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Hey bert middleton here, and i am going to introduce you to the right water! this machine right here makes ionized alkaline water.Now when someone's having a gout attack, that means the reached extreme levels of acidosis...And because our bodies are made up of like, seventy trillion cells, i'd like to bring a little bit more understanding to the importance of the acidalkaline balance.Now this is the way thomas edison put it he said the every cell...Thinks ...

Every cell is a living organism in and of itself, and the cells of our bodies, they all kind of float in what's called interstitial fluid and if this interstitial fluid, this water, that carries fuel and nutrients to our cells.And they has to go through the cell wall, to get to the inside where's it's used, where it's burned to create energy, and it's in that burning , that creates waste...And that waste has to pass back through the cell wall to get to the interstitial fluid, so it can be.

Carried off and eliminated.And that's kind of where the problem starts to begin, because the cell wall is made up of basically fat.And when fat starts to oxidize, it becomes thick, and sticky, and it won't let the nutrients in, and it won't let the wastes out how does that happen well, it's just natural part of metabolism, but it can be made much worse, and it can be made to happen much faster...Through poor living habits through a bad diet, through breathing bad air,.

Through not getting enough sleep, from getting all stressed out there's all of those kind of things that can create this and make it happen much faster.But, here's what we can do about it this is the good thing about the right water...About alkaline ionized water...It does three things...To begin with, because of the ionizing process, it makes the water a huge antioxidant, and that makes it very good for the cell wall, because it helps clean up,.

Repair that, repair and preventive, that oxidative damage to the cell wall...The second thing is that it's alkaline ...And alkaline is the opposite of acid, so it helps to raise our body chemistry back up into a balance of ph.And third, is that it changes the molecular structure of the water...It actually makes the water molecule smaller, so they're much more easily absorbed by the cell and to begin with, most people are dehydrated in the first place.So i'm going to try to bring this to a little bit close, and i'm going to do it like this.

Gout...In and of itself, is a huge indicator of an overly acidic bodily condition, i.E., too much uric acid...But you know what so is heart disease, so is diabetes, and so is cancer, and so is almost every other disease.So because the conversation about acidosis and ionized alkaline water is a much longer one, my phone number and email address on the screen here, and what i'd like you to do, is call me...Send email, let's get this conversation started,.

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Bert middleton here! the gout killer! i've been wanting to do this tutorial for a long time and wanting to tell you about this book i've been talking about it for......For years now.This is almost like the gout bible alkalize or die by Theodore baroody, and i just want read you a little bit out of the first chapter, just to set the tone so that you'll understand why this book is so damn and important to us...Folks with gout.

So, i'm going to read it to you.We're going to start out here in first chapter, i'm going to read you one paragraph and you're going to understand the whole thing here we go...Part one the chemistry of alkaline acid chapter one what exactly is alkaline and acid i know you've been wanting to know that question...You've wanted the answer to that question for a long time now haven't you so here we go...00116.590,00119.610 the countless names attached to.

Illnesses do not really matter i say that all the time! what does it matter, is that they all come from the same from the same root cause...Too much tissue acid waste in the body.How do you know if your system is too acid you need to have blood, urine, or saliva tests at present, no tests can accurately gauge how acid you are, because current diagnostic methods reveal only that acid wastes are present in body fluid blood, lymph, urine, mucous, saliva.Such tests.

Never give a reliable indicator of how much acid waste is actually in the system.Attempting to remove these acid wastes, the fluids, are always running through the tissues.Although it is possible to measure body fluid as being as being alkaline or acid, it is impossible to evaluate the state of body tissues skin, organs, glands, muscles, ligaments, arteries, and vessels.Based solely on blood urine or saliva tests.Unfortunately, waste acids that are not the eliminated when they should be, our reabsorbed from the colon, into the liver, and put back into general circulation.

Then they deposit in the tissues.It is these tissue residues that determine sickness or health! aha! that is what i've been trying to tell you! this is what i learned, now you know it...Now you don't even have to go buy this book.Anyway, that's all i've got for you this time, i really wanted to get that idea out there......Really, really important...Is that we all keep wanting to get all these uric acid tests of our blood, we're always worried about urine, saliva, you know, ph strips and all of that and.

It's a good idea, okay, but, just like he said in the book, it really represents more like a uh.Before and after a snapshot, it's what's stuck in your tissues that makes the difference.It's the uric acid and that is stuck in your connective tissues of your joints that is crystallizing, it's stuck there it's not in your blood anymore, it's not your pee, is not in your saliva, it's stuck in the tissues just like lactic acid, it causes sore muscles after our hard work out one.

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Alkaline diet the first step to manage gout asthma arthritis,For valuable related information go topositivepotentialau learn the first step take to gain wellness and high energy levels and to prevent gout. Alkaline water relieves gout pain,Visittrykangennow or call jason 6466206896 to learn more about our affordable financing options get your kangen water machine for. Understanding acid alkaline and the many myths on ph,Find your body type bodytypequiz how important is maintaining the acidity in your body dr berg explains what ph level means in your body and.

Where is the best place to learn about alkaline diet,Mike was a gout sufferer until he totally changed his diet and practice alkaline diet his gout is gone forever alkaline diet is not a short term diet it is a diet. Gout cures ionized alkaline water the right water 970 4855955,Thegoutkillergoutpreventionalkalinewater a gout attack is the ultimate expression of acidosis acid waste builds up as the cell membrane or cell. Gout tips tutorial alkalize or die the importance of acidalkaline balance,Thegoutkillermycounselors the first edition of alkalize or die by dr theodore baroody was published in 1991 the current edition the tenth.

Atkins diet misconceptions low carb diets and gout,In a response to a tv episode on the show royal pains i analyze the claims that a high fat diet will necessarily lead to the pain associated with gout and gout.

Foods good for gout to relieve your swollen painful big toe,Foods good for gout to relieve your swollen painful big toe discover how to relieve your sore joints and have pain free joints long term picture an experienced. Completely no pain no more gout attack,Update i retired just a month ago nov 2013 and continued to drink alkaline kangen water vicalcazarblogspot 5512219033.

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Alkaline kangen water cancer diabetes acid refluxgoutarthritishypertensionhigh cholesterol,Kangen water machines are manufactured by a 41 year old japanese company enagic kangen water is loaded with antioxidants alkaline and micro. Alkaline water improves the life of one man who suffered from diabetes gout and hypertension,Alkalinebuzz steve daily speaks about his remarkable experience of drinking ionways alkaline water. Alkaline ionized water is the best gout remedy 970 4855955,Thegoutkillergoutpreventionalkalinewater acidic waste builds up in our bodies in a number of different ways and high levels of uric acid are.

Aox antioxidant alkaline water stephens testimonial on gout problem,Gout is the accumulation of uric acid in the joints according to webster gout is a disease resulting from a disturbance of metabolism characterized by an excess. Gout may be helped by drinking ph ballanced alkaline water,We cannot make any claims however many people with gout and other aches and pains such as arthritis have found relief by drinking alkaline ph balanced. Kangen water and gout testimonial painful gout caused by inflammation relieved by alkaline water,If youve ever suffered with painful gout you need relief 262 2155348 inflammation caused by acidosiskangen6alife kangen water and gout.

Dr sebi finally breaks down foods to eat and foods not to eat,Dr sebi breaks down food to eat and foods not to eat in chicago il tutorial taped by mrg. Aox antioxidant alkaline water soon hais testimonial on gout and sinus,Arthritis gout many different forms of arthritis and gout are the result of acid accumulation in the joints heavy people add more pressure on their joints thus. Your ultimate gout cure that get rid of high uric acid for good,Understandyourgout find out how is gout comes about and how to cure it by reversing the uric acid accumulations process 100 effective.

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Aox antioxidant alkaline water mr gohs testimonial on gout problem 2 interviews,Arthritis gout many different forms of arthritis and gout are the result of acid accumulation in the joints heavy people add more pressure on their joints thus. Gout cure dont live with pain use this gout diet remedy,Tinyurlpbnla84 gout cure dont live with gout pain use this gout diet remedy are you tired of suffering with joint pain and inflammation is your life on. 7 the acid akaline balance barbara oneill,7 the acid akaline balance barbara oneill this presentation is talks about acidic and akaline foods to the body great for those also suffering from arthritis or.

How to relieve gout pain by getting your gout treatment at home,Goutdietremedy how to relieve gout pain by getting your gout treatment at home gout diet live without gout pain with this gout diet remedy. Treating gout with cherry juice,Subscribe to dr gregers free nutrition newsletter atnutritionfactssubscribe and get a free excerpt from his latest nyt bestseller how not to. How to drink baking soda the natural remedy drinking baking soda for health,Simple demo on how to drink baking soda marcus guiliano is the chef owner of aroma thyme bistro located in the bountiful hudson valley of new york.

Try reading the gout remedy report review to find out the best way to cure gout,The gout remedy report written by joe barton is a new book that provides you with helpful techniques on how to treat gout naturally and efficiently the gout. Alkaline diet food secrets and common myths revealed,Alkaline diet myths and secrets are revealed here by mike adams the health ranger learn more at naturalnews. Gout diabetes kangen water helped with his diabetes gout hypertension blood pressure,Kangen water helped with his diabetes gout hypertension blood pressuretrykangennow a lot of people have the question what is alkaline.

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