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AOK Alkaline Pitcher

Hello, this is robyn from positive potential.Clean, hydrogen rich, alkaline, antioxidant water is the best water for your health.Today i am going to demonstrate the aok alkaline pitcher.The aok alkaline pitcher creates silky smooth and sweet tasting water removes chlorine and other contaminants absorbs heavy metals such as lead, copper, mercury adds the essential alkaline minerals of calcium, magnesium and potassium produces alkaline water ph 8.5 to 10.Provides negative orp transforming water into antioxidant water the aok alkaline pitcher is economical each filter can filter 200 litres the filter ingredients active carbon, ion.

Exchange resin, negative potential particles are sourced from the united states it is bpa free easy and convenient to use portable suitable for singles, families or the workplace ergonomically designed as you can see the aok pitcher is available in either white or blue.An instruction brochure is included in the box.The aok pitcher includes a lid, funnel, filter cartridge and the pitcher itself.The capacity of the jug is 3.5 litres but the amount of filtered water is actually 2 litres.Before using the pitcher clean the funnel and pitcher in the dishwasher.

Or by hand.Don't immerse the lid in water just use a soft damp cloth to clean it by hand screw the filter into the base of the funnel place the funnel into the pitcher fill the funnel with cold water up to the brim.Repeat this two times and discard the filtered water.This will rinse away any loose activated carbon particles and will prepare the filter cartridge for use.Your aok alkaline pitcher is now ready to be used.How to set the indicator the lid has an electronic cartridge life indicator.

This can be set depending on how many people will be using the jug 1, 2, 3 or 4 people.The instructions on how to set the electronic indicator are in the brochure.When to replace the filter cartridge the lifespan of the filters depends on the number of people using the aok pitcher and the quality of the water.Here is an approximate guide.1 person 80 days 2 people 60 days 3 people 40 days 4 people 30 days the electronic indicator will show a blinking warning signal 'x' which means that the filter cartridge should be replaced within one week.

How to replace the filter cartridge unscrew the used filter cartridge from the funnel screw the new cartridge into the funnel fill the reservoir and discard the water two times reset and reactive the indicator here i have some samples of bottled water, tap water and tap water filtered through the aok alkaline pitcher.You will see that the bottled water is quite acidic.The tap water is around ph 7 and tap water after being filtered through the aok jug is around ph 10.You can purchase the aok alkaline pitcher here.Check out our website for special offers.


Alkaline mineral rich green soup for healthy bones and teeth,Life changing recipesregenerateyourlifedvd join the family sregenerationnation life changing dvds. How quality rich mineral alkaline water benefits your body,Clikapel894725093 experience the differences your body will feel when you drink quality water there is a simple natural way to get quality rich mineral. Clear2o mineral rich alkaline water filter pitcher,The clear2o mineral rich alkaline pitcher transforms regular tap water filtered clean mineral rich alkaline water this pitcher was designed to make healthy.

Alkaline smoothie rich in electrolytes,What ive learned recently is that up until certain limit our body has the phbuffering working for us to keep it in balance by releasing alkalinerich minerals such. Transitioning your diet to alkaline foods,Trysupergreens this tutorial will give you some tips techniques to get more alkaline raw water content rich foods into your diet and will. Alkaline foods and the power of blending,To blend green vegetables is a quick and effective way to alkalize your body which means bringing plenty of organic minerals vitamins and vital substances into. Top mineral rich foods,Top mineral rich foods natural vitamins and mineral vitamins and minerals chart other news mineral makeup natural minerals natural mineral cosmetics. Blueqq the ultimate portable alkaline mineral water ionizer,Blueqqsg 1 diet function 2 tap water simply change to alkaline mineral water 3 enjoy alkaline mineral water everywhere now enjoy mineral.


High alkaline foods,Bestalkalinefood a group of medical experts have published studies that shows high alkaline foods are beneficial to our health and wellbeing. Cleaning food with alkaline water,Emiraclewater kangen water is healthy drinking water rich in minerals purged of impurities and ionized through electrolysis alkaline ionized. The 7 most alkaline foods,Eating foods that have high alkaline properties is an essential part of your diet to help keep your bodys ph levels balanced these foods are not just for keeping.

Qq magic water bottle alkaline mineral water ionizer detailed info,Qq magic water bottle alkaline mineral water ionizer purifies and alkalizes tap water through our unique and innovative 6 ceramic ball bearings stage filtration. Alkaline foods the power of juicing,Juicing is the most powerful way to alkalize your body which means bringing plenty of organic minerals vitamins and vital substances into your body. Weight loss alkaline foods recipe raw food fruits 2016,This recipe is easy tasty and also great for kids the internal environment of our bodies is maintained at a ph of just about 70 this means our internal.

Aok alkaline pitcher,Positivepotentialau hello this is robyn from positive potential clean hydrogen rich alkaline antioxidant water is the best water for your health. Hydrogen alkaline water taste great,I bought this off ebay i folowed the directions and than added my vortex water and let it sit for 25 minutes this water taste great i am really shocked at how good it. Why you should drink alkaline water hydrogen rich water from a water ionizer,Httpaquacentrum presents with this tutorial a short overview why one should drink alkaline hydrogen rich water from a water ionizer there are.

Acid Alkaline Diet

Acid alkaline diet,Rapidweightlossteambiz discover how the revolutionary alkaline diet can undo years of damage revitalize your body and help you feel incredible. Aok909 hydrogen rich alkaline water ionizer tested by mayu aokwater,Aok909 has been updated with hydrogen rich alkaline water ionizerfor more details kindly visit our websiteaokwater or email us. Alkaline water ionized water ph ion booster drops,Phionbalancecategoriesalkalinewaterphionbooster for an alkaline body neutralizes excess body acid the liquids that you drink can be.

Alkaline water,Alka gives clear bacteria free mineral rich water it has unique four stage water treatment system 1 at first stage floating water matter is removed 2. 80 alkaline 20 acid,Fred biscianydoubtleaveitout fred discusses fruits vegetables nuts seeds intermediate lifestyle gourmet eating 80 alkaline 20 acid. Health benefits of drinking water from alkaline to mineral distilled in daily diet hot or warm,The health benefits of drinking water are many keeping the human body properly hydrated is important for proper functioning of the many organs tissues and.

Cancer and the benefits of tyent ionized alkaline water dr richard powell,Alkaline water for cancer special report is there a connection between alkaline water and cancer many al studies have shown big promiseand a vast. How to make your own alkaline water naazir ra,Alkalinesupremestore wellness ascension tools events how to make your own alkaline water what is alkaline water what is. Alkaline electrical foods enzymes vitamins minerals,Proper food nutrient is very important for good health your ph balance must be 74 at this ph balance no disease bacteria viruses.

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