Alkaline Acid Battery

Recharging Alkaline Batteries Is it really possible

I am your host, krankenstein.Today we are going to find out, if in fact, it is possible to recharge a standard alkaline disposable battery, or is it a work of fiction what says you morby what sorry, i was sleeping.Imbecile! i am attempting to bestow important scientific knowledge upon you and all of my future minions.And all you want to do is sit there and slumber sorry.Uh.What are you going to do with that knife i'm going to open this parcel.I have purchased this item from a secret company known only as ebay.

Oh god.And today we will determine if, in fact, this device which claims to recharge standard alkaline batteries is a miracle device or a piece of cheap chinese junk! well, it is made in china.So, i have devised a brilliant scientific method for testing this.First, i will measure the voltage of some brand new batteries and place them in a standard incandescent flashlight.I will then monitor the flashlight and every 30 minutes i will check the voltage again and make note of the results using a power but little known software i found called.

Microsoft excel.I will keep testing until the flashlight goes completely dead.At this point i will place the batteries in the device and recharge them.I will draw a line on the batteries representing a recharge cycle.Then i will test the batteries again.I will make morby responsible for watching the light.Jerk! after all, he has nothing better to do.The test is complete! i know the answer! ok, i'll bite.What did you find out well, my brainy friend! in my control test using brandnew batteries, the flashlight remained.

Illuminated for approximately 5 hours.However, at two and a half hours, the flashlight became dim, but it continued to operate for an additional 2.5 hours.Ok, and after the recharge so, after the first recharge cycle, the flashlight operated for approximately 1.25 hours.But it only showed about 20 minutes of actual bright, usable light.And after the second recharge cycle, the results were even worse.So i can only conclude that this device is junk.So it does, in fact, recharge batteries, however if 20 of regained capacity is the.

Best it can do, then it really does serve no purpose.We must destroy it.But wait, maybe you should try another test what! you dare question my scientific methodology no, of course not! the testing was good.But maybe we should see how it performs under a different circumstance.You were treating the battery like a disposable battery and not like a rechargeable battery.Maybe you should not cycle the battery until it is completely dead hmmm.You make a convincing point.In fact, had i been using this flashlight.

To see in the dark, i would have replaced the battery at the 2.5 hour mark anyway because it was so dim.Very well, i shall perform the test again, and this time i will recharge the battery at the 2.5 hour mark.Oh, we're back! so, how did the test go this time well, in our standard control test, the batteries were drained until the light became dim and the voltage dropped below 1.25 volts per cell.This gave us about 2.5 hours of bright, usable light.After recharging i was able to get another hour or bright light before it became.

Dim again.So, by doing a more shallow cycle of the battery you were able to reclaim about 40 of its original capacity.Which begs the question, would it be even more successful if you cycle the battery even less but who, upon who, would remember to recharge their batteries when they aren't dead nobody, that's who! i declare this product to be useless junk! any questions before we close the show, morby yes, actually.I appreciate that we're close and all.But, uh, do you have to take me into the bathroom with you i mean, thank.

Why Arent All Batteries Rechargeable

Dead batteries are the worst.Once they're all used up, i have to find a place to recycle them and keep them around until blahrgh.Why aren't all batteries rechargeable we've spent a lot of time on dnews talking about batteries, and usually it's about how much they suck, but maybe we're not giving them a fair shake.There's a lot of technology going into these tiny powerhouses.The first true battery was invented by alessandro volta in 1800, and he called it the voltaic cell, a term we still use today.All batteries, even volta's original ones, have an anode,.

Electrolyte and cathode.The anode neg provides electrons to the electrolyte, through a chemical reaction, then the cathode pos absorbs the electrons from that electrolyte! if you're like me, this is the opposite way you expected power to flow, from negative to positive but, hey, science! batteries you see a lot aa, aaa, c, d cells are all alkaline batteries which means the cathode is made of manganese dioxide, the anode is a zinc power the electrolyte is a potassium hydroxide which is the alkali part.Alkali solutions are basic.Not, like,.

Basic the insult, but basic as opposed to acidic.Battery acids have a high ph, which makes them an alkali.Ph is a way to describe a solution in chemistry as either acidic or alkali p for power and the h symbol for hydrogen.Alkali battery acids have high levels of hydrogen ions hplus the ions suck the electrons from the negative anode, and then the positively charged cathode sucks them from the electrolyte.Boom! you've got a battery! when these anodes and cathodes are connected through say a flashlight or cell phone, the electrons.

Streaming from the anode to the cathode are what is powering the device.Eventually, in a regular battery, the anode gets corroded, the chemical reaction is spent, and the battery is dead.Sidebar sometimes, hitting or shaking a neardead flashlight makes it brighten.This is due to the nature of chemical reactions in batteries.The electrolyte is corroding the anode, and when you smack it the chemical reaction briefly kicks it up a notch.You can't do this forever, but it's not just in your head, it does help a little!.

Nonrechargeables are called primary cells, and rechargeable batteries are called secondary cells.Once a primary cell is dead, it's pretty much dead.But when you plug a secondary cell into the wall, the charger forces electrons to stream the opposite direction, recharging the battery! you could plug in a primary cell, but when you try and force electrons back through, the chemical reaction doesn't reverse as efficiently.In alkaline batteries, this can cause the electrolyte solution to generate a hydrogen gas in a confined space until explosion noise! so don't do that.

Most secondary cells you're going to come in contact with are lithium ion.Engineers use lithium in a lot of batteries because it's a highly reactive element.Lithiumion secondary cells use lithium cobalt oxide as a positive cathode, and simple carbon as an anode.With a combination of elements, electrons can be pushed back and forth from the carbon to the lithium and back again many times, though not indefinitely.Batteries in your phone, for example, can only be recharged a couple hundred times and they'll slowly hold fewer and fewer electrons.

The reason secondary cells can take the heat and recharge, while primary cells can't, has to do with the elements chosen, and a bit of 200yearold chemistry.Primary aa batteries use cheaper materials like manganese and are great for lowdraw devices like flashlights, and smoke detectors.While lithium is more expensive and great for highdraw devices like computers and phones.Thats why you don't see aasized lithiumion batteries.Nickelcadmium is an affordable middleground, with some voltage and some capacity for cameras and smaller devices where lithium ion isn't practical! if you're curious, nickel is the cathode,.

Lead Acid Car Battery To Alkaline Rechargeable Battery Conversion

Lead acid car battery to alkaline rechargeable battery conversion,Lead acid car battery to alkaline rechargeable battery conversion i took a common dead lead acid car battery and performed a conversion to alkaline via alum. Lead acid car battery to alkaline rechargeable battery conversion over 1 year later update,Lead acid car battery to alkaline rechargeable battery conversion update over 1 year later here is the first battery tutorial diy link below. Recharging alkaline batteries,In this tutorial i get some very old dcell batteries to work by replacing the zinc which is what gets used up as the battery drains.

How to clean alkaline battery acid corrosion in electronic devices,How to clean alkaline battery acid corrosion in battery compartment of toys and electronic devices repair and salvage used toys games and devices that have. Grid tie inverter lead acid battery to alkaline battery projects update,Grid tie inverter lead acid battery to alkaline battery projects update thanks to sean i have 2 test batteries they are standard lead acid batteries that would.

How to clean battery corrosion from contacts alkaline batteries,This is how to clean the bluegreenwhite corrosion from battery contacts caused by alkaline batteries you can save those expensive electronic gadgets and.

Recharging alkaline batteries for dummies,Why buy new alkaline batteries when recharging them is easy if done safely the tutorial was shot with a casio exs12 camera tutorial editing was done with. Alkaline battery capacity tests,After a discussion with some friends about how poor the quality was of some high profile brands of alkaline cells i decided to do a test i got a load of different.

EEVblog 518 9V Alkaline Battery Construction

Eevblog 518 9v alkaline battery construction,Whats inside a 9v alkaline battery are they all created the same is duracell better than energizer dave opens up duracell energizer varta and a noname. How to clean alkaline battery leaks from contacts,Ladies and gentlemen please allow me to show you how effin easy it is to clean the mess that old alkaline batteries do i saw some tutorials on that. Lead acid car battery to alkaline rechargeable battery conversion 2,Copy of a tutorial from user usermixcatcom user mixcatcom gave me permission to post it on my channel please go to his.

Leadacid battery converted to leadalum,This shows an old dried up 12v leadacid battery converted to a leadalum battery the battery had been sitting for several years but still had a dry charge of. Tips for cleaning a corroded flashlight cleaning up after alkaline batteries leak,Alkaline battery leakage is by far the most common flashlight problem that we see brightguy and flashlight university have teamed up to bring you some quick. Lead acid car battery to alkaline rechargeable battery conversion 1,Copy of a tutorial from user usermixcatcom user mixcatcom gave me permission to post it on my channel please go to his.

Lead acid car battery to alkaline rechargeable battery conversion update,Lead acid car battery to alkaline rechargeable battery conversion update i hope you enjoy the update i took a common dead lead acid car battery and. Eevblog 865 how to increase alkaline battery capacity,Dave shows you an interesting ionic resistance phenomenon that lets you increase the battery capacity in typical alkaline aa and aaa cells forum. Recharge alkaline batteries duracell energizer rayovak aa aaa c d,Recharge a standard alkaline battery aa aaa c d timer i use amznto1xj04ad.

Working Principle Of Lead Acid Battery

Working principle of lead acid battery,This tutorial of working principle of lead acid battery is uploaded byelectrical4u. Why arent all batteries rechargeable,Weve mentioned before on dnews that you should never throw batteries away why arent all batteries rechargeable in the first place help support dnews. Recharging alkaline batteries is it really possible,Some devices claim to be able to recharge disposable alkaline batteries such as energizer duracell etc in this tutorial well put one of these devices to the test.

What is alkaline battery,Alkaline battery is a type of disposable battery or rechargeable battery dependent upon the reaction between zinc and manganese oxide it is also a dry cell. Update to petes lead acid car battery to alkaline rechargeable battery conversion update,3 months ago my battery died and i was stranded without battery money pete from mixcat came to me with his alkaline battery and i decided to give an update to. Repairing alkaline battery acid damage on a roku remote control,It is a fairly common occurrence to leave batteries in to long in a remote control and have a battery leak out it doesnt have to be an eol occurrence follow.

Battery test aaa alkaline vs leadacid same brand,Short tutorial about a 4th grade science project. Diy manganese dioxide extraction mn02 from alkaline battery,Detailed tutorial on how to extract manganese dioxide safely extract manganese dioxide from alkaline batteries use with hydrogen peroxide to create oxygen. How to test any alkaline battery without multi meter,How to check aa aaa c d batteries good or dead at home fast with or without a multivoltmeter quick easy method.

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