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Hi, my name is phillip speer, i'm the executive pastry chef of uchi restaurants.Today we're going to make some delicious whole wheat biscuits, very simple recipe, only using about eight ingredients.You can make them from start to finish in about 20 minutes.So this is a basic biscuit recipe where i've subbed out whole wheat flour for the allpurpose flour.This is unbleached whole wheat flour that is really delicious, still high in nutrients, and i have some baking powder, a little bit of sugar, just for a little sweetness, and some salt.

I'm going to mix those together very well, you really don't want any clumps of the baking powder, not only will it affect the rise of your biscuit, it will taste really acidic and salty as well.So a neat little trick i've learned is to grate the butter rather than cutting up the butter because it makes the butter easy to work into your flour without overworking the butter.I've already grated some butter here, and we want to keep it very cold when mixing it into the flour, it looks kinda like grated cheese.

So this is a quick way to mix it in, and i'm really just trying to coat that butter with the flour, really to get it just barely incorporated before i add my liquid.And for the liquid i'm just using a little bit of cold milk here.So you see this is very simple this is the last ingredient besides finishing with the egg wash.And we're just pulling this together, and you really just want it to barely start to come together so as you can see i've mixed this just enough to bring it together.And so you can just take this and with your hands.

Bring it to whatever shape you want.I like to have it just over an inch in thickness, and remember there's a little bit of leaven in here so they will rise some.I'm gonna cut my biscuit this here i have about a 2 12 inch cutter i'm going to put this on a greased baking tray.This batch here will make about 8 biscuits.And remember, after you cut the biscuits, you want to keep using this dough, but you do not want to work it back into itself, so you're literally just bringing it back again.

Almost the same way, taking it down to the same size.Maybe use a little more flour, again you don't want to work too much more flour into it because that will completely change the consistency.When you can look through these layers and you can see those, those pieces of grated butter, and as soon as those bake and they hit the high temperature, they're gonna release water which is gonna make your biscuit much flakier, so you never want to see that butter completely worked in.Next we're gonna.

Take the egg wash, they egg wash is going to make this have a nice crispy sheen on the top.Egg wash is just one egg beaten with a little bit of water.Using cream will give it a darker color using water will just make a nice crispy glaze over the top.We're going to cook the biscuits 810 minutes until they're a dark golden brown with the sheen from the egg wash on the top.Those look great.You see they have a nice golden brown sheen to them, and they've risen about half an inch, meaning.


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Recipe Quinoa Cookies

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