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Easy Way To Keep Blood Alkaline

Hi dennis hawkins in japan and i am a cancer survivor the way that i keep it that way is everyday i make sure i make my blood alkaline rather than acidic a very simple way to do that you take clean water whatever you consider to be clean water and we are going to mix in one tea spoon of baking soda now depending on how much sunshine i get in my organic field or how many flights i take that are longer than eight hours i may consume two of these per day.

Usually one is sufficient to keep your blood alkaline so tea spoon or you could use 2.5ml if you are one of these people that has to be extremely precise about it now this bag over here is 19.5 pounds or 12 kilograms so of course i tend to put it in one of my little smaller cans and then take my portion from the smaller can alright so here is that 2.5ml i talked about which is the equivalent of one tea spoon in my opinion just simply pour that into your water.

Stir it until it is dissolved and if you prefer it to be cold fine or you can use warm water if that is what you like and then you consume that either in the morning or in the evening before you go to sleep whichever your preference is it does not really matter if it is before a meal or after a meal in my opinion okay and there you go that is all you really need to do to keep your blood alkaline and if you study why it is important to keep your blood alkaline.

Alkaline Water and CancerIs There a Connection

When the on onacologist said i i was writing tribesmen in a year ago when for ovarian cancer beaded surgery they removed everything my over you the tubes everything my pentax bolted all kinds the biopsies and now they must've done 20 25 biopsies and it all came back medicare in less than a year my blood markers when up and that's when they found something's going on so they did another cat scan and that's when we found the cancer was back and had already grown to about size the said.

At that point that my cancer was prayer only three percent people get this typable wearing cancer and that the cancer itself was chemo resistant he had called sloankettering in new york a call texas some s there to see what the latest results would be that they knew anything new that he could try you could try in both large mass up here was being original tumor and then after the six weeks it reduced itself to be little spot here and after another six weeks but down to an even smaller.

Weekend you can hardly even see it on on there anymore so on i mean this is for me this is proof that things are working let's explain balco in acid neutral in the body you 7.36 pride the body works very hard to keep blood at that slightly alkaline level that's the ideal level but the pew shoes are absorbing more will be oxidizing prosecutor becoming acidic we want to bring the body at a facility into alkalinity we have a healthy body because cancer kid grow deterioration a body doesn't occur.

The body could be talk surprise you going more easily what it is alkali and i'd field strong we've had maybe five percent of human disease whose toxicity toxicities responsible for cancers toxicity responsible for heart disease it's responsible for all vascular to be it's responsible for all neurodegenerative you but that starts if you want to go from the top in the worst one about cyber movies and a let's move very groovy to multiple sclerosis and to are a to what puts them into attention deficit disorder horrible diseases have a commonality up pops a city in the body initially.

Hand became berryhill referred realistic approach very here affection and trying to come get water within a few k thank you totally disappear became richmond bakery tied up in fly from having energy the most important thing free firm believer cleansing the body 90 we r provided to redeem for the year through the air to the board will be aside parasite i believe everybody would benefit my patient there me about what they can do to improve their health and wanna the bed think that i tell them they can't do to bring pure water.

If you look around it very in if you really look in you purified water it's very hard to find really good pure water bottled water companies are completely inferior i'm but these water alkalizing with them are wonderful pretty tough to find the body the toxicity we come in across in the air we breathe and the water we 3 in the water baby all affect the hill and wanted the best thing we can do and the most important thing thing we can is could bring alkaline water because it.

Washes now the party body hole in the ground that and foreign me that column yourself fitting and manage where everything happen in round in the only thing that i found that quien their his out on wap so i consider it one of the most important thing person can for themselves and their families now i worked with hundreds a difference of me to try to accomplish up when the impatience bodies what i found to be most effective is the alkalis energized ion water that is uh created by the tieins hydration system i believe that this.

Water is the most affected and actually immediately effective are most powerful agent you thus far alkalizing my patience i'm very grateful examinations i have these at schools to go to work when i found a product that was for like the time and and yet highquality i decided that it was worth the investment find out for myself if i can have the kind and to my great pleasure i experience any wonderful medical what i call miracles in my life the reversal of my ideas sometimes that i've had for.

Over three years since my gallbladder surgery that left me almost home bound sometimes were completely reversed to the degree that i now have a natural digestive tract never gives i used to have acid reflux that would keep me up at night or me uncomfortable heartburn symptoms i now have no acid reflux i no heartburn ever despite what i eat because i'm drinking alkaline water the time water that is such a natural part of my life style shop for wall reasons you freshwater out about outta your you outcall either which is reply.

Unit you get the best water that what on now retired cheaper be arms him we looking at opportunities to you in your husband be were given problem development medium hair best outline far hi mean i started thinking feel a lot better bill more you for and it take the latter that pain the way that 8 campaign copyrighted stuff like that allowed us to jump around they going continue to be 15 ragheb alama in my humble there's no simpler way to protect your now than just adding alkaline water you know i'm.

I take every chance that i yet to tell people about be points using alkaline water in died how pleased i am with it and the miracles this created in my line just to give them an opportunity think outside the box but we're told by the medical society a the only way that we could heal ourselves is through you know pharmaceuticals and medicine i know that is not the complete truth there are other natural ways and the time water yes a perfect example of that i turned other people onto the water and a poor.

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Wow tony robbins expertise on alkaline diet and alkaline water,Visittrykangennow or call jason 6466206896 to learn more about our affordable financing options get your kangen water machine for. Candida crusher by eric bakker review,Healthy4livescandidacrusher candida crusher by eric bakker review candida crusher by eric bakker review is an effective and holistic treatment. Acid alkaline diet recipesacid alkaline diet food list,Tinyurlacidalkalinedietdownload download acid alkaline diet and discover how the alkaline diet works why alkaline foods are highly.

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