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Hey guys, Axe here from draxe.Today i'm going to be answering one of the most common food questions i get, and that is is kombucha healthy, and if so, what are the benefits well, i've seen kombucha touted for being this miraculous healing food, which i do think there are some great benefits of it.And i've also had other people say that it just seems like this sort of sugary juice that probably doesn't have a lot of health benefits.Let me say this.I think kombucha is fantastic in moderation.I think it's a great replacement.

For soda, a great replacement for fruit juice, and it's a way to get that sort of sparkling, sort of carbonated taste that a lot of us love in soda in a really healthy form.And also to say this, there are a lot of health benefits, four main health benefits that you're going to get by drinking kombucha.Now kombucha is made from a bacterial culture called a scoby.A lot of people think it's a mushroom.It's not, but it's a bacterial culture that actually helps create probiotics and enzymes.So there are a lot of health benefits of fermented foods.This is in the.

Family of fermented and cultured foods, which are going to really improve your overall digestive health.But let's jump into these four benefits you can have from drinking kombucha.The number one benefit of drinking kombucha is it has cleansing properties and detoxification properties.There's actually an organic acid that's created in kombucha called glucaric acid.This acid, actually in recent research, has been shown to help prevent cancer, also increase energy and support natural cleansing and detoxification of the body.So number one, kombucha is detoxifying and cleansing.Number two, kombucha contains glucosamine which are fantastic for your joints and hyaluronic.

Acid that's actually found in your joints.So this is very good for your body's ph and your overall joint health.So if you've got arthritis or joint pain, or you're an athlete, this is a fantastic thing to be consuming on a regular basis.The other great benefit, and the most notable benefit, of kombucha, is that it is also very, very beneficial for your digestive health.It's beneficial for your digestive health because it's packed with enzymes and probiotics, which help naturally support digestion.And one of the other things, number four here, is kombucha is also very beneficial because.

Of its antioxidants.It's also made with black tea.Black tea is actually very, very high in the form of flavonoid, which has also been shown to help in fat loss.And last but not least, kombucha, another side note, is great for energy.Actually, in fact a lot of energy drinks today and energy powders, they're actually freezedrying and drying kombucha into powder form and adding it into energy drinks, one, because of caffeine, but also there are a lot of massive health properties when it comes to kombucha.So remember, here are the five main benefits of kombucha.One, it supports detoxification.

And cleansing.Number two, it really, really helps improve overall joint health.Number three, it helps improve digestion.Number four, because of the antioxidants it improves your immune health.And number five, it has naturally energyboosting compounds.So again, last thing here about kombucha.I consume it, but consume it in moderation.Kombucha does have some sugar, so you don't want to go overboard with this.It is one of the best replacements for soda, best replacements for fruit juices.Find a good quality brand of kombucha.This is one of my favorites.It's blueberry by beyond organic.Great tasting.

Kombucha.Also, you can make kombucha at home.There are some really easy recipes.Typically it takes, a lot of people do it, over about a two week period of time.Just look up online, recipes for making kombucha.It's very, very simple.Drink more kombucha.You'll be healthier for it.If you want to learn more about naturally boosting your energy and burning fat, you can subscribe to this youtube.We put out tutorials every single week.Also, you can check out my website, draxe, for tips.This has been Axe with draxe.

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