thompson turns to alternative medicine to help him battle.

Neck mass biopsy waiting on diagnosis,Yesterday i had a biopsy on my 3 12 inch neck mass we are assuming its lymphoma a blood cancer of the lymphatic system i share here some backstory and. Robert o young the ph miracle diet tutorial,The man and his wife the pioneers of health in a greed driven world of ours medically and otherwise the troika of pharmaceuticals s and labs killing. Jons story natural victory over vicious lymphoma,Bestzapper discover how jon beat a very aggressive lymphoma that was crushing his lungs all conventional treatments failed leaving him.

Heal all cancer with this diet,Tom fisher had stage 4 cancer and was given a 40 chance to live more than 5 years he learned about the raw food diet and 13 years later he is cancer free.

Actress stage iv hodgkins cancer cured,The health show lourdes colon is an actress standup comedian and most important a cancer survivor tv host author and researcher sal dibella host the. Every cancer can be cured in weeks explains dr leonard coldwell,Ihealthtube dr leonard coldwell states that every cancer can be cured within 16 weeks dr coldwell states how thats possible in this tutorial.

Detox Cleansing Drainage Of Your Lymphatic System Dr John Douillard DC

Detox cleansing drainage of your lymphatic system dr john douillard dc,Read the associated article lifespathemiracleoflymph sign up for our free weekly tutorial newsletter lifespanewslettersignup like us on. Breast cancer prostrate cancer colons before after kangen alkaline water kangen testimonials,You wouldnt believe the difference between these cancer patients colons after drinking kangen water 2622155348kangen6alife breast. Why drink kangen water,Thanks for supporting our team in our fight against leukemia and lymphoma team in training is making a difference thats why we support our team in.

Dog cancer diet what to feed a dog with cancer,Dogcancerkit a dog cancer diet is much different than a healthy dogs diet dog cancer veterinarians dr demian dressler and dr susan ettinger. Non hodgkins lymphoma uterine cancer dr joel wallach,Wallachslog call 1774 3221690 dr joel wallachs books amznto1lctpzq dr joel wallachs products 1u2f355 dr joel. Nicholas gonzalez md nyc custom diet,Nicholasgonzalezmd personalized diet dr nicholas gonzalez md in nyc always prescribes a diet personalized for each of his patients.

Successful stage 4 lymphoma treatment,Charlotte talks with her treating physician dr ben johnson about her recovery from lymphoma given 8 weeks to live and having 2 liters of fluid drained off of her. Dr robert morse the raw truth questions answers 342,Dr robert morse the raw truth questions answers 342 1033 laurent i live in hawaii and cant come to florida i am a person who likes a diet made. Low dose chemo insulin potentiated therapy alkaline diet hyperbaric oxygen drbennmdgmail,Via youtube capture.

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Kangen alkaline water effects on the blood,Learn more about the 3 amazing properties of drinking kangen alkaline water powerful antioxidant microclustered watervisit my website at. Lymphoma vs medical grade water from japan 7606194125,To learn more visit stapintohealth lymphoma is a type of cancer involving cells of the immune system called lymphocytes just as cancer. Stage 3 colon cancer paul lai recovers with alkaline water 717339,Usakangenwater does kangen water help colon cancer cancer thrives in an acidic body your body is 75 water hydrating your body with.

Acid reflux lymphoma,Acid reflux lymphoma acidrefluxproducttruths gastroesophageal reflux illness gastroesophageal reflux illness gerd is a condition in which the. Cancer and sickness reversing alkaline water,Becoming less acidic means a body is healing and free radicals are reduced consuming more alkaline foods like green smoothies will increase your. Cancer is fungus and curable with baking soda part1,Dr simoncini cancer therapy treat cancer with sodium bicarbonate dr simoncini is a roman specialising in oncology diabetology and in metabolic.

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