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How Medicare s are Paid to Keep You Sick Dr Irvin Sahni

Irvin sahni the bottom line is this.s are incentivized the wrong way in my opinion, they're incentivized the wrong way.So if you believe that the goal is to prevent disease to begin with rather than just simply treat it once it occurs.In other words, if you believe that being proactive is more important than being reactive then you would agree with what i'm about to say.If i see a patient who has medicare, just because so many s see medicare and the fee schedule is constant,.

I will bill medicare based on certain variables.Okay.And some of thoseits very complicated, of course, just like the tax code is very complicated.But to simplify there's two very commonly used codes.It's a 99213 and a 99214.A 99213 is just an evaluation of visit, an existing patient, i've been seeing them for years.And when he comes in i can either billi can bill a 992a 12345, okay, almost never a one, almost never a five, things usually lay in the middle depending on what kind of you.

Are and how sick your patients are.But an average, normal person comes in and i'm going to bill medicare.If i bill medicare at 99213 in texas right now you get about 40 bucks.Okay.If i bill medicare a 99214 i get about a 100 dollarspretty big spread there.60 dollars is quite a bit.So if there's something you could do to get an extra 60 dollars you're going to do it.So one way i can get aconvert a 99213 to ait's not totally simple.You have to have asked a lot of other.

Questions but the bottom line is at the very end you have to show medical decision making.Its called medical decision making.So i can sit there and ask a bazillion questions but if i just say take an aspirin and i'll never see you again a 99214 would be inappropriate because you haven't done anything.You haven't used your brain.Okay.So assuming all the right questions are asked up to that last step i would thenif i make a difficult decision, okay, then i get paid more for making that difficult decision.And.

If i don't i have to down code that.So how canwhat are the ways to convert a 99213 to a 4.One is i can sit there for exactly 45 minutes and document that and educate that patient.I can talk to them about diet, nutrition, far infrared sauna, whatever i want.I can sit there for a full 45 minutes and have a completely valid conversion that medicare would have no problem with.Ty you wouldn't get as many patients then.Irvin sahni i wouldn't get so many patients that way.But if i simply change.

A drug, if i change their blood pressure medication, i change their pain medication, i change their diabetes medication, or i sign them up for a procedure, i'm a proceduralist.I do do a lot of procedures.If i sign them up for a procedure that dictates higher level of medical decision making an instantly i go to a 99214.So let's focus on the medicine side because so many s do that.Well, what are people going to do i mean we all have bills to pay, right.And so if i can see ten patients an hour by.

Simply flipping from one drug to the next and make a thousand dollars by seeingwell ten patients in an hour would be a lot so maybe i'm exaggerating.But let's say four patients an hour, okay.If i could see four patients an hour and just flip some drugs i just wasi just billed out 400 dollars.Or, i could sit there and actually educate the patient, try to help them prevent their disease, to truly find solutions, true healthcare solutions, but i'm only going to get that extra 60 dollars and i'm going to.

Spend 45 minutes doing that.So peopleso s are unfortunately put in a position where, number one, the patients also, by the way, don't want to hear a lot of times how they need to lose weight, quit smoking, change their lifestylesome do, some don't.So i mean i don't want to be unfair, but the s also, you know, don't want to take that time to do that because they can make so much more money.I mean, you know, and i'm not trying to beat on s here.I'm really not.This is just, you know, if you're a.

Mechanic and you can fix alternators for 100 dollars a pop and you can put air in tires for five dollars a pop and they take the same time.Where do you think you're going to put your efforts, right i mean you know, certainly there's s that are very altruistic and do mission work and things like that.But i mean most s are trying to make a living.And so the system is designed to create chronic disease.There's no money in being healthy.There's no money in being dead.All the money is in being.

Chronically ill.And so the way the remuneration works for physicians even with medicare is that it encourages more drugs to be written, switch from one drug to the next.You know, get out of here.15 seconds i'm done.99214.You know.So by design i feel like the system is flawed.And that's, you know, and who do you think is paying the congress people, you know, money for their next election campaign, some small town who's trying to educate people on how to lose weight or pfizer.

Black Women And HPV You Must Eat Healing Foods To Heal

Black women and hpv you must eat healing foods to heal,This channel is dedicated to africanamerican women in the fight to clear hpv we are warriors who believe a diet high in fruits and vegetables. Dr sebi finally breaks down foods to eat and foods not to eat,Dr sebi breaks down food to eat and foods not to eat in chicago il tutorial taped by mrg. Oral hpv or any hpv virus can be reversed 100 naturally,Stop thinking hpv of all types will forever be in your body if done properly the bodys immune system can fight it and you can overcome this disease.

Can you get rid of hpv diet effects genital warts howtogetridofgenitalwarts,I created this tutorial with the youtube tutorial editor editor what is hpv what causes hpv how hpv can affect you and how can you. Dr sebi curing critical diseases naturally with cell food full tutorial,Openupyourmind101 exclusive full interview with sebi eliminate heal cancer aids with fresh living food treating michael jacksons medical. Every cancer can be cured in weeks explains dr leonard coldwell,Ihealthtube dr leonard coldwell states that every cancer can be cured within 16 weeks dr coldwell states how thats possible in this tutorial.

Acid and alkaline foods bringing them into focus,Tanglewoodwellnesscenter loren discusses the differences between acid and alkaline foods and acid and alkaline forming foods including.

Dr oz 5 ingredients you should stop eating right now the oprah winfrey show own,Original airdate may 1 2006 from animal fat to highfructose corn syrup there are some food ingredients that should be avoided at all costs watch as dr oz. The jackson therapy eat what you want to heal herpes cancer mold hpv aids hiv etc,The jackson therapy international mycolonisfilthy 4049199671.

Your Body Needs To Be Alkaline

Your body needs to be alkaline,Ihealthtube dr leonard coldwell says you have a better chance of getting cancer if your body is too acidic find out how to get your body more. Hpv vaccine used as population control,Ihealthtube dr leonard coldwell talks about the hpv vaccine and why its now approved for boys as well as girls. Dr sebi man found cures for all diseases and has the supreme court ruling to prove it,Here for more information about dr sebi soulspottvblogmanfoundcuresforalldiseasesandhasthesupremecourtrulingtoproveit credits.

Dr sebi god food the cure for aids cancer heart disease pt 1 of 2,Dr sebi god food the cure for aids cancer heart disease part 1 of 2 sfacebookgroups907050702712163frefnf. Dr sebi confirms that there is no disease that cant be cured,See dr sebi at home like you never seen him before i feel so blessed to have captured this moment on film must see. Benefits of hydrogen peroxide h2o2 miracle cure,Benefits of hydrogen peroxide h2o2 miracle cure get your free alkaline foods chart.

Natural mystic healing with master herbalist patrick delves healthy eating tips foods you should eat,They say im malnourish cause i eat once per day four days a week they eat three meals of cook foods per day which i call dead foods i eat live foods so tell. Fungal expert mold cancer survivor speaks on dr sebi teaching about the alkaline diet,The jackson therapy international mycolonisfilthy 4049199671. Baking soda kills cancer1of2 matches nc dr 30years ago he cure his cancer 5 days ytvitoverns ch,Also seejimhumblebiz films atjimhumble 21 protocolsprograms with mms mms2 iam not a guy in film is also.

Minister Enqi Sunday School Herpes HPV On Bootlegg Cellphone Camera Part 1

Minister enqi sunday school herpes hpv on bootlegg cellphone camera part 1,Theamberinstitute momas biotics herbal supplement. Can you live twice as long and cure all diseases on an all raw food diet,Wayne green died september 13 2013 age 91 like comment subscribe.

Review after taking dr sebi products,Explaining my initial experience with the products. The strong link between oral sex cancer leadership to cure,s are seeing a startling increase in head and neck cancer caused by hpv the same virus that causes cervical cancer learn more. How medicare s are paid to keep you sick dr irvin sahni,Visit our websitethetruthaboutcancer join ttacs 500k fb fans sfacebookthetruthaboutcancer support our mission by.

Herpes cure hidden,Herpes cure realgenitalherpescure the herpes cure has been hidden due to corporate greed and power pharma will not give up the billion. Gardasil vaccine katie couric cyber lynching,Nvics barbara loe fisher reveals facts on hpv and the public criticism of katie couric for allowing vaccine injury stories to be aired on katie.

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