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I think one word would sum it up in that would be scary.Because of the multiple toxicities in the water that are added for proposed health benefits one is chloride, which is known to be toxic and carcinogenic.Fluoride which is not even naturally occurring fluoride, um, as well as numerous pharmaceutical drugs that are being found in many water municipalities and i often tell patients to check with their local water authority to find what their yearly reports reflect.I think what makes ph prescription water special is its qualities.Number one.

It's not only alkaline which has known to have tremendous health benefits because cancer can't live in an alkaline body, but number two it's a powerful antioxidant it's an electron donor and in our society where oxidative stress causes so much um, inflammation and disease that you're drinking life, you're drinking electrons, you're drinking antioxidants so it's a fountain of life water.The third quality of the water is that it is little or bioavailable so in terms of its ease into getting into the body even a patient who has a dysmotility.

For example, maybe a stomach that doesn't empty where they can't really drink water because it would just sit there and in fact ians can test for this when a patient drinks water and has an emptying problem you shake that patient and you hear a splash and that's called a succussion splash.The ph water is amazing in that it doesn't need to go through a system of osmosis to enter into the cell.It is so tiny that is bioavailable and its directly in through a cell and doing the work that.

It needs to do to hydrate the body at a cellular level.One other important thing about ph prescription water that we might not have touched upon is the super hydrating ability of the water and we're actually able to monitor that and scientifically document that in our patients that are compliant with their water drinking with something called a bia.A bia is a bio impedance analysis machine and we have the patience rest for 5 minutes.We, um, put the electrodes on and we're able to very scientifically look at the water compartments.

And we're able to see how much water is in the intracellular compartment and how much water is in the extracellular compartment.Ideally we want as much as 60 percent of the water to be in the cell and the the remaining water outside the cell, so most of your water you want to.If you look think about cells you want your cells to be nice, big plump grapes and when somebody's drinking toxic water and has other toxicities whether it be heavy metals, or whatever their toxicity issue what the body does is it actually encourages the water to leave the cell.

To sort of dilute the pollution outside the cell.So you walk around with these, instead of these nice plump grapes, you've got these little raisins for cells and cells can't work well when they're in that dehydrated state.Cells need to be hydrated in order to function at their best.The water functions as an antioxidant because it's an electron donor and what it does is it donates an electron to kinda put out the fire of free radical damage.Because free radicals steal.They're electron stealers and this you know.

Oxidative stress or free radical damage causes inflammation and this chronic inflammation causes chronic disease, so your kinda.The water is donating the electron and putting out the oxidative fire and, um, obviously there are health benefits from that.I think it's really important to have clean water.Whether you're drinking it or showering because the.The.The ability of the body to absorb toxins through the skin is phenomenal.In fact in we in a functional medicine practice put in many vitamins, as well as even bioidentical hormones transdermally.The skin is an amazing.

Organ that can take in whatever is supplied to it.So, if you're showering in chlorine and fluoride and all these toxic substances then it's gonna affect and be absorbed.In fact the study showed that at least five times more a chlorine is absorbed transdermally through the skin than if you actually drank a class of, um, tap water that has chlorine in it.The body absorbs at least five times more chlorine into the bloodstream through the skin than if you actually drank a glass of chlorinated water.I think the.

Impact of ph prescription water on health in patients who use it is phenomenal.Because, not only are you drinking, um, good alkaline water and we have an epidemic of acidic people running around, but also your having beautiful antioxidants that you're drinking throughout the day and you're having water that's immediately available to the cells which is amazing.And right now probably, every single patient that walks in the door is complaining of fatigue and one of the quick fixes of fatigue is adequate hydration with water that can do what it needs to do.

And enter the cell.Water, i cant tell you, um, that water cures cancer.Because that would be a medical claim, but i what i will tell you is that if you're drinking toxic water and your increasing your cancer burden your increasing your cancer risk, but also if you're drinking water that's not only pure and clean and bioavailable to the cells, but is also an antioxidant um, your decreasing your risk of um, possible future events that could be carcinogenic.In addition when you alkalize the body and you know.

Cancer can survive in that environment.So, yes indeed it is one of the pillars in our practice in terms of bringing the body back to toward homeostasis and health.Um, i definitely drink ph prescription water myself and anybody who knows me personally or professionally they know this um, crazy little who travels even to her meetings and courses always with this heavy bag on my shoulder with my ph prescription water and i'm sharing it with everybody at my table at whatever convention we're at.So, um, yes i drink the water, i wouldn't go anywhere without the water we have to.

Figure out how to be able to fly the water leo! um, and in addition i travel with my shower heads so that i'm not being bombarded with highly toxic chlorinated and fluoridated water.We recommend ph prescription water to every patient that walks in the door and for the reasons of the health benefits of this special water, the the benefit of the fact that it is alkaline, number one which has obvious health benefits especially when you even consider um, the epidemic of bone loss that we have in our environment right now.

With not only women, but men should really have bone densities, so if they're drinking bottled water okay it may be clean or maybe not be clean and but they're drinking an acidic reverse osmosis water without healthy mineral and its actually stripping minerals from the bone in order to keep ph in a neutral state for health benefits and when the body takes and robs from bone or teeth, the mineral that it needs to keep its ph in a neutral environment.Um, the extra that's taken and not used is laid down in places and you get bone spurs and.

Problems with um, additional calcium deposition that is not healthy.And the other benefit of the water is also the fact that it is an amazing antioxidant in terms of donating electrons to um, tissue that has evidence of a free radical damage.Free radicals are electron stealers and antioxidants are electron donators and we have an epidemic of chronic inflammation in the united states and inflammation, silent inflammation causes chronic disease and this whole um, system will lead to chronic illnesses and so it's a wonderful treatment in terms of antioxidant support.

The other benefit is um, because the water is so bio available you instantly feel energy from the water, because it's so easy to get into the cells.When you think about the brain and the nervous tissue specifically, which is the highest percentage of fat.It's about, the brain is about eighty percent fat.How do you hydrate a brain you can't with regular water.Regualar water is big and it can't really get into the brain.But we found specifically even with children with neurodegenerative disease or adults with.

Neurodegenerative disease that even function is better when they are wellhydrated on ph prescription water.And the other thing is that the patients feel better.When they come back by the time of their second visit once they were started on the ph prescription water, simple problems have disappeared even before we've eliminated foods that may not be right and causing irritable bowel syndrome or gastroesophageal reflux disease and reflux symptoms.Many of these problems are gone just by drinking the water because the health benefits on the gastrointestinal system.The gi tract.

When you're drinking water that is laden with chlorine think about drinking bleach because that's what you're drinking, so bleach kills bacteria, our immunity our gut biome is, is our gut and that immune system um, 60 to 80 percent um, i really believe that it's more toward eighty percent of our total immunity has to do with this gut biome.And that biome is.Are these bacteria that support our immune system, so if you're drinking water that has chlorine in it and fluorides which are also toxic to the gut.

Then your killing off these good bacteria and you're having an immune dysfunction and a low immune system.And what can happen eventually is we can click into from a th1 to th2 system where we're going to develop an autoimmune disease as we have chronic dysbiosis which is not enough good bacteria from whether you're drinking chlorinated water or showering in it and breathing in it it does affect these gut bacteria and i'm we have an actual epidemic of autoimmune disease in america.And um, it doesn't have to be so.

Alkaline Diet Alkalize Your Body

Hello, everyone and welcome.I'm Nikolas hedberg, chiropractic physician and board certified chiropractic internist.Today, we're going to be talking about the alkaline diet.The alkaline diet is one of most important foundational aspects of achieving optimal health.That's why i've started it off as part one of our optimal health series.Establishing an alkaline ph within the body can do a lot of wonderful things for your overall health.It can naturally increase growth hormone, improves immune system function, increases energy, better detoxification, better use of your antioxidants.It helps with fat.

Burning and it's also antiaging.How do you know if you're acidic or if you're alkaline the most accurate way to do this is to test your first morning urine ph.You can do this by purchasing some hydrion ph paper.You can see on the ph paper container there's a color chart that makes it really easy to see what you're ph is.Tear off a piece, measure your first morning urine ph and compare it to the color chart.Do this for five days in a row, throw out the high and the low, and then you'll average.

The middle three.This will give you your most accurate ph of your body.The ideal ph range is 6.4 to 7.5.Anything below 6.4 is going to be too acidic and everything above 7.5 is going to be too alkaline.You really don't want to be too alkaline either, because this means your body is really breaking itself down.This helpful chart, which can be downloaded from my website, gives you a good idea of what foods are alkaline and what foods are acidic.You can see on the left side of the.

Chart here the most alkaline foods start on the left becoming the least alkaline.Then you move over here to the lowest acid, to the highest acid.Basically, you want to eat about 60 to 80 percent of your diet from the left side of the chart here, and only about 20 to 40 percent of your diet from the acidic side.You can see most of the alkaline foods come from plantbased sources, like fruits and vegetables, lentils, sweet potatoes, green tea, ginger tea, things like that.The more acidic side are things like grains, like wheat, barley.All the glutencontaining grains are.

Very acidic.Then we have meat, eggs and dairy products.So, mostly on the acidic side are foods that come from an animal source.In addition to following an alkaline diet, most people are going to need some kind of supplementation to alkalize their body.The first is magnesium glycinate.This comes in approximately 100mg capsules and potassium bicarbonate at 200 mg.If you measure your first morning urine ph and you're acidic, start by taking one magnesium and one potassium bicarbonate before you go to bed at night and then measure your first morning urine.

Ph.If you're alkaline, based on taking just one of each, then all you want to do is maintain at that level.If you're acidic, then the next night you want to take two magnesium glycinate and two potassium bicarbonate.Keep increasing by one of each of these until you achieve an alkaline ph.Once you find a dose that alkalizes your body, you want to maintain this dose for up to 30 days.Then go ahead and retest yourself over a fiveday period to see if you've become more alkaline.

It's going to take more than just supplements to alkalize.You're going to need to change your diet as well by eating more alkalinerich foods.Alkalinerich foods basically contain large amounts of what are called buffering minerals.These minerals buffer acids in the body.These include magnesium, potassium, calcium, and zinc.You can download the acidalkaline chart i showed on a previous slide from my website.I also have a document on there called developing an alkaline diet '.Both of these should help you tremendously to achieve an alkaline ph, as well as taking the supplements.

Achieving Alkalinity To Treat Illness Pain Disease Changing Your PH Balance Dr Mandell

Achieving alkalinity to treat illness pain disease changing your ph balance dr mandell,Most people have an acidic environment within there bodies this is what causing most diseases and ailments bacteria viruses and cancer only can live within. Alkaline diet alkalize your body,Drhedbergalkalinedietalkalizeyourbodytutorial this educational tutorial covers the importance of establishing an alkaline ph in the body as well as. Cancer cannot live in an alkaline bodyacv,Despite its acidic taste apple cider vinegar actually promotes alkalinity in the body as charlotte gerson says cancer cannot live in an alkaline body and one.

Alkaline water information by shri satpal ji 21th nov 2015 hindi,Best alkaline water benefits let us now find out about the 10 best benefits of drinking alkaline water 1 antioxidant alkalized water is believed to be a powerful. How to make coffee healthy easy alkaline diet,Easiestalkalinediet the sevenpoint2 72 day alkaline weight loss challenge will get your body to the desired 72 alkaline ph while at the same time.

Cancer and an alkaline body,Cancer and an alkaline body anoasisofhealing tutorial disclaimeranoasisofhealingtutorialdisclaimer cancer and an alkaline body are.

Easy alkaline diet no raw food lose weight and be sevenpoint2 72 ph alkaline,Easiestalkalinediet the sevenpoint2 72 day alkaline weight loss challenge will get your body to the desired 72 alkaline ph while at the same time. Weight loss success with alkaline water,More info atalkalinewaterguru achieving weight loss and fat loss can be alot easier by drinking alkaline ionized water removing toxic material.

Easy Alkaline Diet Boost How To Be 72 PH Alkaline In MINUTES

Easy alkaline diet boost how to be 72 ph alkaline in minutes,Easiestalkalinediet the sevenpoint2 72 day alkaline weight loss challenge will get your body to the desired 72 alkaline ph while at the same time. Achieving good health with alkaline water part 3,Waterhealstheworldcompareionizershtmwaterhealstheworldeczemaskindisordersalkalinewater alkaline waters. I learned cancer cant live in an alkaline body raise your ph level folks,62614 m2u04084 normal ph is 74 need to raise to a 9 warning if you are salt restricted you cannot do this i forgot to make.

What is alkaline water is alkaline water good for you these questions answered and more,Invigoratedlivingproductportablealkalineionizedwaterpitcher on this link to get a great deal on a premium alkaline ionized water pitcher. Easy alkaline weight lose shake 100 organic and allergen free,Easiestalkalinediet the sevenpoint2 72 day alkaline weight loss challenge will get your body to the desired 72 alkaline ph while at the same time.

Alkaline smoothies drink your way to vibrant health massive energy and natural weight loss alk,Available in amazon.

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Achieve one goal then achieve them all,How to ask elliott 1 strength camp online members get priority strengthcamponlinetribe 2 or post on my fb twitter or youtube wall. How to make your favourite meals alkaline,This lesson is all about building on what we learned in my last tutorial crowd out the bad focus on the good and if you couple the lessons from both tutorials. Istvan fazekas presents the three pillars of enlightened consciousness,Istvan fazekas has studied with yogis and buddhist teachers for over sixteen years melding christian mysticism with eastern traditions somatic sciences.

Dr donald hayes explains how to alkalize your body to lose weight,Be sure to visit dr victor dolan atdrvictordolan are you overweight do you have aches and pains do you suffer from fatigue dr donald. Secrets to long hair series part 2internal ph balance,In part 2 of my secrets to long hair series i discuss the importance of a balanced internal ph in relationship to achieving optimal health and positive beautyhair. Importance of ph level importance of your bodys ph balance,What is ph the term ph stands for potential of hydrogen it is the amount of hydrogen ions in a particular solution the more ions the more acid the solution.

Lose weight energize your body with richway health and wealth,Lose weight energize your body with richway health and wealth youtubezixf7f7nqku our line of natural products have been developed for the. Cancer cant thrive when youre alkalinemywellnessmylife,Watch me take a live test to show if my body is acidic or alkaline if youre acidic disease and bacteria will thrive and grow when youre alkaline your body fights. 72 alkaline heath and fitness,Link to websitecultivatewellnesssevenpoint2 email cultivatewellness72gmail my cell 2093808086 72 moving towards a pain free.

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