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Hey folks it is barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen you might notice i have the old grab camera on the go at the moment that is because todays tutorial, hang on i will just feed boston, todays tutorial is a food fear and it is tasting a century egg so need to go to an asian supermarket to acquire it.So lets go for a little drive.Century eggs are basically eggs, i am trying to work out how to explain this, they are eggs that are not a century old, maybe a few.

Weeks or a month they are also known as one thousand year old eggs and are definitely not a thousand years old they look a bit weird we have to go up to bristol which is about 20 miles from my house, go to a huge asian supermarket and see what they are like so lets get going.This is why i like working from home i have moved like 5 minutes in half an hour, the joys of the commute.A spot of carpool karaoke.Here we are then folks the asian supermarket that is where my eggs are, there is some pretty.

Cool stuff in here really cool packaging and stuff but i must find the eggs.I am getting bewildered.Right that was a successful haul i wanted to stay in there for hours, the eggs they looked pretty quirky indeed i also bought something called a mama cup which is like a sea rice thing in a pot boy bawang sweet corn snack and some fortune cookies, lets get back home.Here we go then folks home sweet home i did try some of that boy bawang corn and it did.

Taste just like ice cream, will definitely have some more of that later, also i opened up my fortune cookie and i kid you not it said tuesday is your lucky day today is actually tuesday so maybe i will like these eggs after all, i have opened them up and had a look already they are very cold and weighty kind of like a dinosaur egg, a bit speckly and ill looking and it is very heavy.I am going to have a look to find out more about these.So according to huffington post, century eggs are preserved eggs aka preserved.

Eggs or millennium eggs they are not preserved for a thousand years it is a few weeks to a few months and it involves soaking the eggs in a saline solution duck, quail or chicken eggs are used i have duck, solution contains clash or salt or ash or sometimes rice it causes the yolk to take on a creamy cheese like texture and transforms the white into a dark coloured jelly.So i think i am ready to go with this and apparently if i like boiled eggs i will like these and i do like boiled eggs i am not intimidated.

By this but if you know what balut is thats something that does intimidate me but i know my good friend stuart ashen has tried one of these before.I am going to call him, he does not know i am ringing him i am really disappointed your voicemail does not say hello mate i am just about to have a century egg and know you are the expert you are obviously filming some tat box so wish me well mate, goodbye.Looks like we are doing this on our own then folks so i will take on egg and have a plate here, there is an enormous one here,.

But i think we will take the middle one as we do not want it to be un century egg half a century i do not know this one we are just going to tap it, yes, oh wow, ok, so the shell, oh my gosh can you see that shell coming out that must be the black jelly, the outer shell does remind me of the tiling in my bathroom i am taking my time and there is a thin membrane shell coming off too to reveal that lovely jelly i kind of want to do that trick with.

A boiled egg where you blow it and it pops out but i think we will savour the moment, alright that my friends is a gone off egg there is that black jelly we were talking about it kind of looks like one of those jelly candles, i want to put a wick in it and light it and give off the smell of gone off egg yeah that is strong not too bad but definitely eau du oeuf.I am just going to bring you in close folks as you will see and slice down, oh my gosh, oh good gosh look at that, it is like a solar.

System or something.It is fair to say my confidence has taken a little bit of a battering there, i was expecting it to be the jelly and then just the one colour, but instead we have the different stages of yolk preservation by the look of it almost like a bad tie die going on it does smell mildly like a stink bomb and looks like the indiana jones stones i guess i better eat it, i do not know if that is right but none of this is feeling.

Right at the moment, probably be able to hear that is boston having some water i am too to freshen the pallet let me see if he likes the smell of it.Ok i am going to have to wash my hands but lets get the opinion of someone else or something else, you want that dont you, ok i am going to wash my hands and give him a biscuit for helping out so if the pug can eat it i will too.That smell is not getting any better.

I am just going to go for it, here we go right through the middle half of it.Oh, this is one of the weirdest things i have ever eaten in my life surprisingly, that creaminess is alright i think it is a visual thing it does not taste to me like a boiled egg it is something different, the jelly has a real different dimension of texture, the jelly in itself that is a bit pointless and like eating a rubber band or something there is no need for it, ok maybe i should not smell it directly like that but this creamy bit.

The former yolk that has turned green i am making these faces because i am looking at this but the taste is alright it is almost sweet but not or savoury it is mild.I am not going to lie folks i have taken my time over that and finished my entire half i actually kind of like it if you can get over the visual half the smell is a bit like stink bombs but then again it is an egg it is kind of bland it needs seasoning salt or.

Pepper i can see why you serve it with ginger or slice up with other things traditionally but i had to take this thing on one on one but i did like it the creamy bit in the middle tastes like a very weak butter maybe just tastes a bit pointless on its own so i really suggest you guys get hold of some century eggs and try for yourself and see what you think, and for me personally it has opened my eyes to asian food, i would really like.


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Preserved Duck Egg Challenge Or Century Egg Challenge YIKES

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Chinese snacks episode 2 eating a century egg gag alert,Wikipedia description century egg or pidan chinese pinyin pdn also known as preserved egg hundredyear egg thousandyear egg. Mildew riddim mix mavado popcaan alkaline more april 2015,Mildew riddim mix mavado popcaan alkaline more mixed by copper ash produced by anju blaxuim records website krishgenius bbm. Preparation of washing soda and baking soda,Check us out at chemistrytutorvista washing soda washing soda is chemically known as sodium carbonate it is also referred to as soda ash or soda.

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