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Clean Eating 101 Busting Myths About Plantbased Proteins

Most of you are probably aware of the national food guide pyramid that divides macro nutrients, carbohydrates, protein, and fats, into segments.The thrive forward pyramid is completely different.It doesn't segregate those.When you eat plant based whole foods, it all just works itself out and you never have to seek out specific macronutrients.A common misconception about plant based diets is that they don't provide enough protein.That's simply not the case if you eat a plant based whole food diet.So even things like pseudo grains.Amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat,.

Wild rice, they're all around 20 protein.Spinach and kale 45 protein.Spirulina and chlorella are around 65 protein.So when you get a lot of variety in foods that maybe aren't as common to some of you, you're going to get enough protein, no problem.Plus, eating plant based proteins are better for the environment because less of each natural resource is used in its production.Also, you're eating lower on the food chain.So you're simply not taking in as many herbicides, pesticides, hormones, anything like that.Also, plant based whole foods.

Are alkaline forming, which means they reduce inflammation, and they're good for bone health.And digestibilities can be better as well so the net gain of plant based whole foods is going to be better.Another common misconception about plant based diets is that they don't provide complete protein.That's simply not the case.There are many complete sources of plant protein.A complete protein contains all ten essential amino acids, meaning you have to take them in through diet.Your body won't produce them.While there are several sources of complete plant based protein, it's.

Actually better to combine them to get what's called a flat line amino acid profile.So that means that not only is each amino acid present, but is very well represented.So for example, you could combine hemp protein, pea protein, rice protein, saviseed protein, and you're going to get what's called a flat line amino acid profile and that's ideal.So vega one that's what we do.We combine those multiple sources, and that's optimal.One of the biggest misconceptions about a plant based diet is that you can't build muscle on it.

That's just simply not the case.I'm an endurance athlete, so it's all about strength to weight ratio.I want to be strong, but i want to stay light.But what if you want to build muscle like a body builder a power lifter a football player you can absolutely do it.Right after a work out, if you have properly combined a plant base shake that has saviseed, hemp protein, pea protein, and rice protein, then that's a big advantage.It's going to help reduce inflammation after the workout over an animal source.Plus, it has all the.

The Standard American Diet Increased Cancer Rates Dr David Brownstein

David brownstein let's go back to diet.I think diet should beyou know, i call this the basics.Basic 1 is let's eat a better diet.When we were growing up, we learned in elementary school the food pyramid.The food pyramid showed that we should eat the majority of our food as grains.I remember there was a big loaf of bread there and crackers and grains were down in that big part of the food pyramid.Fats and oils were up on top and says, use sparingly.Well, i could tell you we followed that food pyramid since.

It was introduced, i believe, in the early 1970s or late 1960s.And, the consequences of us, the american people, following this food pyramid was that we ate more grains, we limited our fats and oils in our diet, we switched our fat intake from primarily animal fat products to using polyunsaturated vegetable oils like corn oil and soybean oil and some other oils that are commonly sold in the grocery stores.The consequences of that is we've become the most obese people on the face of the planet.We have more diabetes.

Than we know what to do with.We have more metabolic syndrome than we know what to do with, and i say it's a direct result of following the usda's recommendation of following the food pyramid.Ty bollinger following the sad american diet.Brownstein it makes people sad and it makes people fat and makes people diabetic.Certainly, once diabetes comes onto play, cancer and other illnesses follow suit as the blood sugar goes up, since cancer cells require blood sugar to function to rev their metabolic rate.Ty bollinger so, B, you just mentioned the sad american diet, the fact that.

We got the pyramid with the grains and the oils at the top, very few, use sparingly.What should a healthy food pyramid look like David brownstein well, in one sense, maybe we could flip the food pyramid on its axis and make the grains use sparingly because grains turn into sugar very quickly.I frequently tell my patients to limit grains in a diet and to use a lot more fats in their diet, because fat slowly releases into the body.So what should it look like i say people should eat whole foods, free of pesticides,.

Free of hormones and organic food, absolutely.Organic animal products can be very healthy for people, such as organic eggs and organic meats and any organic product.It definitely needs to be free of pesticides, because we know pesticides are not metabolized well in the body.There are carcinogenic studies with pesticides.If we get enough of them in our body, and certainly with the hormones they're feeding the animals and the conventionally raised animals, that's a big problem.I think that's one of the things that's causing one in seven women to have breast cancer and one in three men to have prostate.

Cancer.Ty bollinger just off the top of my head, i'm thinking.So the hormones in the meats, the chickens.Could that be one of the reasons that so many young girls are going into puberty so early David brownstein well, there's no question that's one of the reasons girls are going into puberty so early.There's no question that's why breast size has increased over the years, and there's no question that's why breast cancer has increased.For men it's prostate cancer.There's no reason they need to feed these hormones.

Alkaline Food Chart Super Foods Living Alkaline Food Chart

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NO Disease Including CANCER Can Live In An Alkaline Environment Kangen Alkaline Water Can Help

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