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Water Ionizer BEST 2 WATER IONIZER BRANDS COMPARED Kangen Alkaline Water Ionizer Enagic Reviews

Welcome to ionizer research i'm bob the ionizer guy with some more information for your consideration.Today we had the two topselling water ionizers in the world and the two most sought after companies.We have the enagic sd 501 leveluk also known as kangen and we have the mmp 11 turbo water ionizer from tyent usa.Today we're just going to do a quick comparison, go over some of the components inside of the machines and the first thing i want to start off with is the filtration.The filters in the enagic sd 501, it's a single stage filter,.

Basis carbon filter.Tyent machine you're going to have dual filtration so you're going to have two filters found in the rear of the machine.Filtration, this parts pretty simple as you've seen in previous tutorials that i've done.Two filters are always going to beat out one filter, depending on the size and in this case you know there is two very large filters in the tyent machine, the enagic machine has one moderate size filter so that parts pretty easy.The enagic sd 501 has 7 solid titanium plates and in the mmp 11 turbo water ionizer you're.

Going to find 11 plates, solid mesh hybrid.Now the difference between the solid and the solid mesh hybrid is in the solid mesh hybrid plates you're to have electrolysis distribution holes drilled through the play systematically which will give you the advantage of the mesh plate but also the durability and structure of a solid plate.Seems like a lot of the companies are moving in this direction, in my opinion it's a good idea because it is one of the biggest advancements in water ionizer technology that i can remember, so that wraps.

Up the plates.Next thing i want to touch on is the power supplies, the major differences between a smps power supply like you see on tyent ionizer vs.The transformer on the enagic, it's a very it's a very big thing.The smps power supply is fully adjustable meaning that on this unit you're going to get 55 adjustable settings so when you go into alkaline 1, alkaline 2 or alkaline 3 you're going to be able to adjust those levels up or adjust them down according to the mineral content in your source water.The basic transformer that you're going.

To find is an older technology basically what you see is what you get.When you turn your machine on, you hit 9.5, you might be getting an 9.5 you might not be.Okay so there you have it, a look inside the two top selling water ionizers in the world, the tyent mmp 11 and the enagic sd 501.As with all comparison tutorials that we do there always has to be a winner, in this case for 2014 it's the tyent mmp 11.If you've seen the tutorial, you've see.

The components that are inside the machines you probably already know why.Quick recap tyent has two very large filters vs.One for the enagic.Tyent is more plates, more power and a better consistent power supply with the smps plus.One is a multilevel marketing company one is not, so the cost is going to be down on the tyent machine.The warranty, lifetime unlimited versus a fiveyear limited, even the aesthetics part of it, if you remodel your kitchen in the last 30 years the tyent machine will probably look better in your.

Alkaline Eating Get Healthy Guide

Alkaline eating get healthy guide,Are you acidic or alkaline learn how to eat right. Alkaline diet a complete guide to alkaline foods herbs lifestyle to naturally rebalance your,Available in amazon. Mark passio changing our diet raw foods juicing documentary,If you enjoyed this tutorial like subscribe to my channel mark passio what on earth is happening lectures documentaries.

How to lose weight fast alkaline diet alkaline recipe book free download,The simple alkaline diet to lose weight naturally stay healthy tinyurloqgh9w2 how to eat a lot of the right alkalizing foods in. Juice recipe that healed my alopecia,If you liked this tutorial give it a thumbs up heres the acidalkaline food chartalopeciaandwellness. 7 most alkaline food,Check out freetipsonhealth for health tips weight loss products sales astoreamazonahealthstore20.

Are your loved ones saved from waterborne diseases use xpert omatic ph meter for water,The xpert omatic ph meter is a top quality brand in the ph testing market the meter is available at a very competitive cost and comes with 6 free bags of ph.

Diy soil ph test how to test soil acidityalkalinity without a test kit,Tngunhowtotestsoilacidityalkalinitywithoutatestkit. Alkaline smoothies drink your way to vibrant health massive energy and natural weight loss alk,Available in amazon.

GLOW Podcast Episode 20 Balance Acidic Vs Alkaline

Glow podcast episode 20 balance acidic vs alkaline,In this weeks episode of the glow podcast health and mindset coach and author of eat clean live free a womans guide to health beauty and youthful. Treat and stop acid reflux with natural medicine dr patti kim nd,Low stomach acid causes most acid reflux symptoms according to dr patti kim nd naturopathic in this tutorial interview dr kim discusses 1 the. Guide to checking your ph balance with a urine tester kit,Ph tester at amazonin adamazoninphtester massive selection best prices guaranteed 1day delivery search results live energized alkaline test.

The ibd healing plan and recipe book using whole foods to relieve crohns disease and colitis,Available in amazon. On location the cardinal tetra,Adventureaquarium the cardinal tetra paracheirodon axelrodi is a freshwater fish of the characin family family characidae of order. I lost 6 lbs in 12 days when i stopped drinking this type of water,Disclaimer in this audio i will share my real experience with you i am not guaranteeing that this will work for you however i sincerely hope that it will.

Fat loss factor program review quick start guide insiders look start here,Fat loss factor program review hipchickfitnessfatlossfactoreffectiveorscam peak inside the quick start guide and get my tips for starting fast. Water ionizer best 2 water ionizer brands compared kangen alkaline water ionizer enagic reviews,See the best 2 water ionizers compared and decide for yourself which water ionizer makes the best alkaline water based on all of the water ionizer reviews on. The ph miracle for diabetes reviews does the ph miracle for diabetes work,Diabetesnew247 the ph miracle for diabetes reviews does the ph miracle for diabetes work the ph miracle focuses on foods that are.

Juicing Benefits For Detox And Beauty Jovanka Ciares

Juicing benefits for detox and beauty jovanka ciares,Subscribe for new videos jovasubscribe i consider juicing to be my fountain of youth the juice of organic vegetables will not only speed up. How to remove mucus from your body,Life saving recipesregenerateyourlife my store astoreamazonlifestyregene20 insiders club. Blupure ph balance test strips,Description this has been a review for blupure ph balance test strips the link is below quick easy ph test strips for saliva urine by blupure.

Proper food combining solar nutrition for optimal digestion,Does food combining really work does it help to separate starches from protein and eat fruits on an empty stomach find out why i think this could be very. Mucusfree life llc meme reel 3 discussion,Profspiraamazonpage discussion about prof spiras first set of 2015 memes music a cry for the ignorant by prof spira download here. Top 5 favorite alkaline foods and healing herbs tutorial 1 by sole renewal,Tutorial 1 is all about understanding basic principles of the alkaline diet.

Dropping acid the reflux diet cookbook cure,More special diet other diets nutrition recipes available clipadvisebooksitemid0982708319 dropping acid the reflux diet cookbook cure. Teeccino herbal coffee review,At home with madame chic gnimxq lessons from madame chic ysm3fr author websitejenniferlscott facebook. Moms vegan barley soup with beta glucans and immune boosting herbs,Get free guide to healing your body naturally by cary ellis author of super immunity secrets atsuperimmunitysecrets and learn more.

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