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Food Wine Pairing Food Wine Pairing Salty Foods with Acidic Wines Rule

Hi.I'm telling you about the real rules of food and wine pairing.And here is real rule number five.If you have salty foods, it's a good match with acidic wines.Let's talk about salt in food.It can be the salt that you add to the top of your chicken or your pasta dish, it can be natural salt in things like oysters or seafood.Let's talk about acid in wine.All wine has acid in it, but especially white wines and maybe sparkling wines.Here's the thing about salty foods and acidic wines is they go well together.

Salt and acid are both major turbo charges for taste.If you think about the way you make a vinaigrette, you start with lemon, you smooth it out with oil and then what do you do to perk it up you add a little bit of salt.So salty foods and acidic wines are a very good match.They'll both bring forward lots of flavors and tastes.It might even be kind of explosive.Salt and acid together is sometimes creates a snap, crackle, and a pop on your pallet, and it can be very good indeed.

How a leadacid battery works

How a lead acid battery works engineerguy series 4 the increasing amount of technology we rely on in everyday life makes portable energy sources essential to our world today.We can power our cellphones and laptops with lithium ion batteries, run flashlights from alkaline ones, and many of our watches depend on batteries constructed with silver oxide.This one, though, may be the most important of them all.Now i know it seems a clunky, oldfashioned thing it was invented in the 19th century but it still makes our world move by starting our.

Cars, motorcycles, and trucks.No wonder it's the best selling battery.If you understand how this battery operates you can grasp the principles underlying any of the newer ones and even see why no single type of battery can be used in all applications.Let's take a look inside.The first thing to note about this motorcycle battery is that it's heavy that's because it's tightly packed with lead and lead oxide sheets both of which are very dense.This is a cell from an identical battery and you can see the lead and underneath this the lead oxide.

They alternate throughout the interior.So, let me show you how they store electricity using just two plates.So, i have here a lead plate and a lead oxide plate from the battery and the sulfuric acid.And now watch what happens when i connect the leads the led lights up.A current flows from the lead oxide cathode to the lead anode.The lead gives up electrons, which the lead oxide accepts.This exchange turns both plates into solid lead sulfate.Now let me measure the voltage difference between the two leads.

And you can see that it's about two volts which means that to make this 12volt battery six cells are linked in series to make up the 12 volts.So, that's the basic electrochemical reaction now let's look at how you engineer a battery.We want a battery to have a high density of either energy or power.That difference being that batteries with a high energy density can store large amounts of energy, and release it reliably over long periods of time, whereas batteries with a high power density release.

Large amounts of energy quickly.This battery was designed with power in mind because we need a burst of nearly four hundred amps to start a motorcycle.To save space we need to pack the plates in here tightly but in order to ensure that the electron transfer takes place through the terminals the plates are mechanically separated by these permeable layers.Now, let me show you two plates from a discharged battery so you can see the effect of a deep discharge of a battery.If we look at these two plates we can see.

The effect of a long term discharge.This light coating here is lead sulfate.That explains why if you run a car battery to zero charge a few times you're likely to kill it.As the battery discharges, lead sulfate cakes the space between the plates.If too much builds up, you'll never be able to recharge the battery.This highlights how every different application needs a different type of battery.You see with most engineered objects there are going to be tradeoffs giving away some characteristic you want to gain others that you must have.

Indeed, the toughest part of engineering often ends up being balancing the tradeoffs in a design.For example, a car battery does a great job starting a vehicle but not running one, like an electric car.Nor is it a good candidate to store energy from solar panels in a house.There we harvest energy from the sun charge up the batteries and then use the stored energy in a variety of ways until the batteries die and then recharge them with the sun's energy.For this use you would use what is called a deep cycle battery.

As the name implies this battery's capacity can be largely used and then recharged easily.To convert an sli battery like used to start a motorcycle or a car into a deep cycle battery we do three things.We use thicker electrodes to increase energy density space them further apart so lead sulfate debris can fall off of them and add room below where that debris can accumulate.The trade off is that it's larger, heavier and gives off a lower current than a car battery.It would seem that we'd want to get rid of the leadacid battery.

It poses a significant environmental risk if disposed of improperly.We still have the 19th century leadacid battery because of what nature has handed us plentiful electrode materials, lead and lead oxide both very high in conductivity.Once we arrange these materials correctly we have a cheap battery with a high power density.No other materials found in nature meet these criteria so well which means that with current technology it is extremely difficult to overcome this barrier.That's why 19th century technology is still the go to for starting our cars.

Intro To AlkalineAcid Balance

Intro to alkalineacid balance,Get ph or litmus paper here amznto10cb6de alkalinize your life im sure most of you have heard about the acid alkaline diet or lifestyle in this tutorial i. All about disease forming and body healing foods article,Bodyhealthsoul acidosis or overacidity in the body tissues is one of the basic causes of many diseases especially the arthritic and rheumatic ones. How to test your bodys ph level mineral reserves electrolytes,Learn how to test you ph or mineral reserves or acid alkaline balance by using ph papers your ph or mineral reserves shows your electrolytes stores its best to.

What is acid free tissue,What is acid free tissue and what is the difference between buffered and unbuffered or non buffered tissue allenpaperconz this short clip will help. Kittiwake digi base number bn test,An instructional tutorial showing how to test the base number bn of an oil using the kittiwake digi electronic test cell measure you oils alkaline reserve and.

Kittiwake base number bn electronic test,An instructional tutorial showing how to test the base number of an oil using the kittiwake oil test centre base number bn of an oil is the measure of the.

Science experiment red cabbage indicator test,We test for acid and alkaline in household items boil red cabbage in water or soak if your more patient than we are then drain and reserve the liquid. Massenentsuerung mass deacidification in the zfb leipzig in the tv show einfach genial in mdr,Das team von einfach genial vom mdr besuchte das zfb zentrum fr bucherhaltung in leipzig auf der suche nach neuen innovativen ideen und.

Bio ph infomercialwmv,No1 in the world ph 85 cancer cell will die all natural bfad approved no expiration yes no expiration do you have or know. Pristinehydro whats wrong with your water ionizers reverse osmosis and acid rain exposed,Clean drinking water is something that the public has pretty much taken for granted for hundreds of years the public has little idea perhaps understandable.

Ph levels and chronic pain,Obtain some ph strips and check your first morning urine to see if your ph levels are in the right range a diet high in alkaline foods can help relieve your chronic. Acid rain hydraulic fracturing etc our global water pollution problem,An educational tutorial about global water pollution acid rain hydraulic fracturing and the water we drink livepristine inspiring and educating. Pristine vs ionizer water ionizer debunked not a water filter,Pristine hydro development investigates the ionizer we demonstrate how water ionizers are not filters they do effectively remove acids good step from tap.

PristineNutrition ElectrolyteBalance Magnesium Bicarbonate

Pristinenutrition electrolytebalance magnesium bicarbonate,Electrolytebalance facts electrolytebalance is predominately magnesium bicarbonate with traces of calcium sodium and potassium bicarbonate. Tru alka alkaline booster drops,Youtubelrsyj9ow8 watchvjordhczsfoe a tru alka alkaline ph booster can be the answer to the expense of any type of a. 8 questions you should ask before buying a water filtration system,1 do their units remove all acid from the water 2 what is the alkalinity of the water 3 how do they achieve the alkalinity claim 4 what is the total dissolved.

Tru alka alkaline booster reviews,Youtubelrsyj9ow8 watchvods5vdqcsq a tru alka alkaline ph booster can be the answer to the expense of any type of a. Why do cattle need salt mineral blocks to lick mad cow disease spread through shared salt licks,Mad cow disease is it spread through shared salt licks why do cattle need salt mineral blocks to lick mineral licks are very important to the health and. Tru alka alkaline booster,Youtubelrsyj9ow8 watchvvdwuf1kojrc a tru alka alkaline ph booster can be the answer to the expense of any type of a.

How a leadacid battery works,Bill explains the essential principles of a leadacid battery he shows the inside of motorcycle leadacid battery removes the lead and leadoxide plates and. Overcoming heart burn and acid reflux before during and after a meal,Subscribe and be the first to know when we upload our weekly tutorials 1q32uub find out more about how i can help you here.

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