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The Raw Chef TV Raw food almond chocolate chip cookie recipe

Music playing hi.How are you doing it's russell james.You're watching the raw chef tv.In this episode, i'm going to show you how to make these amazing raw cookies with almond pulp.If you remember a couple of episodes ago, i showed you how to make nut milk, and i promised you that i will change this recipe with what you can do with the almond pulp that results from it.So i'm going to make these cookies, and them i'm going to show you some really fun raw chocolate chips to go with.

Them as well.That's definitely something to get kids involved in, so let's get into it now.So here we've got our almond pulp all ready to go.The other ingredients we're going to use are lucuma and powdered coconut sugar.Then we've got these raisins or you could use goji berries.And we're also going to use vanilla powder or half a vanilla pod, and then to sweeten and bind it we can use maple syrup.Now we also need some water standing because each different batch of almond pulp that you have vary in its.

Water content.So we'll add first of all our lucuma and our powdered coconut sugar.It just makes it easier if we stir as we go.Then we can add our raisins or goji berries, and then our vanilla powder in this case, and then finally our maple syrup.I'm also going to add a couple of pinches of himalayan salt here.So i'll mix that all in and take a look at what kind of consistency you've got.And if it's not binding together, then you're going to need a little bit of extra water.

Now when you add the water, just add it small amounts because obviously you can always add more but you can't take it out once it's in there.So when you get to the final consistency, it should be just kind of holding together but not too wet.Then we're ready to put that to one side and work on the chocolate chips.So for the chocolate chips, we've got half a cup of shaved cacao butter, melted, but we measure it before it was melted, one cup of cashews, three tablespoons of powdered.

Coconut sugar, 34 of a cup of water, half a cup of cacao powder, and a pinch of salt.Now we just blended that up, popped it into an icing bag, and then we've put it in the fridge for about 90 minutes to firm up, ready to make these chocolate chips.Then tape down on a piece of baking parchment and then cut just the very end of your icing bag off, maybe even too small to begin with, and just do a little test to see how that comes out.

Now with this one, it's forcing out a little bitit's not giving me a smooth consistency, so i'm going to take just a little bit more off.Best to do this in small pieces, and then we get just to the right amount so we can easily pipe these chocolate chips onto the baking parchment.So just fill the baking parchment with as many chocolate chips as you can.When you're done, transfer them onto a tray and then place them into the freezer for a few hours.So now we've got these beautiful, firm chocolate.

Chips out of the freezer.You can just unpick them from the baking parchment ready to go and just be stirred straight into the cookie mixture.So stir it all in and then we're ready to form the cookies.So take an ice cream scoop so that we get a nice even amount for each cookie, and then onto a nonstick dehydrator tray just place each cookie.You can get a really quick method going here.And then as you do them, just push them down into nice, round, homemade looking cookies.

So just do the whole tray all in one go, and then work your way through them, pressing them down into a cookie shape.And because we've got even amounts of cookie mixture in each one, it's ok if they look slightly different and look a bit more homemade.So when you're done, pop them into the dehydrator for about eight to 10 hours at 105 degrees fahrenheit, and you'll have these beautiful cookies was ready to go.So there we go then.Our cookies have been in the dehydrator for about 12 to 14.

Hours and they're all ready to go.So keep these in a sealed container in the fridge.They'll last for easily a week in terms of shelf life.Shelf life, they'll last a week, but in terms of how quick you're eating, they'll be gone quicker than that, i'm sure.Now the good thing about these is that when they're coming right out of the dehydrator, the chocolate chips in them will be squidgy because they'll be warm, but them as you put them in the fridge, then the chocolate chips will firm up.

Raw Food Dessert Chocolate Mousse Tart p1 An Easy To Make Raw Food Recipe

I love raw desserts.Raw desserts are so much better for you than the traditional versions because they're free of white flour, white sugar, saturated fats, dairy products, and wheatingredients that many people are trying to avoid.If you bring a raw dessert to a party, i guarantee you that people are really going to appreciate having something to eat that doesn't have those ingredients in it.But what's really amazing about raw desserts is how great they taste, and they're so easy to make.In many cases, it just takes minutes.

Any dessert that you make cooked, you can make raw.Cakes, cookies, pies, tarts, crisps, ice creams, mousses, puddings, candies.All of it.And in my book raw food made easy for 1 or 2 people, i give examples of all those different kinds of desserts.I have a sweet tooth, and i like dessert.There are just some basic substitutions to keep in mind.Ground nuts and coconut take the place of flour and butter, dried fruits and other natural sweeteners replace sugar, and avocado replaces cream, butter, and eggs.

Now it might seem strange to use avocado in a dessert, but if you think about it, cream and butter and eggs don't really have that much taste on their own.They just make desserts taste rich.And that's what the avocado does.Once you cover it up with different flavorings, you won't even know it's there.It's just going to make the dessert rich and creamy.I'm going to make a gourmet chocolate mousse tart that looks like it just stepped out of a bakery window, but you'll see how easy it is,.

Much easier to make than the traditional baked version.Let's start off with the crust.This crust is made out of walnuts and coconut.That's going to take the place of the flour and the butter.And also, some dates.These are medjool dates, which is a variety of date that's very soft and sweet, and that's going to bind the crust ingredients together and give a little bit of sweetness.And i'll add a pinch of salt as well.We're going to make this pie crust in the food processor,.

Which is the necessary tool for making a lot of raw food desserts the cakes, the cookies, and the pie crusts.Usually, i soak my nuts and seeds, but there is an exception to that, and that's the desserts.I'm using unsoaked walnuts right now, and the reason for that is i want a dry and crumbly texture in this pie crust.Same is true if you were going to use this nuts in a cake.You don't want it to be soggy or wet you want it dry and crumbly.

So these walnuts are not soaked.I'll go ahead and add those to the food processor.I'm also going to add some shredded, dried, unsweetened coconut, and that gives a lightness to the crust.If you use only nuts, the crust is going to be denser, but with the coconut, it'll be a little bit lighter.This really is going to take the place of flour.And a pinch of salt gives a nice, buttery taste to the crust.And we'll go ahead and process those ingredients until they're crumbly.That's looking good.

It's resembling coarse crumbs, and that's just what we want.Now i'm going to add the dates, just enough to bind these ingredients together.I removed the pits from these dates.All i did was pull them apart in half and just removed the pit.And i recommend buying dates that have the pits in them and taking out the pits yourself because if you buy them already pitted, they can sometimes be a little bit dry and they won't process as evenly.I'm just breaking these in half so that they process a little more quickly.

And now i'm going to process this mixture until it just begins to start binding together.That looks great.It s just starting to stick together.When i press it between my thumb and fingers, it holds, and that's what you're looking for.So now we're going to shape it.You don't need to roll out a raw pie crust.That's also another thing that makes it easier.It's shaped with your hands.So i'm going to pour this crumbly crust into a tart pan.You could also use a pie plate.

I'm just trying to make it a little bit fancier here.And this is a tart pan with a removable bottom.The bottom just comes right out, and that'll come in handy when we're unmolding it later.So the first step to shaping a raw pie crust is to evenly distribute the crumbs with your thumb and fingers.And i want to do this before i start pressing down at all.I want to get all those crumbs right where i want them.So i'm pushing them up the sides.There's a little piece of date there.

We'll just take that out.Sometimes that happens.You don't want to overprocess your crust, so it's better to underprocess it and have a little bit of date in there, and you can take it out.If you overprocess, it can get a little bit oily.So i'm just distributing these crumbs, and i'm making a lip up the side.You can see there's about halfinch to a threefourth inch lip here, and we'll need that when we press the sides in.And then i'm spreading the rest of the crumbs on the bottom.

It might look like we have a lot of crust here, but once we press it down, it's really going to condense.All right, so i've got those crumbs distributed and a threefourths inch lip around the sides, and now i'm going to begin pressing down the bottom.Just pressing firmly with my fingertips.I used walnuts and coconut in this crust, but there are so many variations.You could use almonds you could use macadamia nuts.That would be delicious, very buttery tasting.And i'm pressing especially firmly in this ridge where the bottom meets the sides,.

And that's important so that when you cut the pie or tart, it doesn't slope and you have a nice angle.Okay.We've got the bottom pressed down.Now i'm going to work on the sides.So the first step is i'm going to press in the sides using the side of one of my thumbs, and i'm going to use the other hand to just guide the crumbs so that they don't fall off.It doesn't need to look perfect yet.We can always go back and clean it up.

I'm just pressing this into the flutes at the side of the tart pan, and this would be the same step if you were using a pie plate.You just wouldn't have those flutes.Now i'll turn the pie or the tart and just continue pressing.All right, so now that i've pressed in the sides, i can just go around with my fingertips and just kind of clean up any of those edges, making it uniform.Just pinching.And there you have a homemade raw tart crust, much easier than rolling it out.

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